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Ok, so this is like my first Review here, so Im doing one about the N64 game, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. And Im glad no one has done this yet, since I was thinking about reviewing this game. :D Ok, so here I go.

As you know, this game is called "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask". This game was released on the Nintendo 64 in 2000. This game is known for being the Sequel to one of the greatest games, the "Ocarina of Time". Though, this game was a lot to consume and explore.


At the beginning of the game, it explains the story of Link saving Hyrule in the future by defeating Ganon. And Link is known as the Hero of the land, Hyrule. Next, it tells that Link leaves for a personal journey to go look for an old friend. Whom is Navi, which was the first friend Link ever made. From the previous game, The Ocarina of Time, Navi left Link in the Temple of Time from the conlcusion of the game. Once she left, Link had took his horse, Epona, and left to go find his friend. Zelda wished Link for a safe journey until he returns. She gives him the Ocarina of Time, and plays the "Song of Time" so he'll always have Princess Zelda by his side.


The game offically begins after the explination ends. Link and Epona are seen walking through a foggy, and huge, Forest that's part of Termina. While they are walking through, two fairies that are called "Tatl and Tael" (easily known from the phrase "Tattle Tale" where someone tells on someone with slow or immediate action) appear and suprise Epona, thus making Link fall off of her. Then suddenly, a mysterious Skull Kid wearing an odd Mask appears out of nowhere, like the fairies did. He and the fairies walk to Link, who lies on the ground subconsciously. The Skull Kid finds the Ocarina of Time in Link's pocket, and plays it amusingly. While the Skull Kid has turned around the opposite side, still playing the Ocarina, Link regains his consciousness, and looks to his right to see the Skull Kid. The two fairies alert the Skull Kid that Link woke up. The Skull Kid then turns around, frightingly, and is shocked Link realizes he took his Ocarina. Link tries to get it back, but the Skull Kid jumps up in the air and rides away on Epona, abusivly. Link is able to grab the Skull Kid's leg, but with Epona trampling as fast as she could, Link wasn't able to hold on that long. During a big turn, Link lost his grip, and he fell off onto the ground. The Skull Kid laughs histarically, still riding off. Link then gets up to go catch up. This is where you finally take control of Link in the game.


While your off to chase after the Skull Kid, you end up falling into a black pitfall. Once you stop falling, you land on a Deku Scrub Flower. Right in front of you, the Skull Kid is seen levitating in the air, with Tatl and Tael right beside him. He then tells Link that his horse was 'stupid', because his horse wouldn't obey his command. So he did Link a favor and let Epona go, with no regret at all. (Don't worry, you'll find her later in the game) Then, the Skull Kid uses his power to lay a curse on Link, turning him into a Deku Scrub. Once Link sees himself like this, the Skull Kid laughs maniaclly again, and floats away with Tatl and Tael. While they're leaving through the big door, Link tries to follow them. But Tatl (the white fairy) pauses and notices Link moving towards them, so she tackles Link agressively. The Skull Kid and Tael make it trough the door, but Tael calls for Tatl before the door shuts. Once it was too late, Tael was seperated from Tatl, after the Door was shut. Thus, making Tatl feel sad, but she comes to Link for his help, so she can get back to her brother. As soon as you go through the door, and a few seconds later, Tatl apologizes what she did and decides to go with Link. Now, you got a new fairy with you.

When you make it out of the obstacles and encounter the Happy Mask Shop guy, your now on a misson to get your Ocarina back, and get Majora's Mask back for the Mask guy. But the problem is, you only have 3 days to do so. The Mask Shop guy says he will be leaving Termina after these three days, so you have some pressure on your shoulders throughout this whole entire game. After you accomplish further tasks that happen in your free control, you now get to go up the Clock Tower to confront the Skull Kid and Tael at Midnight on the Final Day.

When you get up there, Tael tells you that you must call these "Four Giants" each from the "Swamp, Mountain, Lake, and Canyon". All of them must be called in three days. While Tael is trying to telling you this, the Skull Kid pushes him aside to keep his mouth shut. Tatl alerts the Skull Kid to stop it, and inform him over his actions. Afterwards, the Skull Kid unleashes his power to bring the Moon closer to the Town. Shortly, after you hit the Skull Kid from the air, you get the Ocarina back in your hands and your memories come back to you. Once they begin, it shows Zelda saying Goodbye to Link and Epona before they leave. Zelda hands Link the Ocarina of Time, after she plays the "Song of Time". Once you play it, you remember the Song of Time. Afterwards, you come back to reality where you left off. Tatl begs to the night sky for more time, since you only got 5 minutes left before the Moon crashes. To stop it, you bring out your Ocarina, but...your still a Deku Scrub and the Ocarina turns into 5 different music 'trombone-like' instruments. After you play the Song of Time, you and Tatl return to the last three days where yall stood, and so did everyone else. But you and Tatl are able to recognize it.

Both you and Tatl go back inside the Clock Tower, and talk to the Mask Shop again. Then, he fufills his promise to you by curing your curse made by the Skull Kid. By which, he plays you a new Song, the "Song of Healing". Once you learn it, you return to your old self again. And the outcome becomes a Deku Scrub Mask; where you can freely wear it and become the Deku Scrub again with all of the Darkness out of it. When you tell the Mask Shop Guy, you werent able to get the mask back, he gets frustrated, and explains why he needs it back. After you listen to his story, he begs of you to get it back, and you agree. Now, your offically starting your journey, and you must live the same three days all over again each time you play it. Now, it's up to you to find a lot more Masks, go to all four places in Termina, and obtain Majora's Mask in order to save Termina from the Moon. And you must do it in three days, or else the Moon will crash into Termina. But that won't be a problem, because this time, Time is more useful than it ever was.


From once I got control of Link, I discovered that in this game, unlike from OoT, your able to do some awesome flip jumping when you want to jump. This what I really like about the changes to the game. It's either me or the game, but Link feels like he runs slower than usual from OoT. This is something that I find annoying, but the Bunny Ear Mask is very useful to cover this issue. The items you collect and use are also awesome to use, even as Young Link. From the previous game, Adult Link was able to use items like the Bow and the Hookshot. But this time, they were all different looking comparing to OoT's version of these items. It's really cool that you get to these items you werent able to use before from OoT. Using the Ocarina of Time is a really big blast from the past. I was able to use it like I do in OoT, and a few songs came back. This was personally one of my favorite items in the game, like it was in OoT. All the Masks that are obtainable in the game are very unique and entertaining to wear. Personally, I think most of them are pretty cool to wear, and even the main 4 Mask that help you in the game.



The music that takes place in all of the areas of the game are amazing. It fits into each place very well, and makes me feel calm, happy, sad/teary, facsinated, tension, relief, or any other emotion this game gives. The songs that you learn in the game are also something Im getting use to, and they're very enchanting to play and/or listen to. I've grown to love the "Oath to Order" the most, but that's not counting the "Song of Time". Im glad that this song came back to this game, and even Epona's Song was awesome to come back, too.


The details, and all of the enemies and land is very detailed from OoT. A lot of the Recurring characters you see from Ocarina of Time, they all appear in some shape or form. And a few of them are changed a little. Like the Great Fairy, the Guards, and even Malon. That part I find interesting, and especially the new enemies you see in the game. I dont think I can imaging this in the original OoT. It's a whole new world, and it's definitley something that Im not most use to, unlike OoT, though it is something new to try out. Plus, the four main Masks that you use had these transforming scenes. Thus, this shows Link going through a process of trainsforming into either a Deku Scrub/Goron/Zora, and it's very graphic.


From the dungeons in this game, they are in fact something very difficult to do and complete. The bosses you challenge are a big challenge, unless you know what to do and are good at it. My personal favorite boss is Odolwa. I find it pretty entertaining he says his name while your in battle with him. One of the Sub-Bosses, who is in the Canyon Dungeon, makes me totally think of the Pokemon Darkrai, in so many ways. But back to the Dungeons, they were very difficult to beat. Once you go to each dungeon, it gets harder, and the puzzles are more challenging. Good thing that the Masks you get in the game, some of them are able to help you through the dungeons depending what you need to do. The final Boss, Majora's Mask/Incarnation/Wrath, were pretty tough to beat the first time I played the game back then. And I find it wasteful, when you have to destroy the Masks that are remains of the 4 Bosses you previousyl fought. But hey, Majora's Mask controlled them so you had no control of them anymore. Once you've finally defeated Majora's Mask, it feels like you've done so much for one amazing game.



The ending of the game was pretty amazing as well. the Four Giants giving the final blow to push the Moon back into space. Therefore, Termina was happily saved. The Four Giants have done their job, and have gave a thank you to Link for saving Termina the most. Majora's Mask no longer posesses the evil inside it. Which the Happy Mask Shop Owner is greatful to have back, and wished Link to have a safe journey back to his homeland, which he reminds him it's about time to go back. Then, The Owner walks away, and is no longer seen onscreen.

Once he's gone, the Skull Kid continues returning to normal, and comes back to his senses. He calls to the Giants if they are all still friends. The Giants reply, making the Skull Kid weaps to tears of joy. Tatl and Tael, who have reuinted before the final battle, have finally reuinted for real as Brother and Sister.

I was happy that Tatl, Link's Fairy in this game, grew to love Link as a friend (like Navi did). I missed Navi a lot, despite the fact that Navi has a numerous amount of hatred to most fans from OoT. During the ending of Majora's Mask, I was glad this was true about Tatl, when she yells to Link to thank him while he was riding on Epona, on their way back to Hyrule. She yelled to Link as saying, "Link!... ...Thank You..."

That was really sweet, and I was also glad that everyone in Termina was saved, and their Festival was going to begin. The ending conclusion showed the miracles that happened during/after the Festival. And the most eye-crying moment at the right end shows Link and Epona walking close to a Stump with a drawing of Link, the fairies, the Skull Kid, and suprisingly the four Giants all together. I was glad to see that both became good friends, and then the game ends.

Afterwards, it seems Link returns to Hyrule, with Epona, but no Tatl. Since she was meant to stay in Termina with her brother, Tael, and the Skull Kid like the three of them were meant to be from the beginning; friends. I just wish that we knew where Navi went, but I guess it's a Mystery that's meant to be unsolved.

Overall, this has turned out to be just as amazing as Ocarina of Time, despite some of the serious changes. What I liked the best about this game was that all of the cutscenes you see in the game. Most of them all related to the main plot, and story. A few of them that are on your adventure, some are either sad or interesting once you listen to them. This game feels very different to all the other Zelda games. This game overall feels like a Darker mood, and the characters acutally have more emotions and back story, other than Link or Zelda. That's what I find great about this game, and it's something more than worth playing.

I give this game a final grade of 9.8/10.


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Great review! _triforce_ I was just thinking about giving this game another chance (the last time I played this game, I didn't know about the Inverted Song of Time and the constant fear of running out of time was too much for me to handle :lol: ). This review definitely puts me in the mood to try it again :D

03-29-2009, 09:04 PM
Great work, pkmnfan! I just finished MM again today, and after playing OoT and this game within the same week, I actually think I had more fun playing this one. There's much more character development in this game, even though it takes place in three days. That and the time makes you feel more like you're a part of their world (During my last run, I remember beating a boss and trying to hurry and finish collecting the stray fairies with about 3 minutes left). Most people complain about the save feature and sidequests, but that makes it feel like there is much more at stake than just getting a game over.

03-29-2009, 11:17 PM
Thanks guys, for giving me replys to my Review. :) I actually went back and made some spelling corrections, and editted the paragraphs to make more sense. I hope yall do give this game another chance, since it's really awesome to play.

So, I guess I did pretty good for my first review. :P

03-30-2009, 06:58 PM
That is by far the most in depth review of anything to be posted on the forums. You got me excited about this game again!
*runs and grabs n64 and puts in Majora's mask*

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Holy shizno pkmnfan! I have to say that is one of the best reviews I read about Majora's Mask. I can't belive I read the whole thing! I couldn't have said it better than my self great job!

03-30-2009, 09:19 PM
Thanks you guys, but honestly, I didn't think that my review would be this amazing. So im really happy about that. :D Also, Im glad that some of you are giving this a chance again, and playing the game once more.

I couldn't believe I wrote so much for just one part of the opening. And Im glad yall liked it. I plan to write more reviews in the future, but it depends on which game Ill review.

So thanks, once again. :D

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Good first review!
+ Very in-depth
+ Neatly laid out

- Some spelling and grammer mistakes. Type it into Microsoft word and press f7, that should help most of your mistakes.
- You spent a bit to much on the story, big blocks of words can be very intinmedating! :lol:

Hope I helped ;)

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Thanks, and yes I did have some spelling mistakes. :P I dont have Microsoft Word on my labtop, so I can do it on my Main computer.

I didnt mean to really type so much for just the beginning, but man the story is really amazing.

Ill go and work on it, once I have my own dumb homework to finish. :P