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03-26-2009, 06:34 PM
The Bottom Line: "Above average"

South Park gets hit by the economy ...Continue

The economy is a very depressing issue for many people today, so naturally Matt and Trey have to poke fun at the reasons we were in this situation and why it isn't getting any better. Stan is convinced to invest his money at a bank and within 10 seconds it is all invested into failing companies and disappears. After Randy loses the money is his account he convinves the people of South Park not to buy anything that isn 't neccessary. He convinces the people of SOuth park that the economy is a vengeful being and it is angry at them for needless spending. People can use bed sheets as clothes, llamas instead of cars and children can play with squirells. The story divulges into two different paths from here. The first one involves Stan trying to return his dad's Marquitaville, which was bought on a fiance plan. It forced Stan to go all the way across the country where he learned the true nature of how the treasury department makes money decesions, (in a very hilarious way involving chickens). It makes a lot of since considering there doesn't really seem to be a formula for which companies fail and which companies get bailed out. The second story involves Kyle trying to convince people that Randys plan won't work and that people need to start spending again to get the economy going. The story is essentially, and hilariously laid out like the story of Jesus. Randy soon learns of Kyle's plan and begins plotting to kill him. Cartman allies with Randy in exchange for the new Grand Theft Auto game. It was actually a very well written episode, leading up to the end where Kyle must sacrifice himself to save the town. Having said all that, it wasn't the most funny South Park there has been altough there were some great moments in the episode. The Stan storyline was surprisingly pretty boring up until the end, which was great. The ending for Kyle's story was also fairly funny as well. So far the thirteenth season has been pretty good. On to next week...

03-26-2009, 07:18 PM
I loved the first episode of the rings, the coon episode seemed unfunny and boring, but then the third episode about the economy really raised my hopes again. I mean really, who else but south park can fuse the storylines of the economy and jesus and manage to make it hilarious? It is a great show, and that was a great review. Very in depth.

04-01-2009, 05:53 PM
Thanks can't wait for tonights episode.