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03-31-2009, 07:54 PM
Hey guys. Here's my first review for the site. My reviews tend to get a little lengthy x_X. Thanks for reading _awesome_

Final Fantasy 7 is a game I had wanted to play for a while. Itís not that I was really into RPGís. In fact, at this point in time Iíve only beaten a few RPGís in my life, and thatís if you count the Pokemon games! I had just heard all the hype surrounding what some consider the ďbest game ever made.Ē Finally last year I got my chance. One of my best friends was bored and asked if I wanted to trade some games with him. I ended up getting Final Fantasy 5, 6, 7 (with one disc missing), 8, and Tactics, as well as Chrono Cross and an RPG called Wild Arms 2. What did he get in exchange? Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and San Andreas, Test Drive: Unlimited, and Mass Effect. I personally think I got the better deal, but he hasnít regretted the trade.

My first impressions of the game werenít all that great. The story seemed confusing and the combat wasnít very fun. I actually stopped playing the game some five or six hours in, and didnít touch it again until the beginning of last week. When I did though, I got hooked into the game shortly after, and ended up beating the game in just a week.

The gameís story, as I said, started out confusing. I really canít even talk about it without being stumped as how to begin. When youíve actually gotten to the gameís world map, the story really does pick up a lot, and itís probably the one thing that kept me as much into the game as I was. Some scenes of the game and some of the twists in the story were shocking and kept me hooked, and Iím not just referring to that-one-scene-that-everyone-knows-about. Without going into detail, because I honestly canít figure out how to describe it without looking it up on Wikipedia, itís a very, very good story and made me really attached to the characters. In fact, no game with a better story comes to mind.

The gameplay is really good, too. Although I have been used to picking up a magic user here, and a sword user there, and using them for those purposes only, Final Fantasy 7 changes that with the materia system. Every weapon or armor you have equipped has a certain number of material slots that you can use. A materia, which fills these slots, can be a spell, a summon, an ability such as steal, or can compliment another materia or what itís equipped to. This basically means that anyone can be a pure spellcaster, a pure fighter, or anything in-between. It works, and is fun to play around with, though as an RPG noob I constantly felt like I couldíve customized my characters better than I did.

The graphics in the game areÖ not really worth talking about. The game is over 11 years old now, after all. Out of combat characters look very polygonal. In combat, they look better. In cutscenes, they look better than anywhere else in the game. You get used to the gameís look pretty easily, but it seemed kind of weird to have an FMV play where the characters look so much different than anywhere else. Still, it doesnít affect the game at all, and I can hardly detract from a 10 year old game. If you go back to play PS1 games because of their graphics, somethingís wrong >.>

The music, however, is amazing. Some songs are very, very good and memorable, like Aerisís theme and One Winged Angel, but no song struck me as bad. I found myself humming along to even the more subtle songs in the game. I would actually love to have the soundtrack for the game.

Final Fantasy 7 is amazing to me, to be sure, but I did have some problems with it. One of the most annoying things has to be some of the summons. Whenever you cast a summon spell, there is a cutscene to go along with it. With some of the earlier summons, this doesnít take long at all, and is at most a mild annoyance. With others, it can take upwards of a minute, and these scenes are unskippable. Theyíre cool and all, but thereís only so many times you can watch a dragon circle the earth, power up an attack, and watch it slowly nuke the enemy before you get tired of it. A certain final bossís skill actually takes OVER TWO MINUTES TO COMPLETE! I shouldnít be able to go to the bathroom, go get a drink, and then come back in time to see the tail end of the attack. He also casts it several times during the battle, and has another 2 second version that does almost exactly the same thing! Itís just unnecessary and annoying, especially if you suck at RPGís and lose to him three timesÖ

Another thing is that, at times, the game seems to have periods of almost nothing significant happening. These times, when thereís little dialogue and next to no story are easily the most boring parts of the game. The second disc seems to have less of this, but sometimes, during the first disc especially, I had to almost force myself to play through them.

Overall, I love Final Fantasy 7, even if it is a bit overrated. Itís easily the best RPG Iíve ever played (Not that Iíve played many!) and Iím looking forward to playing and reviewing the other Final Fantasies. If youíre still awake after reading my long review, thanks for reading! :D

04-01-2009, 11:48 AM
Pretty awsome. I never picked this game up, so maybe Ill give it a shot. I am a little confused about the 3 disks. Are they 3 parts of the game, is one or two special features, or what? If I beat one of the disks, does my data transfer to the other?

04-01-2009, 01:33 PM
Pretty awsome. I never picked this game up, so maybe Ill give it a shot. I am a little confused about the 3 disks. Are they 3 parts of the game, is one or two special features, or what? If I beat one of the disks, does my data transfer to the other?

The game is spread over all three discs. When you get to the end of one, the game prompts you to save and then you continue the game on the next disc.