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04-17-2012, 07:16 PM
What I mean by the strange Topic is that I found a sight http://wishingcrane.org/ and I decided to try to get enough cranes. If I can get enough cranes for the items then I would donate them to be prizes for TSG, so here are the links to the items http://wishingcrane.org/?w=a1 http://wishingcrane.org/?w=a2 http://wishingcrane.org/?w=a3. Now the forth one that I am going to post is for my personal but you don't have to click that one if you don't want it http://wishingcrane.org/?w=9j

P.S. You can vote once a day for each.

05-18-2012, 02:30 PM
OK here is where I stand on http://wishingcrane.org/?w=a1 (Pokemon: Pikachu Costume Hat ) I have 55/1048 so to reach the goal I need another 955. http://wishingcrane.org/?w=a2 (Takara Tomy Pokemon 1.5" zekrom) I have 46/726 so to reach the goal I need another 652. http://wishingcrane.org/?w=a3 (Pokemon minifugures 1-3") I have 44/806 so to reach the goal I need another 778. So please if you want these donated for the upcoming Marathon then please help.