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05-14-2014, 02:11 AM
Thread Title by Ana when she was really tired.

Anyway, since we need a place to organize our stuff and we have all account this seemed the best.
As a note we're currently looking at Tokulen DMing, Squint, Ana, Toast, Coyote, and myself playing. We're not recruiting other players at this time.

Right now we have easy access to the 4th edition books. I suppose 3.5 or Pathfinder might be an option but I find 4th ed to be easier to learn and run. Not so great for building unique characters, but with three first timers it might be better this way. We'd also have to track down the books.

05-14-2014, 03:21 AM
Greetings my morsels.....minions....mortals....Uhhh Players. I am the great and punifle DM. I am honored to be a candidate for your dungeon master. A brief history. I have been playing Roleplaying Games for over Eleven Years. I am familiar with most editions of Dnd but I have a special knowledge base for 3.5. If you will allow me to take you on a magical adventure through my world I guarantee Three things, Humor, All the feels, and that you will not start this adventure by riding a magical Roller Coaster.

05-14-2014, 05:33 AM
What's that, tiny Kairamek perched on my shoulder? Make a paladin? WHY I THINK I JUST MIGHT

05-14-2014, 02:00 PM
The funny thing is last night I suggested getting us together briefly to teach the basics to our new players and have a small plan to at least cover the required rolls and skills, but I said I wasn't sure we'd need Squint in that chat since he's going to make a paladin.

05-14-2014, 03:00 PM
Getting together to discuss everything would be beneficial. As far as roles and races I would like to outline the history of the world so you can all pick what you think will fit best.

05-18-2014, 03:03 AM
The history of Prime.
As told by Grand Sage Theran Allister.

"Gather around Children and hear my tale of the great wizard who founded what we know and think of the world. A long time ago there lived a man, much like you or I. He lived in a time where magic and mustical beasts did not exist. Human's were the only race on this world, and besides a few animals, they were the only ones to lay claim to the lands. This man through trial and tribulation found that he could weave into existance fantastical things. Creatures and elements, nothing was outside his reach. The people of the land started calling him the Spell-Weaver. Through his works he created the link to a planne of existance we take for granted, The Arcana Plane. You won't find this is your manuals on the known planes. This area is unreachable by today's sciences and magicks. In this time of Arcane delight several people were taught the gift of Magicke though not the abiluty to weave their own spells. These men and women are known today. Even you young one know their names. Pelor the Bright, Olidammara the hidden, Corellan the mother of Elves, and so on. Yes our patron deities were once Mortal like us. These brave people created the multitude of races and beasts we see today."

<The old man sips on his tea as he recounts more of his tale.>

"Children, we live on our world of Prime in what we know as the material plane. Our continent of Central is one of Six other land masses on this world. The beast lands to the west, beyond the mountains of the Dwarves, and beyond the great sea, are filled with animals and creatures we don't know much about or even what they look like. The Eastern spirit lands are a foreign place. Not much is known of there either, legends speak of a forbidden Magicke that failed them and caused a Cataclysm. The Continent on the other side of our world is known as the Underdark. That place is the root of all evil and sin. Born of those lands are our nightmares. The remaining continents are uninhabitable. The Northen elemental shores, and the Southern ice caps."

<He pauses as he packs a pipe and lights it, thick volumness blue smoke rises from the old man's lips.>

"Our Capitol of Central on the continent of Central is older than the diverse races. It is true that the Elven people live longer, but we have spent more time on this world. The Spell-Weaver founded this City in hopes of bringing the new races together. As we all know it did not work that well. The wars over land and Magicke began. Scientific monstrocities raged through the lands destroying everything in their path. Machinations that defied life itself, these are our past. Thought the Weaver stopped it all. It is said he founded an order. This order was known as the knights of Arcana. They were given a number to signify their joining of the order. We celebrate this today as our heroes of Prime. The First Knight was the Weaver himself, the others were immortals such as Tyr the Infernal Necromancer, and Archimedes the Construct. This is known through all lore. This order brought a peace time to all of our people. We celebrate this every year in the capital, and even in small cities."

<A quizzical look crosses the old man's face.>

"I will tell you now children of one such event that changed our world as we know it. It all started at the heroes festival in the small town of Westhaven. It was long before our time, and yet long after the disappearance of the weaver. This occured in what the scholars call the Wild Era. A group of adventurer's gathered in the town for the festival. They had no idea what was to befall them..."

05-21-2014, 09:34 PM
Default pantheon?

06-15-2014, 05:09 AM
With one exception. Corellan Lorethian is dead. She has been replaced by a deity known as Faust snow. His domains are light and luck.