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Hey guys, this is my second review, and I'd like to do it over one of my old favorite movies. Plus, I plan to review the other two Rugrats Movies. But well see how well it goes later. And also, it was rough looking for some screenshots, because there were only a couple that could work. If you read this, please give me your comments, and critisizm. I'd love to know what yall think, and if yall are some decent Rugrats fans. Well here we go, and sorry if the plot is too big.

"The Rugrats Movie" is a 1998 Nickelodeon animated film, produced by Nickelodeon & Klasky-Csupo. And also distributed by Paramount Pictures. The film is based off of the long 14 year running Nicktoon series, The Rugrats. The Rugrats Movie was released into theatres on November 20, 1998, and the Movie soundtrack was released November 3, 1998.


This was the first film in the three Rugrats movies to be made. The Rugrats Movie was released while the show was still on Nickelodeon, with the show showing some hints to the release of the movie (the show aired from 1991-2004). Though what I found different from the other two Rugrat films (Rugrats in Paris & Rugrats Go Wild!), this film seems to have a more darker tone out of all three movies. This is because of mainly the aspects of what the story shows; the Rugrats lost in a dangerous forest, and Family members having serious conflicts. From what have happened, there are mixed emotions of how individual opinions were given. I personally thought some parts were like for humor, but I didnt see it as 'dark' humor. Though, I did happen to cry at some parts that did feel dark.

Despite this, The Rugrats Movie (out of all three movies) was the one that got an amazing Box-Office success, which also got the film to become #1 on the charts. And that's an amazing hit, for a classic Nickelodeon film like this. It got even better, once the film was awarded the 1999 Kids' Choice Awards for "Favorite Movie". Plus, they won a few more awards for the film as well.


Story Plot:
At the beginning of the film it shows the Babies running through a series of obstacles in an ancient Temple. Chuckie basically introduces the others: Tommy, Phil & Lil, and of course himself (Chuckie). Once they get through the obstacles, they reach the treasure room, where there likes a shiny Monkey statue.


They gett on top of each other's backs, so they can reach it. But before they had a chance, they all fell off of each other. Which leads Tommy's Mom to get them up off the floor. Yes, in reality, the Monkey Statue was just a Sundae, and was on top of the Kitchen furniture. But while they were running away, they all got blocked by the glass slide doors. Which they all fell back on the ground.


But going to the main plot, The Rugrats are expecting the arrival of Tommy's new sibling, whom everyone believes will be a girl. However, a singing competition between Angelica and Susie causes Didi to go into labor. She is rushed to a hospital named "The Werner P. Lipschitz Center for Hollistic Birthing", where she gives birth to Tommy's brother, Dil Pickles. However, the brothers don't get along, with Dil crying endlessly, and for seemingly no reason at all. Stu gives Tommy a pocketwatch holding a photo of the two brothers, and tells him he now has responsibility ("Sponsitility" as Tommy puts it) to look after Dil.


Meanwhile, a TV Show called the Banana Brothers's cast board on a train. The men of Banana Brothers argue who watches after the monkeys and who gets the coffee. The two men go to the donut shop to have a breakfast, but then, the monkeys drive the men alone in the donut shop as they drive off with the train and then crash into the forest.

Chuckie, Phil and Lil believe Tommy is not happy with Dil, and so decide to take him back to the "popsicle" (hospital) using Stu's invention, "Reptar Wagon". Angelica Pickles then kicks the Wagon, and the Rugrats are on a crazy ride strolling around the city and destroying several cars. Then, they crash into a mattress store delivery truck that goes onto the freeway. Then, the delivery truck crashes into the wilderness next to the freeway (which they drop off a binky), and then the Rugrats find themselves lost in the woods. They think Tommy's brother is broked again, but Dil reveals he pooped his diaper. The Rugrats are forced to change it, which goes horribly after Dil makes it worse (I wouldn't want to say).

Angelica soon discovers her beloved doll "Cynthia", has gone missing, and realizing the babies must have it. So she decides to venture out with Spike to find them. Stu and Grandpa Lou discover the disappearance of the babies and Angelica, and briefly believe they may have been taken during the delivery/removal of the "Reptar Wagon", which was taken by the babies. The rest of the adults discover the disappearance of their children, Drew Pickles nearly murdering his brother in the process. Didi, Betty, Drew, Howard, Charlotte, and others head out into the forest to find the babies, while Stu, Chas, and Grandpa try to figure out another way of searching. They are hampered by a nosy news-reporter named Rex Pester (Tim Curry).

Back at the forest, Phil and Lil blame Dil for all their troubles they are having. Tommy quickly attempts to defend his brother, but Dil grabs one of his diaper straps and rips it off, making his brother's diaper fall down entirely, humiliating Tommy in front of his friends. After Tommy picks up his diaper, Chuckie notices a house in the distance, and Tommy declares the would go to "find the Wizard".

But while running, he falls into a hole, made by a wolf, which they hear howl. They dash into the Reptar Wagon and speed down a hill. Then, they splash into the river because of Dil's absent-minded hands, and then Chuckie nearly drowns into the fish river. While this happens, the park rangers think that the Reptar Wagon is a dragon, and they become very worried about the dragon in the park. Then, after the Reptar Wagon reaches land, pulled by the babies, and they soon become hungry as well. Then, Tommy, Phil, and Lil blame themselves of how they got lost, until Chuckie finds a giant clown picture on the Banana Brothers Train.

The babies have now discovered the monkey train, and have a number of problems, including being pursued by a horde of circus monkeys and a hungry wolf (nicknamed "Scar Snout" by fans). Chuckie is wounded multiple times, but Tommy is too pre-occupied by Dil to notice. Dil is kidnapped by the monkeys, and after being insulted by his friends, Tommy goes off to find his brother.

Tommy finds Dil, but his brother refuses to behave, prompting Tommy to lose his temper, and shouts at Dil. A storm frightens Dil, and Tommy protects him with a hug and a song. The next day, Chuckie; Phil; and Lil come looking for the brothers, and save them from the monkeys. They also run into Angelica and Spike, but the group gets trapped on a rope bridge, and are attacked by the wolf. Spike defends the babies, and "sacrifices his life" by pushing himself and the wolf into the river below.

Stu flies in using "Dactar", a pteradactyl shaped mechanical glider, but crashes into Rex Pester's helicopter, and crash-lands in front of the babies. They mistake Stu for the "Lizard" (which they mean to say as "Wizard", from a story Didi read to Tommy in an earlier scene), and after discussing whether or not they should wish to go home, they decide they want Spike back.

Stu collapses, and Spike appears unharmed. The parents, accompanied by forest rangers, arrive, and are re-united with their children. Rex Pester is attacked by the monkeys, who are also re-united with their circus owners. Tommy and the rest of the Rugrats welcome Dil into their group with open arms.

At the end, the same sequence happens again, from the start of the movie. This time, they are trying to get the Monkey Statue again. But with Dil's help, they were able to get it finally, but they all collapse on the ground again. But thanks to Dil, it Monkey Statue (later known as a IceCream Sundae in reality), was saved from breaking. And this is where the movie ends, with the credits rolling.


From when I saw this film in the theatres, it was very enjoyable for me to watch at my age then. And with it being part of my favorite Nickelodeon programs, I couldn't have cherished this film even more. I did like the characters, with their personalities (which some were amusing to listen to). Like the reporter in the film, mispronouncing the Rugrats name. That made me laugh out loud so hard. But after I last saw this movie in awhile, I did see it again in 2007 on Nickelodeon. During the "Super Stuffed Nicktoons Weekend", in 2007 on the first day, all three Rugrats movies aired afterwards. That really made my night, as I saw all three movies nonstop. I'd really consider this movie, "Recommended", if you want some childish/dark humor, and are also an old Nickelodeon fan. Plus, there is some hint of comic relief seen in all of the movie. What I loved best, which was existing in the regular series, was that the babies mispronounce certain long words. Which that has made the character development incredible.

Nickelodeon may not be as good as it use to be, but the past was my place in the world, and there's no way I can replace it. And this movie was definitley part of that time. I hope that yall give this movie a chance, if you havent seen it yet. And before I sign off for this review, I'd like to say that it's a movie worth giving a try.

My final grade for this movie is a: "93/100"

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I agree with EVERYTHING said. especially the part about Nick not being as good as it used to be, sadly. Great review! I loved RugRats when I was little.

04-09-2009, 06:49 AM
Thank Bob someone reviewed this! :lol:
I love the movie! :D

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I love this movie and I like Paris even more cant wait till your next review.
I also agree with what you say about Nick now all the new shows are based off of movies it seems.

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Thanks guys, for the feedback.

I expect to get Rugrats: In Paris the Movie up here tonight. So expect that later. Plus, I will be doing Rugrats Go Wild as well, and boy do I got a lot to say about that movie. And of course, the Hannah Montana Movie tomorrow.

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Lol, I remember watching this when I was little.

04-10-2009, 05:20 PM
...I miss the days when Nick actually showed cartoons other than just spongebob. Now all that you ever see on it is Drake and Josh, Icarly, and a bunch of other live action stuff that are practically the same shows. Anyway, good review. I remember this movie from my childhood.

04-10-2009, 07:22 PM

Too bad Nick has to sell-out to main-stream America..

*screams rockos modern life and invader zim*