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03-15-2009, 04:33 PM
Hey everyone, hope your enjoying the marathon. I'm just wondering if anyone can make me a signature or show some sites on how to make one or find one. Thanks for the advice guys. :mrgreen:

03-19-2009, 03:32 AM
What image editing programs do you have? If all you have is Paint or equivalent, I would recommend downloading Gimp. http://gimp.org/ It's free, and it's safe and fun for the whole family. Lots of users here use this excellent program. You should fiddle around in Gimp, to get yourself acquainted (unfortunately, I don't know of any beginner's guides).

One of my favourite sig tutorials is this one: http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/curly%CA% ... 373s0.html (http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/curly%CA%B9s-vector-sig-tutorial%C7%83-t6373s0.html)
It's explained thoroughly, and it leads to an eye-popping, and unique effect.
In order to succeed with that tutorial, though, you'll need to know how to "vector". It's explained in the following tutorial. http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/vector-yo ... t6124.html (http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/vector-your-renders%C7%83-a-tutorial-by-curly--t6124.html)
Vectoring (or more accurately, vexeling) is an excellent skill that you'll use a lot.
One thing that I would recommend doing differently in the tutorial is learning how to use the "Paths" tool with the polygonal box UNchecked. Learning how to use curves is infinitely quicker and more fluid than doing it as suggested in the tutorial. Don't worry if you don't understand what I'm talking about now; just remember "leave the polygonal box unchecked on the paths tool", and you'll know what to do when you come to the appropriate part in the tutorial. Fiddle around with the paths tool, especially.

I'm hoping you were able to understand this, and that I was of some help. This is probably a lot to jump into, but it's simple enough, and it's got some tremendous results at the end. Enjoy!

03-19-2009, 07:06 AM
luminary you should post that in gimp art too that way we'll have one topic will all tips and stuff