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10-04-2008, 10:46 AM
EDIT: The Round, Pound, and Roll Around marathon isn't taking place this weekend after all. Some people that were going to help out can't make it and we've had some other issues forcing us to move the marathon to a later date. :?
I'll update this thread once we decide on a future date for the marathon.

What: The Round, Pound, Roll Around, Earth-a-Bound 48-Hour Video Game Marathon
When: 4:06PM, October 10, 2008 until 4:06PM, October 12, 2008
Why: To raise money for the Cancer Survivor's Fund (http://cancersurvivorsfund.org)

We Push The Buttons, hosts of the Resident Evil, SNK, and the Technos-Tecmo Marathons are proud to bring you this uniquely-themed gaming marathon in October! All of the games in the setlist meet one of the following requirements:

1) The game revolves around a main character or plot device that is round in nature,
2) The game involves a great of pounding, such as punching, attacking hammers, etc. (Not shooting, or magic, or stabbing...), or,
3) The game involves a great deal of rolling around, as opposed to walking, running, or strolling.

Our gamelist includes classic titles such as Kirby's Adventure, Donkey Kong, and Bubble Bobble as well as more recent titles like We Love Katamari and Portal. We will also have a few games to be played online, such as Rock Band and Mario Kart, and will be accepting any and all challenges from the audience! In addition, we will be playing different 'charity games', where our sponsors have agreed to donate a varying amount depending on our performance, such as the number of stars collected in Mario Party.

We are still working on prize-giveaways and donation incentives, though the details of such things have not been finalized as of yet. For more information, be sure to check out the website!

If you want to donate or help out the cause, but cannot afford to donate money, we will also be accepting donations of new or used video games, video game systems, movies, DVDs, or anything of the sort. These items will either be sold on e-bay, with the money going to the charity, given away as prizes during the marathon, or used in a future fundraiser that we host. For more details about how to send in your item donations (not MONEY), please e-mail us at wepushthebuttons@gmail.com.

Be a-round, or be a square!

the above description was written by Mike of Wepushthebuttons the below is from me lol


we have Earthbound on the SNES and Mike won Mother GBA Games from the Speed Gamers Earthbound marathon. We might encourage our viewers to call into Nintendo and request Earthbound and mother 1+3 to be released on the VC...for obvious reasons..haha..to continue the surge and to have some fun :) i loved listening to those emails from people who called xD..hah and we've have some fun if we encourage and do the same type of thing. : )..but this time we'll have all the other marathon stuff we're doing too..soo..hah..^_^ yup..Mike basically set this all up..and I really want to add this Earthbound plan to the mix..hopefully we can sort all this out and set it all up so we can get more progress towards the VC release of Earthbound and the Mother games.

also we are going to accept and have Cohosts..or at least we're going to try to do so :D so that'll be fun as well ^_^

Here's a list of the gamelist..of possible games we'll play..haha..
Mike made this up and..jeesh he had a ball with it so it seems lol

Offline Games
These are the offline games we’ll be playing for the marathon, either to beat them, for fun and giggles, or for retro’s sake.

Adventures of Lolo 2
Console: NES
Genre: Puzzle
Released: 1990, by HAL Corporation
Goal: 100% Main Story Completion, 100% PRO Challenge
How does it fit the theme? Lolo himself is a very round, very blue dude. Most of the enemies and obstacles are roundish, as are your ‘bullets’.
Notes: We’re planning on skipping Lolos 1 and 3. Two of our players have already played game 1, and game 3 might be a smidge too long for our viewers. We’ll play them if the viewers want to see them, though!

Bubble Bobble
Console: NES (and others)
Genre: Arcade/Platform
Released: Originally in 1986, by Taito and Romstar
Goal: Good and Bad endings, or Total Playtime: 2 hours
How does it fit the theme? Bubbles are round, and they’re also your main form of attack in this game.
Notes: Why the time limit? Because I, if my life depended on it, cannot beat the final boss, but two hours should be ample time to play through the game and take a few cracks at him. Robert (EvilRalphWiggum) and I <3 this game. This should be tons of fun to play through…the classic game has been borked in its many modern-day ports and sequels, including a version of the game which would lock up after a boss battle. We’re gonna give it the love it deserves.

Donkey Kong
Console: Game Boy (we’ll play w/ a Super Gameboy
Genre: Platform
Released: 1994, by Nintendo
Goal:Rescue Paula!
How does it fit the theme? The barrels are round, and it requires using the hammer to pound out a path sometimes.

Donkey Kong Country
Console: SNES
Genre: Platform
Released: 1994, by Rareware
Goal: Main Story Completion, then 101% Challenge
How does it fit the theme? Donkey Kong rolls around, and his down-Y ability lets him pound the ground for items and self-defense.
Notes: Will play rest of series based on viewers’ or players’ demands.

Console: NES
Genre: Sports/Racing
Released: 1984, by Nintendo
Goal: Playtime: 30 minutes, plus use for mini-game.
How does it fit the theme? The wheels on the bike are round, and you roll over hills, bumps, and other obstacles. You also do lots and lots of flips, especially if you’re not an expert at this game.
Notes: Check out the mini-game page for see how we’re doing screenname/fun phrase tracks!

We Love Katamari
Console: PS2
Genre: Puzzle/Action
Released: 2005, by Namco/EA
Goal: Completion of Story Mode
How does it fit the theme? You’re a tiny Prince, rolling around a tiny ball to make things stick to it. The more you roll, the bigger the ball becomes, and the bigger items you can roll up. It’s all about the rollin’, baby.
Notes: Perhaps we’ll kick it co-op for a while and see how it goes! Woo!

Kirby’s Adventures
Console: NES
Genre: Platform
Released: 1993, by Nintendo
Goal: 100% Story Completion
How does it fit the theme? Kirby is a squishy, round, pink puffball that can enlarge in size when he sucks in air, or copy the abilities of his enemies if he swallows them - including the power of a wheel.

Kirby 64: Legend of the Crystal Shards
Console: Nintendo 64
Genre: Platform
Released: 2000, Nintendo
Goal: Playtime: 100% Story Completion
How does it fit the theme? See above Kirby title.

Kirby Super Star
Console: SNES
Genre: Platform
Released: 1996, by Nintendo
Goal: 100% Story Completion, all games
How does it fit the theme? See above Kirby title.

Mario Party 8
Console: Wii
Genre: Party/Board Game
Released: 2007, by Nintendo
Goal: Complete Single-Player mode, or Multiplayer Matches
How does it fit the theme? The spaces are round…there’s a few ways to make this game fit, and maybe its a bit of a stretch, but its a fun party game to play and watch, and we have sponsors donating a set amount per star earned.

Super Punch Out andMike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!!
Console: SNES, NES
Genre: Sports/Boxing
Released: 1994, 1987, by Nintendo
Goal: Destroy the Brusier Bros. and Fight and Defeat? Mr. Dream/Mike Tyson

Mrs. Pac-Man
Console: SNES (and others)
Genre: Platform
Released: Originally in 1987, by Midway
Goal: Fun!
How does it fit the theme? Google Pac-Man if you don’t know.

Console: XBOX360 (and others)
Genre: 3-D Platform/Puzzle
Released: 2007, by Valve Corporation
Goal: 100% Story Completion, Challenge Mode, and Guest Speed Run
How does it fit the theme? The testing apparatus are rounded in shape, and the ovals created by the Portal gun are also roundish in shape.

Star Fox 64
Console: Nintendo 64
Genre: Sci-Fi Flight Sim (Wiki calls it a ‘Rail Sim’, which I guess is accurate too…)
Released: 1997, by Nintendo
Goal: Visit Every Planet, view every ending. We will NOT be taking EVERY possible path in the game.
How does it fit the theme? DO A BARREL ROLL

Super Punch-Out!!!
Console: SNES
Genre: Sports/Boxing
Released: 1994, by Nintendo
Goal: Become WVBA Boxing Champion.

Tecmo Super Bowl 3
Console: SNES
Genre: Sports/Football
Released: 1994, by Tecmo
Goal: Either Vs. Mode showdown, or 1 full season
How does it fit the theme? The ball, while not a sphere, is roundish and oblong.

Wii Sports
Console: Wii
Genre: Sports/Multiple
Released: 2006, by Nintendo
Goal: Pro Level in all sports
How does it fit the theme? All of the balls here are round, and get rolled around or pounded to play the games.

Online Multiplayer Games

Players from the audience wanted! We’ll be playing these online-enabled multiplayer games throughout the marathon! We’ll be adding to this list too - Robert is a Tetris superstar, and I wanna kick it old-skool with online Dr. Mario, but we’ll have to see if we can get ‘em for the marathon.

Rock Band
Console: XBOX 360 (and others)
Genre: Rock Band/Face-Melting Simulation
Released: 2006, by MTV (ick…)
Goal: Melt Faces, Party Hard…no, we’re not unlocking all the songs. We’re just gonna play a few tunes via online multiplayer with the viewers!

Mario Kart Wii
Console: Wii
Genre: Racing/Arcade
Released: 2008, by Nintendo
Goal: Destroy the online competition from our viewers.

Super Smaaaaaaaaaaash BROOOOOOTHERS…BRAWL!!
Console: Wii
Genre: Beat ‘em Up
Released: 2008, by Nintendo
Goal: Destroy the online competition from our viewers. Using Summer-hat Jigglypuff.
How does it fit the theme? It includes many round characters, including some from our playlist. It features lots of pounding and some rolling-around if you’re good at dodging.

Adventures of Lolo 1 & 3
Donkey Kong Country 2 & 3
Dr. Mario
Mother 1
Mother 3
Kickle Cubicle
Madden 09
River City Ransom
Super Dodgeball
Super Metroid

10-04-2008, 12:28 PM
Sounds cool but I wont be able to make it because I have to go see my grandparents for thanks giving sorry :(

10-04-2008, 12:31 PM
Ooh, Punch-Out!! :)

10-04-2008, 02:04 PM
This looks really amazingly cool. And it's soon! :D DL MK

10-04-2008, 09:56 PM
that's... um, an interesting theme. i'll try to be ther. r u playing rock band 1 or 2, b/c i sold 1 after i exported the songs.

10-05-2008, 12:20 AM
ah yeah good question haha. we have both : )
so both indeed haha or just 2..

10-05-2008, 07:12 PM
i only hav 2 _metroid_