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03-22-2009, 06:34 PM
There comes a game every year that flies under the radar, that is absolutely amazing yet sells poorly due to time frame and genre. Valkyria Chronicles is one of these games.

The moment the game is turned on you are greeted with a soft orchestrated opening while a picture is drawn before your eyes, which then goes into motion. Simply put it into words, Valkyria looks like a painting come to life. From characters to the bullets flying overhead every little detail is expertly crafted.


The real draw of VC however is its spectacular gameplay. Take the best qualities of SRPGs and Third Person Action Games and add a couple tweaks in some departments and you get Valkyria Chronicles. Before each mission you choose a small number of soldiers to aid you in the mission. There are 5 classes to choose from; the scout, who has decent HP and lower attack power in exchange for the ability to move far distances in a single turn, the shock troopers who exchange movement for higher defense and offense, lancers who are used to take out enemy tanks, engineers who can restock your troops and heal your tanks, and the sniper who has low HP but can attack from across the map. There's quite a bit of strategy involved due to missions that may favor one class over another. Unlike other SRPGs though, you select your character and you go into a third person perspective in which you move your character around to eliminate your enemy and capture bases. The jump is seamless and really works great. Your also allowed to move a single character more then once, each movement requires a command point and you can use them as you like for special commands and the most basic command of moving your units. However selecting a single unit more than once takes away a small amount of AP points which allows the character to move a set amount, so while you can use a scout 5 times in a turn, on the 5th time around they can't really move anywhere.

The story of VC is that of an alternate WWII this time around called the 2nd Europan War. While being fictitious it delves into subjects such as racism, morality, and death. It handles these subjects very maturely and can be quite emotional (I can admit I cried at one scene) The main plot follows college student Welkin Gunther who is the son of a war hero from the 1st Europan War. Due to this he is promoted to Lieutenant and is put in charge of squad 7 which consists of Alicia a baker from Welkin's hometown Bruhl who is also his love interest, Rosie the slightly racist songstress with an attitude, Isara a Darcsen (Who are essentially Jewish) who is Welkin's adopted sister, and Largo a slightly grouchy war veteran who really loves vegetables. The cast is colorful and deep enough for the player to become attached to them which adds incentive to keep them alive during the game (If a character dies and is touched by the enemy, they're gone for good *poof* no more) I won't touch into the main story but I will say that its excellent. (Also has an excellent soundtrack with great VA's for both the English and Japanese cast)

I can't sing this game's praises enough, if you have a PS3 buy this now! It is easy enough for newcomers to the genre to adjust to and is difficult enough for experts as well. One of the BEST PS3 games out right now and should be experienced by everyone.

Graphics: 9.5
Gameplay: 10
Story: 9
Music: 10

Overall 9.5/10

03-22-2009, 06:45 PM
This game reminds me so much of Advance Wars but its in 3D and a whole lot better. If you own a PS3, definetely get it.