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Well, another review is right here, right now. This is also one of my favorite movies back in the good old days, so here I go.

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie was released November 5, 2000, and is the second film to the Rugrat Trilogy movies. It comes directly after The Rugrats Movie, as a sequel. This move is also distributed by Paramount Pictures, and Nickelodeon. Just like last time, they have added a new Rugrat to the cast: Kimi. And also her mother is added to the cast, too. This movie was overall incredible to enjoy, and had gave me numerous laughts. Chuckie was basically like the main character, in which he and the babies go and search a new Mother for Chuckie. This movie was also a huge success, and got a good Box Office performance. But, this movie scored $40 million less from the last movie. Despite that, it's a very good movie to enjoy.

Story Plot:
At the very beginning of the moive, Angelica is acting like the GodFather, and Phil, Lil, and Tommy come to her with Advice. Though, she believes that their request are wasting her time. So, she just denies them. Later, Susie comes in and tells everyone the Cake has arrived, and everyone runs to it.

And which, this room that the babies were in was a room where Lou and Lulu's wedding is. And once the babies get into the Cake, the DJ tells everyone it's time for "Mother-and-Children" dance; in which Kids dance with their mothers. Chuckie and his dad, on the other hand, don't have a Mom/Wife. Since she has passed away a few years ago. So, the two go back home for the night.

Back at the house, Chuckie Finster and his father Chas are lonely, without Chuckie's old mom. Though, Chuckie is given his old bear, Wawa. A bear that his mother use to give him since he was a baby. Unexpectedly the following day, Stu comes over to show Chas a Dating Website to look for a woman. But outside, the babies are wondering what their dads are doing. Angelica explains to them that Chuckie's Dad is looking for a mommy. And which, this makes Chuckie happy.


All the way in Europe, Stu's Mechanical Reptar has malfuntioned. Thus, makes the Boss, Coco, frustrated. And, she demands to Keira, her assistant, to call Stu. She tells him that he has to come to Europe to fix it. Though, he agrees, but he mishears that he must bring his family, too. Therefore, everyone is summoned to EuroReptarland, in Paris, France.

During the departure scene, where Tommy, Chuckie, Phil & Lil, Angelica, Dil, all of their parents, and Spike the dog, travel overseas to EuroReptar, a lot happens from their houses to the Airplane. Especially the part Chuckie accidentally gets on the refresment cart, and it takes off. Tommy tries to help him out, but it brings havok and Chuckie ends up in Angelica's First Class seat. Which makes her scream furiously, and causes the Inhaleing equipments to be released. After this, Angelica and the babies are kicked out of First Class, where only Angelica out of the group was allowed in.


Once the babies, besides Chuckie are taken by their moms for a nap, Chuckie sits all by himself, looking out the window. Where a cloud symbolizes the faces of Chuckie and his beloved mother. The song, "I want a Mom that'll last Forever" is sung, and Chuckie remains alone for the rest of the Airplane scene.

The gang finally arrives in Frace, and they all mee the park's director, Coco LaBouche (Susan Sarandon), and the hotel they all stay at. On her side of her plans, she is looking for a new promotion with help from her assistant Jean-Claude (John Lithgow), but requires a husband to do so. And she suddenly takes a liking into Chas. However, Chuckie doesn't see eye-to-eye with her, since he's looking for the right woman as her mom. Coco takes everyone to dinner, at a Sumo Restraunt, and so she can get to Chas.

Also, the Rugrats meet Kimi, and her Japanese mother Kira, whom Chas really takes a liking to. Kira works in the park as one of Coco's assistants, and also takes an interest into Chas. Though, her busy work with handling Coco's plans are keeping her away from Chas. Later, while everyone is easting, Angelica takes the stage and sings with gigantic Sumo waiters. And they sing as her personal back up dancers/singer. Which, everyone else gets a kick out of Angelica's posse, and her performance.


Meanwhile, Spike meets a poodle named Fifi, and they enjoy a dinner of Pizza, and fall in love. Though, once they try to eat the pizza, their mouths get stuck, and shows a symbol of true love. Therefore, the two appear in various times over the middle part of the movie, showing their love.


Following from the next day, Coco attempts to bond with Chuckie, but with little results. While a big parade is going on, Kira explains the history of Reptar to the children when it appears in the parade. She explains he was once feared by people, but a princess taught them that the dinosaur was just troubled.

Chuckie decides the princess would make a perfect mother. Kimi tells the others there's a shortcut to the Princess' house, but it turns out to be a crazy ride. But once they reach the top, it's only revealed to be a room of a paper-mechanical Princess. Which later, they're caught by the guards, and are taken back to their parents.

So after events like these took place, the gang goes to attend a performance of Reptar's story, that is shown at the park's theatre. But when Chuckie tries to meet her, his attempts fail. The role of the princess is stolen by Coco who forcefully hugs Chuckie on stage and Chas decides he is going to marry Coco. Much to the shock of Chuckie, the babies, and Chas' friends.

On the wedding day, the babies try to foil Coco's plan, but she catches them, even if Angelica tries to stop her. Coco then takes the Rugrats, and Angelica, and drags then to locked them all in a warehouse. Also where the Reptar robot is, with Jean-Claude to guard them. Angelica reveals Coco's plot to the babies, and also confesses she has been working with her, especially telling them that she can get Chas to marry Coco. The babies at first get upset at Angelica, but they forgive her once they get help from her.

Tired of being afraid, Chuckie decides he is going to crash his father's wedding with help from Tommy and the others. Kira tries to stop Coco from marrying Chas but she is thrown out of the wedding car. And she also obtains Chuckie's Bear, Wawa, and also tries to get it back to Chuckie immediatley.

Using Stu's Reptar robot, the Rugrats stomp their way out of the park and across Paris to Notre Dame where the wedding is taking place. Though, the controls are human motions, and Chuckie takes the resoniblity. Though, a confict rises, when he doesn't have full control. Plus, he confesses his control suit is giving him a wedgie. They also give both Angelica and Kimi a ride on the robot. However, the babies are pursued by Jean-Claude who drives a tank robot of Reptar's arch nemesis: Robosnail.

Pandemonium breaks out as the babies make their way to the cathedral, including being swung around in midair by Robosnail and rocketing up the side of the Eiffel Tower. Eventually, Chuckie takes on Robosnail and tosses him into the Seine. Just as Chas is about to reluctantly marry a steaming Coco, Chuckie gets out of the robot, and bursts into the church and screams out "NOOOOO!" - 'his very first word' - to both stop the wedding. And also which Chas is overjoyed to hear. After this, Chuckie makes his dad realize that he doesnt want Coco as his mom, Chas calls their wedding off.

Angelica reveals Coco's plot to everyone, including her boss, Mr. Yamaguchi, who then fires Coco! Angelica gives a remark to Coco saying, "No one messes with my dumb babies, 'cept me!" To prove this, she steps on Coco's dress, and which makes it splits. And has revealed the back of her underwear, which she runs away in humiliation.

Jean-Claude is chased off by Spike and his girlfriend Fifi. When Kira finally arrives, Chas suddenly finds himself in love with her and they get married upon returning to America. Chuckie is filled with happiness, and he finally has a mother and a sister (Kimi), completing one of the franchise's longest-running plotlines.

Before the movie ends, the same sequence happens again. This time, Angelica is the client. Though, she does request very picky, and is informed by this about Kimi. As she is playing the assistant of the GodFather; whom is played by Chuckie. Once Suzie comes back in again, she tells them Cake is ready. Thus, Angelica clares Game Over, and everyone runs out. Except Chuckie and Kimi, which they share Wawa, and Chas and Kira come in to give them a family hug.

Afterwards, everyone is back in the main room, where they present the Cake, for Chas and Kira's wedding reception. Once again, the babies get to the Cake, causing an amusing Cake fight. Thus, the movie ends happily.


All the characters that appeared in the main series have also came back. Which includes Tommy, Dil, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, Suzie, and the parents. Especially the Grandparents, too. All the characters were great, though a few of them only appeared at the beginning and end. Especially Suzie, who she appears in the beginning and the end like the previous movie. They also added some new faces to the movie, who follow the other characters to the series. Kira, Kimi, and even Fifi (the Dog) Finster debut in the Rugrats franchise, and they also debut into the series. They now play the role as Chuckie's mom and sister, and Chas' Wife and Daughter. And Fifi becomes the Family Dog, who has made a relationship with Spike. Also, the movie-only characters were great, too. Espcially Coco, who went nuts, and acts all that.


A lot of songs were in the movie. They were played throughout the movie, where some scenes had been important. Especially Chuckie on the airplane, looking outside the window viewing the clouds. The song, "I Want a Mom That Will Last Forever", which matched the scene very nicely. When I saw this back then, I cried very sad. And I thought about hw my life would've been if I dont have the mother I have today.

A good song that fits the Spike and Fifi scene was "Who Let the Dogs Out?". A very classic song, and went with their chasing scene amazingly. They were running away from dog catchers, and the two dogs were also acompanied by numerous other dogs to make the scene feel 'out of the box'.

There were also a few songs that were in those Japanese moods. Like the song from Chuckie's dream, "Chuckie-Chan", a very 'get up and dance' song. Many of the imagination was heart lifting, and it made you want to get up and dance like crazy. It didnt end there, with another Japanese like song called, "Bad Girls". Angelica sang this song with the Sumo-Wrestlers during the Restruant scene.


Overall from this movie, I really enjoyed ever minute of it. It shows a lot more character development from different characters, especially Chuckie. During the movie, all the action and emotion was quite thrilling. It's like your able to sit back and enjoy the baby fun. Though yes, it does feel a lot childish, but it's a great movie to enjoy that takes place in another country! And all the music made it more entertaining, and the movie wouldn't be great without it.

After the movie of course, a lot of new things were added to the series. First, Kira and Kimi become members to Chuckie's family. Second, Fifi is added to the cast, as being Spike the Dog's girlfriend. And finally, Chuckie talks to his whole family. Though, sent straight from the movie, all Chuckie tells them is know. From what I remember, I think he's only talked to them in one episode. That is, only in the Original series. The show wasn't exactly the same as it was, but it's still great for a show like this to be successful from it's 14-year run. The show gets funnier and funnier, and the Rugrats will live forever.

For this movie, I'm giving it a final grade of, "97/100".

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Good review, but Chucky actually says no, since he is trying to stop the wedding.

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I thought the goo tunnel was disgusting. Besides that I always liked it a lot ^^

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I remember that part! I thought it was really funny when I was young and stupid :P

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@.@ i miss reptar