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03-15-2014, 07:44 AM
Alright guys so after a long time of seeing techik stuff and not being able to figure out how to play single player without spawning the items i followed a hat films vid on how to get feed the beast

Feed the beast is a mod pack and it comes with pretty much all the neat mods you usually see like tinker craft thaum craft, stuff with nuclear power.

:va doing pretty good so far i m up to the point of making a big smeltery and then having no idea how to properly smelt things so i got few iron blocks, aluminum brass, and aluminum bronze

Accidently made 3 brass pikaxe head castings. You cast the tools in pieces instead of making them all at once like in vanilla.

Anyways share what ya got, using,building etc.

03-19-2014, 12:17 AM
alright i took some screenshots for you guys

here's a picture of my first generator, :Va i m not sure what i m gonna use the power for, that's a batbox next to it to store the power


over here are the tinkering tables for making the tools and such


here's a peek into one of the chests, tons of different items @.@ i m gonna need to make something to do all my resource finding.


here's a picture of this big ol forest biome


big ol smelter for mixing up my metals



and here's a look at the basins and casting table i use to make cutouts for the tools i need