View Full Version : Bethesda Conference

06-12-2016, 10:00 PM
What was everyone's favorite announcement from this conference? I'm interested in the "Tamriel One" update for ESO that scales you no matter what. Unlike similar systems like in Guild Ward, Tamriel one will also scale you up to higher content.

I'm probably the minority here but I can't wait for the Skyrim Remaster!

06-13-2016, 07:21 AM
Dishonored 2 definitely. Really enjoyed the first one and glad to see they are introducing more abilities (though some look a bit OP currently, so it will be interesting to see the tradeoffs.)

One Tamriel is definitely interesting to me as well. That is the one aspect that has pushed me away from MMOs. I always feel like I am behind the curve due to lack of playtime (which is to be expected), so it is exciting to see a change like this. I really like MMOs, I just don't have the time to constantly sink into it to stay relevant.

And honestly, Prey looked really cool. I am not normally a fan of the suspense type games, but I don't know...I kind of got like an Alan Wake type vibe from it. Interested to see more.