View Full Version : Kingdom Hearts 2.8 trailer

06-08-2016, 12:10 PM
I know our community has a lot of KH fans so today started out pretty good! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPoQw2J177c&feature=youtu.be

06-08-2016, 12:22 PM
2.8, next will be 2.9, then they'll do 2.99, and 2.999, and never get to 3.

I'm most interested in the part that looks like it's about the Keyblade War. That feels like it could be a standalone game. In fact, I want to say they were planning that at one point?

06-08-2016, 02:54 PM
It looks pretty good, but damn is that a terrible name. Not out of the ordinary but still.
Basically a demo for 3, with some juicy story to beef it up.