View Full Version : Suggestion about picking charities in the future

06-15-2015, 04:53 AM
Hey TSG!

I'm sure most of you wont remember me, I haven't been about for a couple years because of university, but now I have a job and I was super excited to come back and give money to your next marathon (now that I can afford to give more than $20 haha).

However the next marathon's for St. Jude, who do animal testing. I just wanted to let you know that if you pick a charity that supports animal testing it can put some people off donating (well it has for me, at least).

Anyway, I still hope you guys have a great marathon and it goes well, I'll just put aside the money I was going to donate for the next one.

Thanks for reading, I don't want to start a debate about the pros or cons or anything of animal testing I just wanted to let you guys know it can put some people off.

Keep being awesome! :)

02-21-2016, 05:54 PM
I still come back like every marathon only to see it's st. jude again haha.

I'm sure those guys do great work but my comment above still holds true. I used to love watching your guys marathons so much and i'd love it if I could donate again. I'm not asking you to never do st. jude again but like if you could do something else every once in a while.

I realise i'm one person and it's extremely unlikely my musings will change anything but i'd rather give you guys feedback as to why i'm not donating.

Edit: even your megaman mini stream! C'mon guys I just want to throw my money at you, why you make it so hard D:

Edit2: I just realised I never actually suggested another charity so here's some suggestions: make a wish foundation (cause they're awesome), against malaria foundation (they probably save more lives than any other charity and win loads of awards, https://www.againstmalaria.com)

04-06-2016, 08:00 PM
I guess the reason we haven't changed charities is because of st. Jude play live event that happens every year and it has been out most successful charities to help....

I know for a while we also did ACT today for a lot of marathons in a row too so it's not like we don't do other charities but at the same time the charities that we look at have to have a few requirements in order for us to give them a chance. Since st. Jude has been consistent with us, hence why we do this with them.