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  1. Yuso (Desert Southwest Badge)
  2. 1stPkmnFan Lone Star Gym (Blue Bonnet Badge)
  3. Bobo_dude16 (Sm'oreo Gym)
  4. Absol (Beast Mode Badge)
  5. Sonic62's South Island Gym (Maple Leaf Badge)
  6. Aero (Sunny Badge)
  7. Ferenc (SCIENCE! badge)
  8. Rust (Vegemight Badge)
  9. TSG Pkmn League Trainer Cards *Closed till further notice*
  10. CodeZTM's TSG Breeding Center [Closed ; will Reopen Aug 14]
  11. Gama tries to help you get your pokemon in shape!!!
  12. Meet commissioner.. YUSO
  13. Gym Leader Substitutions Information
  14. TSG League Hall of Fame
  15. Season 1 End Date / Season 2 Info
  16. Calvin "ck14500" Scorpion Gym (Scorpio Badge)
  17. NicoCW - Pencil Vania Gym (Nutella Badge)
  18. Gama-Chan's Windy City Gym! NEW TEAM (Sage Badge)
  19. CodeZTM's University Gym [CLOSED]
  20. Dry's Succulent Gym (Sexy Badge)
  21. Great Barrier Gym [Poser Badge] *CLOSED*
  22. AlanEdgeHead's The Cutting Edge Gym [Rated R Badge] *CLOSED*
  23. Triforce Saturn's Saturn Valley Gym [Franklin Badge]
  24. Pkmnfan's Goldenrod Radio Tower! (Lottery~Closed}
  25. TSG Gym Leader songs!
  26. Special Commissioner Battle: Over!
  27. Orange Islands (Tournament underway!)
  28. A New Discovery??? SEASON 3 INFO!!!
  29. TSG league tutor
  30. Weavile's Moonlight Forest Gym (Nocturne Badge) CLOSED
  31. Luigi's Super Hawtness Gym (Tight Pants Badge) [Hiatus]
  32. Kmm's Jurassic Pokepark (Jurassic Badge) (update)
  33. Clutch's Midnight Gym (Horizon Badge) OPEN
  34. Yoshi's Island gym!
  35. Skate's Koalatown Gym (Koala Badge)
  36. Sonikku's Knights Training (Blastia Badge) [Open]
  37. Atrum's Gundam Gym (Haro Badge) Open!
  38. ~Contest Hall~ (Pokmon Hoenn/Kanto Contests DONE)
  39. Trainer Achievements Board [Updated: 8/12/10]
  40. A New Frontier: Battle Frontier!!
  41. League Cleanup [MOD/ADMINs please check out]
  42. [Battle Frontier] Battle Academy [Updated 9/27]
  43. [Battle Frontier] Battle Dojo
  44. [Battle Frontier] Battle Zone
  45. Petition for the Repeal of the Item Clause
  46. [Battle Frontier] Zach2m1's Metal Gear Solid 3 Facility
  47. Aero's Battle Facility (Under Construction!)
  48. TSG League Badge SPRITES!
  49. Season 3 End Date / Season 4 Info
  50. CodeZTM's TSG Breeding Center II [Requests Closed]
  51. ~Contest Hall~ Season 4 Contests are over!
  52. Tournament?
  53. Pokemon Tournament! TOURNEY OVER! Thank you all who battle!
  54. The Underground
  55. Prize corner
  56. DarkMaster's Light and Dark Gym (Accepting Requests)
  57. D3adly's Mephitical Gym (Cyanide Badge)
  58. Justin's Volt Gym (Bolt Badge)
  59. The Red Cloud Gym[Parts I&II are open.]
  60. Muzy's Meme City Gym (Ketchump Badge)
  61. Ditto's Copy/Paste Gym (Copy Badge)
  62. Dizzy's Gym - The Hope-Spiral Badge [Under re-construction]
  63. Jake's Eeveenonymous Gym (Found, I can now battle again!)
  64. Gym Sweep Stream (Date 11/22)
  65. Post your victories here!
  66. TSG Pokemon League 2011
  67. Poke Tourney 3 GEN 1 and 2 only -Mission Clear!
  68. Ban List?? OBJECTION!!!!
  69. Season 5 information - The Sidove Reigon! (GEN 4 ONLY)
  70. etcspectre's Avant-Garde Gym [Now Open!]
  71. Pkmnfan's Clubalooza Gym (Sparks Badge) ~OPEN~
  72. Sonic62's South Island Gym (Maple Leaf Badge)
  73. Abyssmalstar's Dyad Gym (Duo Badge) (Closed T.T)
  74. Hyrulean Sanctuary Gym (Virtue Badge)
  75. Brineboy's Monkey Pirate Ninja Gym (Banana Badge)[NOW OPEN]
  76. kmm's Jurassic Pokepark v.2 (Jurassic Badge) (OPEN)