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03-18-2009, 10:47 AM
Name: Mario Kart Wii
Console: Nintendo Wii
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Local: Up to 4
Online: Up to 12 (And split screen 2 player online)
Control Method: Wiimote, wii wheel, wiimote + nunchuck, GC pad, classic controller
Rating: 3 +
Previous Games in the Series:
Super Mario Kart [SNES]
Mario Kart: Double Dash [GC]
Mario Kart DS [DS]
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Start your engines everyone for a shell-shocking review of Mario Kart Wii!! (I'll stop now)

Mario Kart Wii is the 6th Mario Kart game, (8th if you count the arcade games) but in all honesty; the series hasn't changed much since 1992. Mario kart wii however, is set to change all that!

We'll begin off with the most obvious new feature, the wii wheel. You slot your wiimote into the wheel and away you go! The wii wheel is a fantastic idea just waiting to happen and has many great features including a translucent slot at the front so your pointer still works. The downside to the wheel however, is a major flaw. It's just not responsive enough. It's hard to do tricks (explained later) and you'll have to turn the wheel twice as much as you should have to normally for you to turn. The wii wheel is there for fun, but if you want to be a Mario kart pro, use a GameCube controller (or classic controller)

The next update would be the bikes. The bikes were a controversial inclusion to the franchise, but let me say; they work perfectly and fit the series well. They are probably even superior to their 4 wheeled counterparts. They have the ability to do wheelies, which improves speed, but worsens control. They can also take tighter corners, so would be the vehicle of choice for time trials. They are a fantastic inclusion and you'll wonder how Nintendo ever done without them.

Another change to the formula would be the drifting has been modified. This in turn, means, snaking has ended. For better or worse. Now instead of how many times you press left or right, the power of your drift will be determined on how long it lasts. Blue sparks will give you a small boost and red will give you a boost around the power of a boost pad. Keep in mind tough, that bikes can only perform a blue drift.
I love the removal of snaking as many an online race on Mario kart Ds has been ruined by it.

Another new addition (whew, there's alot!) would be my favourite, tricks. Which we spoke of earlier. It works out like this. After you've gone off a ramp, you either press a button on the d-pad or flick the controller. (Depending on your control type, the latter is much more difficult) When you land on solid ground you will get a boost akin to a blue spark drift. At first this will be pretty unusual and awkward, but after a while, it'll become second nature.

Now that we've the basics covered, we'll move onto the single player mode, which isn't nearly as fun as the multiplayer option right beside it, but you will be spending most of your time there (at first) to unlock all the characters, tracks and vehicles.

You can select from 3 difficulties, 50, 100 and 150 cc. (and an unlockable, extra difficulty) 50 is kart only. 100 is bike only and 150 is for all vehicles.
When you're into whatever difficulty, you select what set of tracks, varying between 16 new and 16 old tracks from previous games in the series. (We’ll get onto the tracks later) Both new and old track sets are set up into different cups with four tracks to a cup. 50 and 100cc are a breeze, whereas 150cc is relentless. You'll stay for most of the time in the back of the pack in 150cc, thanks to its unfair items. You could be half a lap ahead, (unlikely) and get hit by a red shell, blue shell, 3 green shells, bobomb and a bullet bill for good measure. And guess who came last? You guessed it, the player came last. Many reviewers have criticised Mario Kart Wii for that, but I can see past it. After alot of practicing, it is possible, but it's a shame to see Mario Kart's "great" (Notice the sarcasm?) single player mode ruined by it, but like I said, you'll learn to get over it.


03-18-2009, 10:48 AM
Whilst we know the single player mode has its faults, the multi player mode is almost faultless. Especially when it comes to online play. Which we will speak of now.

The game has a 4 player, split screen, local multi player mode, which has no framerate drop (from what I can notice anyways) and can't be criticised. Apart from the fact that it is inferior to its online counterpart.

Words cannot describe how awesome the online in Mario kart Wii is. So I'll try as best I can.
When you first load up Mario kart Wii's online mode, you know you're in for something special. It's like caviar served on a solid gold plate with Jesus as your waiter.

Unlike most online Wii games (Brawl, we're looking at you) Mario kart Wii has little to no lag at all! You could be going 12 player online (Yes, 12 PLAYERS ON A WII!) with absolutely no lag! This is the way Mario kart Wii should be. (And maybe other games, once again, we're looking at Brawl)

The only flaws I can find in the online is occasionally you are disconnected. But it's still miles better than other online games on the Wii. (Guess which one in particular) But to make up for that, you can have two people online on the same Wii together, so it's still all good.

The tracks in Mario kart Wii are some of the best so far. Whether you're bouncing on mushrooms in Mushroom Gorge or travelling at high speeds down a water fall in Koopa Cape there's no doubt that the level design in Mario kart Wii isn't imaginative. It also has many classic retro tracks including the winding streets of Delfino Square and the fiery pathways of Bowser's Castle.

The graphics on the other hand, are mediocre compared to other games. (Brawl, once again) The do the job, but there's no great detail to the graphics. I know Nintendo were going for the cartoony style, but Brawl and Galaxy were cartoony and that didn't stop them from going into detail.

That pretty much is it for my Mario kart Wii review, I hope you enjoyed it and I highly recommend you buy this game, but only for the multi player. If you have no online and/or friends to come over and play, give this a miss. But if you do, get this game now. You won't regret this.

Round Up
+ Great level design
+ Fantastic online
+ Loads on new features
- Wii wheel is a let down
- Graphics are very basic

An eccentric game only worth getting if you have your Wii online as its single player isn't just for a price of a full game.

03-18-2009, 10:49 AM
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03-19-2009, 05:37 PM
Excellent review Galaxy!

Was fun reading it and find it very thorough, at least if you compare to many other reviews. However, I do not agree with you about the Wii Wheel. I really find it a suprise and not as something that has let me down. I've played alot online and I've been using the wheel all the time, or about 2 games out of a total 500 have been with the nun-chuck. As you mention in the review about how you have to turn alot for the carts to turn do I find pretty ok, I mean it's not hard to keep up with the Three-star ranked players with the Wii-Wheel, just practice and practice and you'll get a good idea on how and when to turn the wheel properly. Of course it's easier with the nun-chuck to turn but I think that ain't worth the loss of having the actual wheel in my hands driving those little carts hehe.

You also mentioned the part where you might be leading with half a lap and then get hit by a red shell, then a leadershell etc. Along with practice you can learn how to avoid everything, even the leadershell :D This is just something that is unbalanced for the newer players and of course it's important to mention this is in the review so nothing wrong about it. Just wanted to mention that there are ways to avoid and escape the time-penalty by having to accelerate again and get the speed up.

Other than that I have nothing else to add except than this was a great review and please keep up the good work Galaxy.



EDIT: Just had to add something about the online-mode, it is awesome!!! I live in Sweden and played against some japanese players who had 1-star rank and above and had practicly no lag at all which is amazing in my oppinion. The game itself is worth buying just because of it's online-mode.

03-20-2009, 10:50 AM
Thanks for that!
I guess the wii wheel is down to personal preference. :/
Also, if anyone finds this review here: http://www.officialnintendomagazine.co.uk
It is me who made it, I post my reviews here and there but NO WHERE ELSE!!

03-22-2009, 05:19 PM
there's no doubt that the level design in Mario kart Wii isn't imaginative.

Shouldn't that be "is imaginitive" unless I got the wrong impression from your little speel before it.