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05-10-2014, 03:30 PM
This game needs to get a little more attention.


I know of maybe 2 people on my friends list on Steam who already own this game. I suggest anyone who is even mildly interested in tabletop games to get it. The video on steam does not do it justice. The video makes it look like it would have all kinds of problems legitimately playing games. This is the furthest from the truth. The devs of this game are sending updates, from what I can tell weekly.

Customisation is at the forefront of the features of Tabletop Simulator. There is an option to create a custom board using an image that you can upload to any image hosting site and then put in the game. Custom decks are also possible making great games like Cards against Humanity a possibility, not only possible but actually a popular card game on the servers. They recently added custom pieces, which are basically cards on a platform so they stand vertical.

The new vertical custom pieces are great to use along with the RPG kit. You can design your dungeons using the tilesets, making it great for tabletop RPGs. There is even a tool out there to help with building your dungeons. http://markdesousa.com/tools/tabletop-simulator/rpg-dungeon-generator/ . There are a good number of animated enemies to add to your dungeon as well.

Right now they are using Nexus for their mods, however, they are planning on integrating steam workshop soon. They are also planning on allowing custom pieces so the modding community can make amazing 3D models. I hope to also see different size boards for different types of games. This game has amazing capabilities, and I just wish they would advertise it right to help get the word out there.