View Full Version : Random marathon moments that made you laugh!

06-17-2016, 08:38 PM

A classic

06-19-2016, 02:00 AM
I can't find a clip, and I don't even remember what marathon it was, but that time someone named "puddytaters" came in chat at like 4 am and you and local couldn't stop laughing about it. I was running on like no sleep at the time and I was crying laughing.

Also seeing those clips of people rolling around in the grass outside GameStop in pikachu suits.

And that gif of Alan lifting a dumbbell (I think?) with a bag on his head always cracks me up.

Those little silly things that happen during marathons are the best.

06-22-2016, 11:10 AM
That time we got rushed by bots with the stupidest names, like Burgerkisser. A lot of funny moments come from bots.

"So, just to be serious for a minute..." "DunkBot: What Does The Fox Say"

Alan sticking gummy bears up his nose and eating them.

07-02-2016, 06:25 AM
I think space beating cardboardrob. As well as Baltes during the LA runs.