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04-02-2009, 11:26 PM
Yes, I realize there are two other review above me, but its the only game I'm playing at the moment and I want to do a review. :D


Pokemon Platinum is the newest installment in the 4th Generation of Pokemon Games, and a virtual copy/paste of Diamond and Pearl with limited new content and slight graphical upgrades. While it screams "remake for the sake of cash", does this game have something to it, or is it worth the 35 bucks just to play the same game we already have?


Let's start out with the visuals. Ok, I'll be the first to admit it. Pokemon Platinum looks a lot better than Diamond and Pearl did. The graphics and sprites have been tweaked up a bit, and significant trainers have been given animations that range from comical to profound waste of time. What's more is that even your own Pokemon going into battle will animate, a feature that was left out from Diamond and Pearl.

What's more is that several gyms have recieved a nice upgrade both in terms of the puzzle solving and attractiveness.


Visuals aside, not much has changed from the core gameplay. The goal of the game is unchanged from the 1st generation.

Step One: Select Your First Pokemon Partner
Step Two: Catch Pokemon & Train Them
Step Three: Take On Gym
Step Four: Repeat Step Two & Three Until All 8 Badges Obtained
Step Five: Take on Elite 4 & Champion
Step Six: Catch Legendaries and previously missed Pokemon

Now, while the overall goal hasn't changed, new gameplay elements have emerged that can be quite fun for hardcore fans. A new opportunity has arisen to re-challenge old gym leaders and partners, as well as a new Battle Frontier that fans of the Emerald Version should remember well. There is also new Pokemon to capture than in Diamond and Pearl, opening more options for trainers who like variety.

Wi-Fi battling and trading is back and better than ever, making connecting with friends and family all across the world more simple and easier to handle than ever. Now a new tool has also emerged, allowing you to record online (and sometimes in-game) battles.


The tired and true gameplay has remained the same, but was is to be said about the overall playability of the game? Is it truely a clone to Diamond and Pearl?

No, and not by a longshot. Game Informer readers were wrongly informed of this in the last edition, the magazine calling it a virtually exact replica.

Several key aspects in the story have been drastically altered, and we are introduced to new characters and new situations. More backstory into the game's main antagonist, Cyrus, makes the plot of the game much more likable and believable. What's more, a new dungeon called the Distortion World revolutionizes gameplay for Pokemon, adding several new dimensions for the gamer to walk on, and even allowing the gamer to (for the first time in Pokemon history) "jump". While these things may not sound like much by themselves, it adds up to a completely new experience that Pokemon fans will love and cherish.


As usual, I hate giving out numeric scores. Instead, I give out my reccomendations.

If you are a genuine Pokemon fan, there is no reason for you not to buy and play this game immediately.

If you are new to the Pokemon Genre, then this is a perfect place to start. It's fun, intuitive and easy to pick up and play for hours on end. It has an easy re-play value, allowing you to restart and pick entirely new teams and strategies to make your new adventure totally different than your last.

Pokemon Platinum is a must have for all gamers, as it is the shining example of why this genre is so highly sucessful.

That is, unless you're a foamy mouthed, Ritalin popping Counter Strike player that can't function without shooting something for longer than 15 minutes. But I digress.

04-03-2009, 05:48 AM
Pretty nice one. Thought I'm a genuine fan and still got and played the Japanese version throught the first day. But well it's just how anyone likes it. Everybody loves de game. : )