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03-13-2014, 05:29 PM
Those of you who have been around for a while may remember when Panda hosted a big tournament for TSG's favorite video game song. Well, I really enjoyed it and was introduced to tons of great music, so I thought I'd try and organize another one, because we've got lots of new members and soundtracks in the four years that have passed since then. I'm basically going to use the same tournament format as the original thread (http://community.tsg.tv/showthread.php?7647-Top-Video-Game-Song-Tournament-(Introduction-Thread)) with a couple of minor tweaks, so all credit goes to Panda for that.

Phase 1: Series Nomination
Just like last time, 32 game series will be entered into this tournament. Once again, we're going with series instead of individual games for variety's sake, and so smaller series will have an equal chance for exposure. Games that don't belong to a series can be nominated as well. There will be a period during which each member will be able to nominate one series. If we don't have 32 entries by a certain point, I'll allow each person to make an additional nomination.

Phase 2: Song Nomination
Once we have our 32 series nominations, everyone will be able to nominate one song for each series, until there are at least 10 (but no more than 25) songs listed for each one. After 48 hours, each person can make an additional song nomination for any series that doesn't have 10 nominations yet. If any series has more than 25 nominations, only the first 25 will be accepted.

Phase 3: Song Polling
During this phase, I will set up polls for each series and you all will be able to select your two favorite songs from each one. The top two vote-getters from each poll will move on to the tournament, for a total of 64 entries. For this phase as well as the next, there will be multiple polls running simultaneously in order to save time.

Phase 4: Song tournament
Our 64 entries will be randomly seeded and placed in a single elimination tournament bracket. Voting for each round will last 48 hours (if people think that's too short I can raise it to 72).

Introductions aside, feel free to post any questions or comments here, and I'll post the actual nomination thread sometime tomorrow evening. The winner last time was Gusty Garden Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy, for anyone wondering.

Nominate your favorite games and series here! (http://community.tsg.tv/showthread.php?17097-Top-VGM-Tournament-V2-Series-Nomination)