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06-11-2014, 06:04 PM

Because let's be honest, it's inevitable. The trailer is even encouraging it.

Anyway, I actually really enjoy this, as it just looks really fun. And besides, if Nintendo is going to rehash New Super Mario Bros. again, why not just give the keys to the players, and let them make the games.

Your thoughts?

06-13-2014, 07:12 AM
"I spoke with producer Takashi Tezuka about Mario Maker today. Speficially, I asked if the two art styles available in the show floor demo the original Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. U would be the extent of the looks available for level design. Will we see Super Mario Bros. 3? Super Mario World?"
"Obviously, there will be other graphical styles included," Tezuka said. "And nothing's been decided yet, but I'd also like to include other graphics that aren't Mario." Would that mean that if Legend of Zelda graphics were included, the game would let you design top-down stages, I asked?

"No, it won't be top-down," he said. "It's always going to be a 2D platformer." However, players can expect more level design elements than those included on the show floor. Tezuka said he plans to integrate more enemy and object types than what appeared in the E3 demo, though he doesn't want the palette of options to become overwhelming."

Tezuka also emphasized the inspiration Mario Maker draws from Mario Paint and says that he hopes to include features similar to those of that Super NES classic, including a music composition feature. As for Internet sharing and Miiverse integration, Tezuka admits those details are still being worked out as well, but that he's mindful of players' desire to show off their level designs to friends."

This just got me so much more excited for this thing. I hope theres more then Zelda, maybe Metroid and Kirby as well?
It's right up my alley so I'm totally getting it.

06-13-2014, 05:29 PM
Glad to hear there's gonna be other graphical styles available. I was hoping they'd have more then in the demo.

06-14-2014, 11:35 AM
All I can think of is Proton Jon's soul being crushed by this announcement. Though this kind of falls under the ROM hack category, so I doubt he'll even give it the time of day.