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  1. New forums! and apology...
  2. A New Home
  3. Pk Call'n
  4. Mega Man Marathon
  5. Pokémon Marathon
  6. *IMPORTANT* New Forum Stress Test!!
  7. Stress Test Started!
  8. Forum Rules (Read Before Posting)
  9. Speed Gamer Roster
  10. Old Forums
  11. Recommended URL
  12. Luke making his return to commentating! Big Updates included
  13. Pokemon Checklist! Prize to the first to complete one!
  14. What made you pick the games for the up-coming event?
  16. The Speed Gamer Roster
  18. About the Upcoming Marathon(for the fans)
  19. Starmen.net
  20. Mother 3 translation complete
  21. Streaming LIVE for a few
  22. Which date should we start the pokemon marathon on?
  23. Commentator Schedule!
  24. Its so easy being Green!!!
  25. Grand prize: Capture card and all the cables you'll need!
  26. A Picture Combining The Next 2 TSG Marathons
  27. Two Things TSG should use
  28. The Marathon Stuffs - Making A new video...
  29. Banner for pokemon marathon
  30. Post Here if you never received a Prize you won
  31. A video promoting the pokemon event
  32. Gratz...
  33. Gratz 2 Ferenc
  34. Pokemon Tournament
  35. Are you guys using the other Pokemon games to get them all?
  36. The question everyone has been asking about the pkm marathon
  37. Promotion is key to Pokemon Marathon
  38. We've landed on ACT Today's Website
  39. Pokemon event promo
  40. I have a possible prize :P
  41. A call to all! Request
  42. ROLL CALL!
  43. My interview with Britt LaRiviere
  44. I need help with my prize.
  45. How will certain Pokemon be caught?
  46. Is anyone going to record the marathon
  47. My prize has been made
  48. Pokemon Tournament starts, NOW!
  49. The Legend of Zelda Marathon 3
  50. When Does The marathon end?
  51. Congratulations!
  52. Next Marathon!? *Banner Talk!*
  53. The Chat
  54. What charity are we getting donations for next time? (BREA)
  55. So you are telling me we are starting the next marathon on..
  56. The Zelda Marathon Stuffs - Added a New Advertisment Video!
  57. Games in the zelda marathon
  58. Just to be totally clear
  59. Bad news about the Zelda marathon well for me.
  60. Zelda II Practice run going on right now!
  61. TSG Podcast
  62. Had a go at a Promo Video
  63. Pkm blogger captures over 2 hours of marathon footage!
  64. Taking part.
  65. After Christmas Blowout!
  66. My attempt at promoting
  67. Zelda Marathon promotion
  68. Hi guys. Marthy boy has returned.
  69. Should TGS have a youtube account?
  70. TSG Podcast
  71. TSG Podcast 1st episode
  72. Woah, Hidden Pokemon Marathon Advertisement I found!
  73. TheSpeedGamers Youtube account
  74. Current Event for TSG
  75. Kona's Marathon Promotion Idea Thread!
  76. The Speed Gamers Podcast
  77. Podcast Mail segment
  78. "Gamers Give Back" Closure
  79. Segments for the Zelda Marathon.
  80. TO who ever won the mouse pad read this.
  81. New Website design...!
  82. New write up about TSG!
  83. Its about to get all crazys ups ins HEREs
  84. Promo Help
  85. Reasonable price for a t-shirt?
  86. TSG is on the Escapist
  87. What Happened to Baltes Pepper Spraying himself
  88. I bring you an important message from baltes
  89. Here we go again!!!!!!
  90. Baltes Opens a Package
  91. Are you ready for a Zelda marathon? Are you? ARE YOU???
  92. 1337 topics!
  93. Time Zone Help: Don't know when the Marathon starts for you?
  94. Daylight Savings Time
  95. Site maintenance (forum will be locked down)
  96. PKMNBlogger TSG Promo
  97. People who donated!
  98. So what's the address the Stream is going to run?
  99. Playing along
  100. What system they using for OoT and TP
  101. TSG TV Tropes article.
  102. Zelda Maraton = bjabjabja licks a cat
  103. How can I re-watch a marathon if I missed it?
  104. The 4 Next Marathons!
  105. early promo for next 4 marathons
  106. CDi's
  107. Marathons for 2009 Trailer
  108. the ending of the trailer. lol.
  109. Well done, speedgamers!
  110. Post your videos you recorded during the marathon
  111. The secret marathon
  112. How do you plan to promote the Mother marathon?
  113. About promoting the TSG-events
  114. New mod and OPs
  115. THeSpeedGamer's first T-shirt Design
  116. if anyone has the website for the 3 charities
  117. Podcast Episode 6
  118. TSG newspaper spot!
  119. any speed gamer i wanted to ask you something
  120. Thespeedgamers = world record?
  121. Final Fantasy XI Question
  122. Metal Gear Solid
  123. Mother Marathon Question
  124. Which game marathon would you like to see most?
  125. Petz Marathon
  126. My time with TSG has been fun
  127. Final Fantasy Marathon Discussion
  128. The Forums are WHACK!
  129. Mother/Earthbound Marathon Promotion
  130. [Important!] Downtime...
  131. [Important] New server, and how to tell.
  132. TSGNetwork: Mario Kart Wii Versus
  133. TSG on Today!
  134. Post here if you received your prize!
  135. Quick question about donations...
  136. Tips for promoting
  137. Want a Free TSG T-shirt? Take the TSG Challenge!
  138. T-shirt Pics!
  139. mods, chat ops, administrators
  140. All you Youtube promo makers, in here!
  141. The "I Donated!" Thread
  142. character names
  143. Secret Marathon Hints
  144. well im ready for MGS
  145. Ideas for charity money?
  146. Stolen Fan Art Submissions
  147. Ustream is down, matathon is not over!
  148. So How Is Chase Feeling?
  149. It's over $9000! (With secret marathon announcement)
  150. Over $10,000
  151. Megaman Marathon
  152. Mother Marathon Video Repository
  153. Chip In
  154. Donated for the marathon? Here's an extra prize for you!
  155. Your Favourite Part of the Mother Marthon (2009)?
  156. More gross during mother marathon
  157. Pokemon Marathon 09'
  158. Metal Gear Marathon promotion
  159. Guide to the chat
  160. Game List
  161. Thinking about making a Video... Promotion! With my series!
  163. Favorite Mess Up
  164. FanGamer Merch inspired by Metal Gear
  165. TheSpeedGamer's Official Artist
  166. i might not be able to watch the mgs marathon
  167. Noteable Changes
  168. Gratz to our new Mods and Chat ops
  169. A treat tonight!
  170. An Important Message to the Community
  171. "Important News" feature
  172. E3 2009 Press Conference Live Blog
  173. TheSpeedGamers Bio page is up
  174. zelda marathon
  175. TSG Teaser! Because we are mean like that ;)
  176. The Adventures of Britt and Rob
  177. TheSpeedGamer store is now open!
  178. TSG Replay Content
  179. Final Fantasy Marathon Promotion
  180. Vote on which shirt to restock
  181. Pin set#1
  182. TSG in NYC
  183. Hand drawn art by Anatotitan to be given away!
  184. Hoodie Pricing, color and design
  185. Awesome Final Fantasy prizes donated by Ruju & Skeletor1991!
  186. Resident Evil Marathon
  187. Charity Receipts
  188. Black Shirts will be available tonight at midnight!
  189. Look what Mana Potions is hookin us up with
  190. Final Fantasy Order!
  191. A few Mega Man marathon details
  192. The FF "I Donated!" Thread
  193. How Much Of The Marathon Is PS3 Browser Compatible?
  194. I Made a Reddit for the Final Fantasy Marathon!
  195. Thank you TSG for raising money for autisim.
  196. The FF marathon screenshot thread
  197. Places I've personally seen the FF Marathon.
  198. final fantasy marathon
  199. FF Marathon Banhammer
  200. My addtion to the Final Fatnasy marathon.
  201. Wanna be able to help you guys for future events...
  202. IRC Voice Status
  203. TSG On the News!
  204. $32,469.62
  205. If you thought the vegemite was bad...
  206. MLG Promotion
  207. Congrats Speed Gamers!
  208. $50,000!
  209. Thank you to all of our fans!!!
  210. Just out of curiosity...
  211. Could anyone fill me in on the later parts of the marathon?
  212. Does anyone else feel like this?
  213. Megaman Marathon Promotion!
  214. Final Fantasy Marathon photos and videos
  215. Something you should have done when playing FF9...
  216. What does Britt (and possibly others) have to dress up as?
  217. Gametrailers
  218. Mega Man Marathon Trailer
  219. EBFGP 2009
  220. Pin set #1 now available!
  221. Surprise! New MegaMan T-shirt created by Anatotitan
  222. What's that...wait...wax? omg wait no, don't pull thaOUUUCH!
  223. Important Message from Sonic62
  224. Mega Man marathon prizes
  225. Mega TSG shirts now available!
  226. View the long lost NBC TSG segment
  227. Megaman TSG Marathon - Youtube
  228. The Megas are donating some prizes!
  229. I Donated during the Mega Man Marathon
  230. We Reached $7000
  231. Got any Mega DVD content?
  232. What cause would you like us to game for? Vote now!
  233. TSG Gaming blog underway!
  234. Video Content: Route TSG
  235. Mario Kart madness going down Sept 12th!
  236. The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (DRWF)
  237. Pokemon Checklist 09': Prize's to be won!
  238. Awesomeness awaits?!?!
  239. Submit your TSG Pumpkins here
  240. Blog Redesign - Feedback?
  241. TheSpeedGamer's Pokemon League
  242. Resident Evil Marathon Promotion
  243. What do you visualize when you think of TSG
  244. Speech about The Speed Gamers
  245. Help needed!
  246. I Donated during the Resident Evil Marathon
  247. Who would I asked to be un-banned from the chat for the RE..
  248. Resident Evil Marathon Snapshots
  249. Pokémon Marathon 2009
  250. Trick-or-Treated at TSG HQ