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This is a remake of a remake of a half finished fan fic I started writing forever ago. Its takes place shortly after the ending of Twilight Princess and ties together OoT, MM, and TP. If you guys like it, I think I'll continue and finish the thing. :P


Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 (http://community.thespeedgamers.com/viewtopic.php?p=79212#p79212)
Chapter 2 (http://community.thespeedgamers.com/viewtopic.php?p=280150#p280150)
Chapter 3 (http://community.thespeedgamers.com/viewtopic.php?p=280155#p280155)
Chapter 4 (http://community.thespeedgamers.com/viewtopic.php?p=434260#p434260)

__________________________________________________ _________________


In Ordon Village[/center:1u52somd]


Link’s scream echoed through the mirror chamber slowly fading out into nothing. He fell to his knees in despair and let his gaze drift skyward. Tears began to brim and fall down his cheeks forming small pools on the desert sand below. A slight breeze passed through the chamber ruffling Link's hood and pushing the pale desert sand around his knees. Slowly he let his gaze return to the ground and realized this was not the Mirror Chamber of Gerudo Desert, but his house in Ordon Village.


“Why did she leave like that?”

Even now, a month after she left, his emotions still tore at him like a dagger honed to perfection. He found himself constantly lost in his own memories, with reality seeming just out of reach. It was as if he couldn’t escape the nightmare of reliving his adventures. Everything he saw seemed to somehow remind him of what had happened. He couldn’t even look at Epona without being thrown into the depths of sorrow contained in his memories.

Link sighed and let himself collapse onto his bed, falling face down into his pillow. He would have drifted off into sleep, however a soft knocking at the door caught his attention. Link sat up and glanced out the window.

Illia stood patiently on his doorstep staring innocently at his door. Her mind was racing over what she was going to say to Link. Something had happened to him; she needed to find out what. She sighed and stood still, waiting patiently.


Meanwhile in the Twilight Realm[/center:1u52somd]

It was midday in the Twilight Realm, not that you could tell in a world of perpetual twilight. The Royal Palace stood starkly against the faded sienna that filled the sky. Cold hard angles formed the structures of the three sections. Sporadically a complex symbol formed of angles and curves would adorn a wall, but nobody but the old and wise magicians could interpret those anymore. Several newly repaired staircases extended from the base of each structure leading to the ground below. On one of those staircases a small figure could be seen climbing.

Merdin, a messenger of the Twilight Realm, was steadily making his way towards the royal palace carrying a letter for the Queen herself. Excitement filled Merdin with every step closer to the palace. He had always dreamed of a personal meeting with Midna. However, when he finally arrived at the palace doors he was disappointed to find that the Queen had refused to see any visitors today.

The look of glee that had filled Merdin’s face went blank and he let his eyes drop. He handed the letter to the guard and turned away with a look of defeat on his face. Noticing Merdin’s demeanor the guard came up with an idea.

“Messenger! Wait, I’m not allowed to give you a presence with the Queen but I can let you deliver the letter to her room.”

Some of the sorrow that had filled Merdin’s face was lifted, but all he was able to let out was a measly “Thanks”

The guard led Merdin through the twists and turns of the main halls until they arrived at an intricate design on the ground. The guard motioned for Merdin to step on. As soon as he placed both feet on the design it began to lift off from the ground and start floating through the air. Merdin stood amazed as he watched the ground disappear.

“So it is true, the castle is full of magic,” said Merdin.

“That it is boy, and a lot of it,” replied the guard.

Finally the platform returned to the ground, its yellow light fading back into the stone. Merdin looked up to see the elaborately carved door of the throne room. The guard pointed to a table and motioned for Merdin to set the letter down. He walked slowly up to the table and gently let the letter fall from his hand onto the rough stone. He turned around hesitantly, but walked back towards the guard.

As the guard led him back to the entrance a single thought ran through his mind. ‘Was that crying he heard on the other side of the door?’


Deep Within Ikana Valley[/center:1u52somd]

High above Ikana Valley, pitch-black clouds were amassing into a central blackness. Suddenly, the center expanded to double its size and shot through the air towards the Ancient Castle of Ikana.

A man stood staring towards the sky with his jaw hanging. A clean white lab coat adorned him and his bright red hair stood out in contrast from the dark stone behind him. He wasn’t sure what had just happened, but he knew one thing. It was finally time to move out of Ikana.


Inside the Ancient Castle of Ikana[/center:1u52somd]

A cloaked figure casually sauntered around the vacated throne of King Ikana, inspecting it thoroughly. A golden helmet polished to a perfect sheen lay on his head obscuring his face. In the back, small hooks held the purple hood extending from his cloak onto the helmet. The figure let his gloved hand emerge from beneath his long sleeves, brushing it against the back and then side of the throne. After a moment’s hesitation, he turned around and sat down on the soft padded seat, fully enjoying the feeling.

Archos Garo looked out onto the throne room of his former adversary. A smile crept onto his lips as he bathed in the joy that came from sitting in the throne of a king responsible for many of his people’s deaths. All thanks to that boy garbed in green. The fool had slain the twin worms keeping him and his power captive. Without them it was only a matter of gathering his former strength before returning once again to the land of Termina. One hundred years he lay in wait. Now was the time for revenge.

“MACE!” Roared the King.

“Yes master?” replied another cloaked figure stepping out of the shadows.

“Have you gathered the remaining survivors?”

“Yes, my liege, but we are fewer in number than we had hoped.” Mace replied. Archos stiffened in his seat but eventually nodded his head sternly. Mace bowed and sunk into the ground and out of sight.

Archos let laughter swell up in his chest. The boy, who had fought valiantly to protect Termina, had ensured its destruction. After he was finished, no one who opposed him would be left standing. There would be no mercy.

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wow! next time make a ocarina of time story.

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Finally a new chapter!!! And Drew...it kind of is one...

Chapter 1

In Ordon Village

Link opened the door to see Illia’s green eyes staring back at him. She slowly walked in and dropped into a chair. She sat silently, just staring off into the distance. Finally she looked up and Link.

“Link, what’s happened to you?”

“Illia, I don’t want to talk about it…” replied Link

“Well we need to talk about it. Ever since we came back to Ordon you’ve been acting depressed, and sooner or later you need to talk to somebody about it. You have to try and go back to how things were before all of this.”

“How can I?” asked Link.

“What happened?”

“I told you I didn’t want to talk about it.” Said Link.

“You need to talk about it!” shouted Illia.

“Just leave me alone!” Link shouted back in frustration.

“…fine.” Illia turned away from Link and walked towards the door, her body trembling as she held back tears. When Link closed the door behind her she broke into a run, tears streaming down her face.

Link sighed as he fell into his bed again. ‘Maybe a nap will help clear my head.’ He thought.

In The Twilight Realm

“Midna! You can’t just leave! People will become suspicious if you leave now, right in the middle of fixing Zant’s mess.”

Selvin, head of the Twilight court and advisor to Midna, was fighting a losing battle. Lately Midna seemed depressed and he knew she had to leave.

“Which is why the people don’t need to know I’m leaving.” Replied Midna.

“How are you going to pull that off? There’s no way to keep a secret like this for very long. Court members will start questioning your absences.” Said Selvin.

“I can make a fake duplicate of myself using the remaining Fused Shadows. It won’t be good enough to take to court, but you should be able to use it to convince the court I’m bed ridden with an illness.”

Selvin exhaled, realizing his defeat. “Very well. I’ll arrange for your departure.”

Midna returned to her room and started gathering supplies for her trip. After a few hours of rummaging she laid her finished pack on the bed.

She walked over to a chest and from it drew the remaining fused shadows. Drawing on the power of the fused shadows she created a structure identical to herself. She then added color and warmth to the duplicate and after a few minutes a completely identical dummy stood next to her. She laid the figure in her bed and set off to meet Selvin.

Selvin had spent the last hour writing up an official letter, stating that Midna had contracted an illness and would have to stay in bed for at least two weeks. Just as he finished, Midna walked up to him. He handed her the letter to look over.

“Thank you Selvin. This should be good enough to hide my absence.”

“It was no trouble. Please hurry back though.” Replied Selvin.

“I will try.”

With that she headed out of the castle, being sure to stay out of sight. She passed through a side gate and headed away from the castle. She glanced up at the sky catching a glimpse of the cold black squares of twilight against the smooth orange clouds. It was a beautiful site that encouraged her as she traveled.

In Clocktown

A group of three could be seen sprinting across the bridge in the laundry pool with another figure trailing them. The leader of the group lept into the air and brought his foot in contact with the door to the curiosity shop sending it flying open. The two figures behind him ran in and he shut the door in the face of the creature chasing them. He quickly barricaded the door with crates. He then rushed up the stairs and joined his family.

“Kafei….what was that?”

“That was a Garo. A member of a race I thought to be extinct. The last time I saw one, was when Link helped me get the Sun’s Mask.”

Kafei looked down to see the puzzled face of his son staring back at him.

“I’ve never told you about Link, have I Keate? Well he was a brave kid who stopped the moon from falling and crushing Clocktown. He also helped me retrieve my wedding mask from a thief called Sakon. Now that the village is being attacked, we will need his help again.”

“How will we find him?” Asked Keate.

“I don’t know. He left after he saved us to travel back to a land called Hyrule, but the only ones who know how to get there are Link and the skullkid, but no one has seen the skullkid since Link left…”

“I have.”

Anju let out a squeak and Kafei whipped around to see a slender man stepping out of the shadows.

“And I can take you to him.”

Back In Ikana

“We’ve taken control of Clocktown, my King. There are a few in hiding, but it won’t be long until we find them.”
“Then all is going well. Make sure no one escapes from Clocktown and tell the Garos in the mountains to prepare and release the water.” Said the King.

Decimus was proud of himself. He had taken advantage of the ice capped mountains and melted enough ice to flood the Goron towns. All that stood between the Gorons and complete eradication, was a magical barrier.

“Mace, take over control at the mountain and ensure the water is released before sundown.”

“Yes master.” Replied Mace.

Mace slipped beneath the ground and out of sight. Decimus let out an evil laughed that echoed throughout the throne room. His plan was piecing together perfectly. The only threat remaining was the Zora’s and he would dispose of them quickly enough.

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I like so far. Keep up the great work!

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Bumping, because I've decided to finish this thing up. So many ideas in my head that I need to get down. Might take me a few days to get the new chapter up, so feel free to read the first two I have up and comment on those. Any critique or comments really help me to improve.

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So after almost a year of inactivity I have written the next two chapters. Things are finally starting to heat up!

Chapter 2

In Ordon Village

Link found himself walking through the Twilight Realm. Vast stretches of black sand were laid out in front of him and the horizon seemed unreachably far. Small rotating black squares rose from the sand and floated in front of his eyes partially obscuring his vision. Looking down, Link realized what he walking through. What he thought had been sand was actually squares identical to the ones hovering in front of him. Unlike the plains of his world these plains were usually void of wind, and there was a cool chill to the air. Link returned his gaze to the horizon.

For a moment a flash of white light in the corner of his vision caught his attention, but by the time he glanced at the source of the light, it had already dissipated. From what he did see, it almost looked as if a small cloaked creature had appeared out of nowhere and had vanished just as quickly as it had appeared.

Dismissing the strange phenomenon Link stopped mid stride and began to start setting up a small camp. Hunger gripped his stomach as he hastily prepared the food from his pack. He set a small stone bowl atop a newly made fire and poured fresh water into it. He pulled some food out of the pack at his side and bent towards the bowl to drop it in.

Link woke to find himself panting heavily with his shirt soaking wet. The reflection in the water…it was Midna! Somehow he had been able to form some sort of connection with her while dreaming. She was traveling across the Twilight Realm, but why?

Link began gathering supplies, placing them hastily in leather pack. He buckled the master sword to his back and pulled on sturdy leather gauntlets. Pulling his sage hat onto his head he opened the door and stepped out into the woods.
In the Twilight Realm

Midna sat back, leaning away from the fire as she cradled a warm bowl of stew in her lap. She was relieved when the uneasy feeling of eyes watching her had melted away with the chill of the plains. She sat for a few moments eating and warming herself by the fire. She lazily reached down and grabbed a handful of dark squares from the ground letting them fall from her hand as she raised it.

One thing bothered her. The cloaked figure she had seen didn’t resemble any creature she had ever seen before in her world or that of light. She sighed. Perhaps her teacher might know something about them.

She packed up the campsite and set out towards Urbsien Village, the home of her teacher. After a few hours of walking she came upon the massive ridge that marked the borders of the town. With renewed energy she sprinted to the top of the ridge. When she reached it she looked down and gasped.

Below her flames had spread engulfing the entire village. Frantically she drew the Fused Shadows out of her pack and ran toward the village. She raised her hands and yelled out summoning a tidal wave in front of here. She sent the wave crashing through the village extinguishing any fire it came in contact with.

She ran, sprinting through the village as she desperately looked for survivors. As she turned the corner of a street a structure that was unlike the charred remains around her caught her eye. She stood amazed as she saw her teachers house, unharmed by the fire and wave. Hesitently she walked up to the door and knocked. No reply came so she experimentally pushed on the handle.

With a loud creak the door swung inwards revealing 40 terrified villagers looking back at her. One of them broke away and ran up to her throwing their arms around her neck.

“Oh, thank the Goddesses you showed up,” exclaimed her teacher.

Midna returned the hug and looked down at her teacher. “What happened?”

Her teacher stepped back and gestured to a chair. “Perhaps you should sit down. This may take a while.”

In Clocktown

Kafei recognized the man by his small toned muscles and uniform. After almost a hundred years the Postman had lost none of his ability to deliver mail with the upmost speed.

“You see,” said the Postman. “I have just recently delivered a letter to him. If you want I can take you to him, but seeing as were trapped in here I don’t see how it would be possible.”

“I think I know a way,” said Kafei. With a grunt he began sliding a heavy wood desk out of the corner of the room. After he had move it he reached down and pulled a large slab of the stone floor up revealing a dark tunnel. “This tunnel leads to the Southern Swamp. The owner of this shop had it built as a smuggling route to the last ruler of the Deku. This should take us directly to the throne room.”

Kafei bent down and lowered himself into the opening tearing through cobwebs as he descended. He disappeared for a few seconds and then popped his head up from the hole. “I looks like it’s still intact, come on let’s go.”

The Postman lowered himself into the tunnel with Anju and Keate following close behind. Once they were all in, Kafei took a torch from the wall and lead them deeper into the tunnel.

After what felt like hours they reached a solid wall of stone. Handing Anju his torch, Kafei put his shoulder up to the wall and pushed. With a loud creek the wall gave way and fell to the floor sending a crash resonating through the throne room.

Kafei looked up in just enough time to see a large nut flying towards the group. He flung himself in front of Anju, shielding her from it. Kafei heard the crack of bone breaking as the nut collided with his leg. As he collapsed on the ground Anju ran forward and caught him.

Keate walked forward and looked out at the throne room to see the Queen of the Deku yelling at her guard.

“And what made you think you should shoot before you even saw if there was any danger? You’ll be cleaning the barracks for weeks to make up for this!” The rage that had gripped her face subsided as she looked over at the group from Clocktown.

“I am sorry for my guards idiocy, but tell me, why have you come through that passage?” Asked the Deku Queen.

It was Kafei who answered. “Your majesty, Clocktown has been overrun by Garo. They have barricaded the exit and this was the only way out. Pardon our intrusion, but we needed to find help. We are looking for the Skullkid. He’s the only one who can lead us to Link.”

“You know Link? Well in that case I will not delay you. But I should like to know the details of this,” stated the Queen.

“As you can see, my husband is in no condition to travel. I will remain here with him and tell you about it,” replied Anju. Turning to Keate she said “You’ll have to go by yourself. Be strong, I know you can find Link.”

Keate nodded and look at his father. “Keate, I want you to take this with you,” said Kafei as he pulled a short metallic pink and green dagger from beneath his tunic. “This was given to me by the great fairy a long time ago. Use it well.”

Keate took the dagger and nodded at the Postman. The postman began walking towards the exit of the throne room with Keate trailing behind him.

In the Ancient Castle of Ikana

Archos sat on his throne letting his mind slip into the past. He remembered the events as clearly as he had the day after they occurred. The sol of the Twilight Realm had just crept over the horizon when a huge blinding light shone down from above his city. Before any of the Garo knew what was happening, soldiers clad in armor fell from the sky and began slaughtering his people mercilessly.

Even with his quick action hundreds of his people had been killed before he managed to barricade the survivors in the palace. After months of siege desperation had pushed Archos to his limits. He had foolishly reached out to the tainted ancient power of his people and became consumed by it.

What had once been a fight for survival turned into a war for power. He pushed back the troops from the sky and pressed into their land of called Ikana, waging a war that lasted for hundreds of years. But after he had defeated Ikana and obtained complete power, the deities of his enemies land banded together against him and sealed him in their ancient temple. Although, now that he was free, he would take his revenge on this land and on the protective guardians.

Mace appeared in front of him breaking his concentration. “Sire, as you command we have eliminated the Gorons. There are no survivors. “

“Good,” replied the King of the Garo. “How are the attacks in the Twilight Realm progressing?”

Mace grimaced as he said “There has been some resistance from a skilled magician, but do not worry. I have dispatched a special group to take care of them.”

“You have done well, Mace,” replied the King. “Now I need you to carry a message to General Ducis. Tell him to begin his attack on the Southern Swamps. This time has come to win this war. Now go!”

“Yes, my liege,” replied Mace as he tore open a rift and vanished into thin air.

Archos sat back in his throne. Everything was falling into place. He would have his revenge and no one could stand in his way.

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And the Next Chapter!

Chapter 3

In Ordon Village

Link took a step forward stepping out into the bitter end of twilight. He pulled his traveling cloak tighter against his body as a cold wind brushed past chilling him to the bone. Pale red light fell upon the forest around him casting shadows on the trees and causing him to squint as he stared at the horizon.

Beside him Epona snorted loudly and nuzzled at his arm. Smiling, Link stroked the top of Epona’s head. She had been with him on every journey and the two were inseparable. Link fitted a saddle on Epona and lead here by the reigns into town.

A meandering walk turned into one of direction as Link took a small path branching from the main road. Silently he lead Epona, letting his thoughts envelop him.

By the time Link arrived at the mayor’s house the last bits of light were brimming over the horizon. Link walked up to the door and knocked softly, each blow sounding a dull thud. He heard rustling inside and finally heavy boots walking over a wooden floor. Suddenly the door burst open revealing a heavyset man staring accusingly down at him.

Uncrossing his arms, Bo exhaled softly. “You had better have an explanation for why my Illia came home with tears streaming down her face yesterday.”

Link stepped back awkwardly and shifted his gaze to the ground. “I…well I couldn’t tell her how I really felt. It’s too absurd for her to understand. She would just be even more upset. “

“I think you’d better explain the situation to me. I’ll decide whether it’s too absurd or not,” Bo replied.

Link sighed and began to recite the tale of how he had met a creature from another realm named Midna and how after many trials and dangers he had fallen in love with her only to be tormented with greif when she had severed the only connection between there worlds. “I guess I just couldn’t tell Illia that I can’t love her. I have to find a way back to Midna, no matter how long it may take, ” Link finished.

Bo gave him a long hard look, staring at him for several minutes. After a while he sighed and relaxed his stare. “I see there’s no way I can convince you to stay, but know this. Whenever this adventure of yours comes to end, whether good or bad, I expect you to tell Illia what you just told me. She deserves to know.”

“I will,” Link replied.

Bo got up and opened the door. Link followed and stepped out into the night. Bo grabbed his shoulder as he walked through the door. “Just be careful Link. Come back in one piece.”

Link nodded as he pulled himself up into Epona’s saddle. Slapping her flank he set off in a gallop towards Hyrule Field.

In the Twilight Realm

Midna’s teacher had spent the last two hours explaining that the Garo had returned unexpectedly and had started laying siege to the villages in the area. She revealed the Garo as being an ancient race of the Twilight Realm and spoke of a great war between the Ikana and the Garo.

Midna shifted slightly in her chair thinking over the information. “Teacher. When I was traveling here I saw a Garo appear out of nothing and disappear again…how is that possible?”

“That, my pupil, is a piece of magic older than the entirety of our race. Somehow, and I do not know how, the Garo are able to handle unbelievable amounts of raw magic, stronger even then that of the Fused Shadows. Although luckily for us, only the most elite of them are taught this ability. However each of them is given two enchanted twin swords at maturity with the ability to tear rifts between our world and the world of light. It was using this incredible power that Ganon managed to shroud the light world in twilight. “

A look of sheer bliss appeared on Midna’s face as she realized she now had hope of reaching Link. However that look was short lived as a loud bang sounded at the door.

Complete silence filled the room as the surviving villagers grew tense. Suddenly the door exploded sending splinters of wood as sharp as knives flying through the air. Midna and her teacher put up a barrier before the wooden splinters could harm anybody. Following the splinters several Garo warriers rushed through the smoke from the explosion and started their attack on the barrier, twin swords cutting through the air.

Each sword that met the barrier drained more and more of the defender’s strength. Finally Midna shouted over the din. “Teacher! Can you hold the barrier on your own for a few seconds?”

“Yes!” Shouted her Teacher.

Midna quickly release her tie to the magic feeding into the barrier and pulled several Fused Shadows out of her bag. Enlarging them she let herself become infused with their power and with a thrust of her arms she sent a massive wave of fire at the Garo.

Several of the Garo slipped away through rifts before the wall hit them, but one was caught before he could flee. Fire engulfed him and he collapsed to the ground.

After the last Garo had left Midna let the wall of fire extinguish itself. Next to her, her Teacher fell to her knees as exhaustion enveloped her. She laughed softly. “A few more seconds and my barrier would have failed. Thanks for that.”

Midna walked over to the Garo that had been caught in the fire and picked him up. With some help from the villagers she managed to securely tie him up. Muttering a spell of healing under her breath she ran her hands over the burns of the Garo and waited patiently for him to regain consciousness.

The Garo woke with a start and after a quick look around let out a hiss. “What do you wantss with me?”

“Tell me how you use your twin swords!” Demanded Midna.

“Since you have defeated me in battle, I will tellsss you our secrets. Simply feed your energyss into the swords and cut through the air.” Suddenly out of nowhere the Garo produced a bomb. “To die without leaving a corpssse. That is the way of the Garo.” The bomb exploded leaving nothing but a black smear and two swords on the barren ground.

Midna walked over and retrieved the blades. She could feel their power pulsing through her with unknown archaic energy. “I have to go teacher. I promise I’ll be back with help.” Her teacher nodded and stepped back as Midna swung the sword down. A rift appeared in the air shining brilliantly. For a moment Midna and her teacher stared at each other, and then Midna stepped into the rift away from home, but towards Link.

In the Southern Swamp of Termina

The Postman had lead Keate to a vertical cliff spanning at least a hundred meters high. Strong interwoven vines hung from the top of the cliff and twisted their way down to the face of the wall in front of Keate. Without hesitation the Postman grabbed a mass of vine in his hand and began climbing the rocky cliff. Keate quickly scrambled up behind him.

After several minutes of climbing they reached a small tunnel opening at the top of the cliff. The Postman lead Keate through the tunnel and up a steep ramp leading up to the massive stone structure called Woodfall Temple. “He’s in there,” said the Postman.

Keate walked forward into the temple with the Postman trailing behind. Inside the structure vegetation had overgrown the floor and walls and vines hung from the ceiling. In the center of the temple sitting on a large stump sat the Skullkid.

Two fairies fluttered up from behind the Skullkid as he turned his head to look at the visitors. One fairy was composed of a sphere of blue-white light while the other was a dark purple-magenta mix. “What do you want,” asked the Skullkid.

Keate cleared his throat. “My father, Kafei, said that you were a friend of Link’s and knew how to get to his homeland of Hyrule”

Before the Skullkid could answer, the white fairy floated forward and spoke. “Did you say Link?”

“Yes,” Keate replied. “But how do you know him?”

“He saved this world from being destroyed before you were born. He did more for this world than you know.”

Just then the Skullkid decided to interject. “If you want to find him I can take you there, but you may not find what you’re looking for. Hylians age at a much faster rate than Terminians. There’s a good chance that the Link your father knew is dead.”

Keate’s demeanor diminished, but a renewed look of determination took over his face. “I still have to try. I have to save Clocktown!”

“Then I will take you,” replied the Skullkid.

The Skullkid got up and began walking towards the entrance.

“He he he…Not so fast!” Keate spun around to determine the source of the mysterious voice but before he could turn he heard the sound of a metal tearing through flesh and the splash of blood on stone. Everything went silent.

In Ikana

A small group of Garo appeared out of the air and fell before the throne of King Garo. Some of them had singed robes and others were nursing chalky black wounds. King Garo look out angrily at the appearing Garo with a look of pure malice. “What is the meaning of this?!” He roared.

One of the Garo stood up and turned toward the King. “I am sorry sire, but the Princess was in the village. She overpowered us.”

“WHAT?!” Archos, king of the Garo, turned away from his pathetic servants. “I shall tend to the princess myself!” He raised an arm and tore open a rift. He stepped through the crack of light and vanished from the throne room.

Well there they are. As with any artistic stuff feedback is critical. So if you have opinions on this, good or bad, please share them. :)

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Bump/News thing

Yay for renewed energy! I'll be writing more chapters of this and the plot will start to get more unique and interesting. :P

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EDIT: Never mind, I'll keep a copy here. :P

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Great start to the story, the words are strung together well so that it grabbed my interest and kept it. I hope that the story continues, I'm looking forwards to the continuing chapters.

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Woah, thanks for actually reading it. Now that somebody has I suppose I should get back to writing it.

Also, sorry for the weird symbols, the formatting from Word got messed up. The [ is supposed to be a " and the Y is supposed to be a closing " also the e with the umlaut is supposed to be a '

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Ah, I remember seeing this a while ago. Glad to see you've picked it up again. Though it's a bit confusing for me since I haven't played every Zelda game. >w<

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I'm going to (try to) start reading this. What exactly is this, and does it contain any spoilers for the game series? My guess is that it contains major spoilers, but I wanted to be sure before spoiling it for myself.

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I'm going to (try to) start reading this. What exactly is this, and does it contain any spoilers for the game series? My guess is that it contains major spoilers, but I wanted to be sure before spoiling it for myself.
This is a story that ties together OoT, MM, and TP. It does contain spoilers, mostly spoilers for TP, but also a few from OoT and MM. However the spoilers from TP are big ones. Also if you haven't played all three games you might not understand some parts.

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But I really want to read it. :( It looks like I would like it, but I have to beat the first 5 Zelda games because I got them on VC and NEVER have played them before. I also may finish TP & WW since I'm going and playing the first. It's going to be a while before I'll let myself read your fanfiction, but I'm looking forward to it.

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Zenemeader, knowing how Zelda games end doesn't ruin the games. :D

01-12-2011, 03:44 PM
I have never played the first five games of the series (or LITTLE of them). I hate to sound like a jerk if I do, but I would rather play some of them first and not be 100% lost.

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Chapter 4

It was a still night. The full moon glowed pale white and stars twinkled in the distant sky. The gurgling of small streams masked the fluttering of Keese wings, and a slight breeze blew past, catching of the leaves of the few trees in the open field. On occasion an cricket would chirp in the toughs of grass along the dirt path that Link was riding down.

Epona snorted and Link took a hand off the reigns to pat her neck. Epona flicked her tail contently and continued to trot comfortably along the path that led to Hyrule Castle with it's tall towers ascending above the horizon. Link felt his eyelids beginning to grow heavily and after readjusting himself in the saddle, nodded his head down and closed his eyes leaving Epona to lead the way.

Archos Garo stepped out from the portal he had just made, letting the magic dissipate into the air. A quick glance around told him that he had arrived in the right place. Scorch marks scarred the earth around him and small fires still burned in the remains of collapsed buildings. The smoldering bodies of those who could not escape the attack or the burning lay sporadically on the ground. Several of the bodies were Garo. Archos felt rage boil within him and he began to quicken his step towards his target.

The lone unburned house stood in the distance quivering with a barrier of Twili magic. It seemed as if the barrier might fall at any moment. Archos dashed towards the building dodging flaming debris in the street as he ran. When he arrived at the door he rose his hand to the doorknob imbuing it with the magic needed to break the barrier. He flung aside the door and stepped inside.

"Where is the Princess?!" he bellowed.

"She is long gone by now," the woman replied, her face cool and serene, offset by the fear filled faces of the villagers behind her.

"You would do well not to lie to me women! I know she was here, now I demand you to tell me where, or I will destroy you all!"

"No," replied the women, her calm mask never faltering.

"Then you will all die!" roared Archos.

"I don't think so," replied the women.

Archos lunged forward pulling his twin sword from beneath his cloak. With a flash of steel he brought both blades down only to find them halt on an unseen wall. So the failing barrier was just a trick was it?

He jumped back and stabbed one sword into the floor, freeing his hand. He began to focus energy into a blazing white ball, hovering radiantly in front of his hand.

"Perhaps you will enjoy the scorching heat as much as my soldiers did," said Archos.

With those words he sent the flaming ball forward into the barrier. Upon impact the house was filled with a blinding light and Archos turned his head. As the light faded Archos let his eyes drift back to where the villagers had be standing. Nothing but ash remained of them.

Link woke in cold sweat. Yet another dream, and in this one he was slaughtering villagers? He had to figure out why he was having these dreams. Zelda might know, she had always said that the carriers of the triforce pieces could have prophetic dream. Yes, she would know.

Link set Epona into a full gallop towards the castle sending a large cloud of dust into the air behind them. He needed to know as quickly as he could.


[center:3vqjtqqq]In Ordon Village[/center:3vqjtqqq]

A blazing yellow line appeared midair in front of Link's house. Slowly the line widening into a rectangle just big enough for a person to fit through. A woman stepped through into the fading night.

Her fire colored hair stood tied up, ornately intertwined with intricate piece of jewelry from which a sparking pendant hung, gently resting on her forehead. Crimson eyes scanned the area around he, and a black and cyan cloak protected her from the late night's chill. Her skin was a pale gray with both patterns of black and more complex ones in a glowing turquoise color.

She took the swords she was holding and placed them in the sheathes she had tied to her belt. She climbed the ladder leading to Link's house and stood hesitantly at the door. She regain her composer and walked into the house.

"Are you sure?" asked Bo.

"Yes, I'm sure that what I saw. A strange women with fire colored hair and gray and black skin, walking into Link's house. I'm not a liar, you know" Talo said.

"It has to be Midna," Bo whispered to himself.

"What?" asked Talo.

"Never mind, it's nothing. Now go back to your house and stay there until I come back. What were you doing out so late anyways" Bo said raising an eyebrow in suspicion.

"Nothing" Talo squeaked as he ran off towards his house.

Bo watched Talo run off and then turned around and made his way towards Link's house. Midna wasn't supposed to be able to reach this world any more, how had she gotten here.

Midna had already finished searching the small house. Link was not here. She let out a sigh and fell into a simple wooden chair. Link could be anywhere, and yet she need him now. Not just for herself, but for the Twilight Realm as well.

"I better get looking, then" she said as she rose from the chair. She made her way towards the door and place her hand on the door knob. However as she was about to turn it, somebody open it from the other side. A large man, stood before her in his night clothes. Two tusks protruded from just under his nose on either side of his mouth, and his head was shaved smooth. The two stared at each other wearily before Bo stepped inside.

"So, I take it you must be Midna?" said Bo.

"I am, but how do you know what I look like?" asked Midna.

"Unfortunately for both of you, he set off for Hyrule Castle yesterday looking for you. Funny how these things work out. He said something about talking with Zelda about dreams he's been having. He had told me your story before leaving, that's how I know you," replied Bo.

"How long ago did he leave?"

"About 8 hours ago at twilight yesterday." answered Bo.

Midna began making her way towards the door.

"Wait," said Bo. "You seem tired, maybe you should sleep before you go. It's a long journey to the castle."

"I don't have the time to. My world has been attacked by a race of warriors know as the Garo, I have to find Link and tell Zelda that these Garo might invade Hryule next. If I could get here, than they must be able to as well. " replied Midna.

"Rotten news. You don't think the Garo will come to Ordon do you? If you need to, you may take the horse in the pen beside this house. "

"They might, I would make some preparations for the defense of this town, and thank you for the horse. I must be on my way though." said Midna.

Midna walked outside and mounted the horse. She took one of the swords from he side and swung it in front of her, making a gash big enough for her and the horse to fit through. She gave the horse a slight kick on the flank and set it trotting through the portal.


[center:3vqjtqqq]In The Ancient Woodfall Temple[/center:3vqjtqqq]

The postman fell to the ground with a thud, a pool of blood quickly growing around him. His lifeless eyes stared at the ceiling covered in a veil of white.

"No!" Keate yelled.

"Foolss," hissed the Garo. "Did you actually think you could escape from the city with out us spymasters knowing? We have laid hidden in this land for a century, we know all of the exists and entrances of Clocktown, even the secret ones."

Keate starred at the Garo with a looking of fear and anger on his face. Everything seemed to have happened in slow motion. One minute he was talking to the skull kid and now he was face to face with a bloodthirsty Garo.

"Hey kid, take this!"

Keate turned around in just enough time to catch the sword the skull kid had thrown out of the air and turn to face the Garo. He was not inexperienced in swordplay, but the Garo clearly out skilled him. Suddenly the Garo lept into the air twin swords coming down towards Keate's head. He parried the blow and rolled behind the Garo grazing him in the back with his sword.

The Garo whipped around towards Keate with a hiss and raised his swords to strike again, but just as he was about to bring his swords down his eyes glazed over and he fell to the ground flat on his face. A single poison dart stuck into the gap in his cloak made by Keate's sword, and standing behind him the skull kid let the blowgun fall from his lips.

"We have to leave, grab my arm!" shouted the skull kid as he took a flute out of his pocket. Keate grabbed with arm and the skull kid play a simple melody of three notes repeated twice. Suddenly two great wings sprouted from behind them and engulfed them all in feathers. After what seemed like hours of spinning they appeared before the strange owl statue in clock town.

The skull kid grabbed him and dragged him at a running pace down a wooden ramp and through the doors of the clocktower. Once inside they flew down several more ramps until they arrived at a large iron door. The skull kid played another melody, and this time it felt as if the weaves of time were being undone. The door in front of them slide open and twisted hallway appeared in front of them. The skull kid motioned for him to follow, and before long the were standing in dark, endless forest.

"If we hurry, we should make it to Hyrule before morning" said the skull kid.

"Good," panted Keate, out of breath from the running. However before he could catch his breath he was running through the Lost Woods trailing behind the skull kid and his two fairies.

02-20-2011, 01:52 AM
Must... see... new chapter... This is really good. If only they made cross-overs/sequels and/or made the game more interesting even at risk of raising the ESRB rating a little.

02-20-2011, 12:49 PM
Thank you! And yes, I've always wanted to see what the Zelda team could do with no restraints. TP was a step in the right direction being more mature and was actually rated T for Teen. Something none of the previous Zelda's have been.