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I don't know if this is a place to post this, but I thought may as well because it's a Pokemon Tournament idea that I've been interested to share. Hopefully there would be interest of people doing a tournament of this kind on TSG. This is all a Work in Progress, but if the interest is high then the tournament will be launched as soon as I possibly can.

So What Sort of Tournament?

Okay it would follow your typical Super Rugby conference style if you don't know what Super Rugby is, kind like the NBA Conferences, so we would have 8 conferences with 5-6 players in each conference (given that there would be enough interest that would make 48 all together). To keep it simple, each player has to play one another 2 times in there specific conference and the winner of each conference advances to the top 8, then semi final and then the final where two players will battle off.

Points Scoring

2 Points for a win
1 Point for a draw
0 points for a loss

Time Limit

What I mean by time limit is that you have 72 hours to complete your matches. If you do not complete your matches then the challenger gets the automatic win.


Player 1 Vs Player 2

If player 2 does not accept the opponents challenge within 72 hours then the victory goes to player and he/she gains 2 points. However if it would be Player 2 Vs Player 1 then if Player 1 does not respond to player 2's challenge then Player 2 will automatically gain the win.

The reason I want to give 72 hours for challenge time limit is because I want to try and keep the tournament flowing and see how committed people are. Also the games will be played over the course of the weekend. Of course this can be changed if the number of players in the tournament are are busy on weekends then the games will be played during the week and then the standings of each conference will be updated during the weekend (in this case on Saturday/ Sunday).

Tournament Standings

The winner of each conference is the one who scored the highest points. They advance onto the top 8 which then will become 4, who then will become 2. The winner of the tournament will be crowned TSG Pokemon Tourney Champion of 2013. If you would like to suggest prizes then feel free. Maybe a custom signature with your favourite Pokemon you used to in your team to victory. This leads perfectly to the next topic

Pokemon Team

Many might hate me for this, but this is how I think I will go about this (if however the people oppose to this then we will sort it around to fit your guys needs). You use 6 Pokemon at any given time. You ONLY use the six Pokemon you chose so be strategic in who you use. You must register the 6 Pokemon you are using so that everyone who is participating in the tournament know that you haven't changed the 6 Pokemon in your team.

However, this doesn't mean you cannot change the order around on who goes first in your team. It also doesn't mean that your Pokemon must know the same moves as the previous battle.

All Pokemon must be legit. What I mean by this is that there to be no hacking of any kind. Poke Saving is not allowed in this tournament either. If you are caught of being a cheat then not only do you risk yourself of losing your spot in the tournament, but you may also find yourself not being able to participate in future games because players may be vary of actually playing you, because you cheated.

All Ubers are banned. Please follow the link provided where the Tiers of each Pokemon is listed ( I will leave them in a spoiler at the end of this post). This tournament itself is OU, but you can use lower tier Pokemon if you will. At the end of the day Pokemon is all about strategy as well as power, so devise your teams wisely :)


The following battle clauses shall be applied to each battle:

- Sleep Clause
- Species Clause
- Item Clause
- OHKO Clause
- Evasion Clause
- Moody Clause

Most of All Have Fun

At the end of the day, please show good sportsmanship. Losing is a part of life. Be gracious in defeat, but also be gracious upon winning too. If things aren't just going your way there is always next time. Also have fun. It's what this whole tournament is about. Have fun and enjoy battling against users on the community and share battling tips to each other to improve your game and maybe even your opponents.

I've rambles long enough ^^. If you think this is a cool idea and have an interest (right not just looking to see if we have the numbers first) then express it down below. If you would like to help out with prize pools and so forth then Private Message me and we can sort something out. Of course if this isn't your cup of tea then that's okay :)

Thank you for your time reading, and love to hear feedback. This has been something I've been wanting to share, but never had time, but I do now so hopefully ya'll like it. As of right now the generation is undecided, but possibly a poll will be put up to see whether players wish to play Gen IV of Gen V. Again if you have interest then please express your interest down below!


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