View Full Version : Searching Photoshop Artists,YouTube Bckgrnd Design,EB Fanart

05-03-2009, 10:52 AM
Hey everybody, I am looking for someone to create a YouTube background for me. Here's how this is going to work. The requirements are: It has to have the EarthBound style font as the main font as well as my username, it has to be Nintendo themed, it has to feature my current LP including the question mark in place of the next one, as well as my LP timeline, Sanctuary Bosses I've defeated so far, and Other various nintendo characters. The contest is that you guys create one, and the one that I like the most will have the creator be credited on my channel. Also the one that I pick will have the creator credited in my LP video. I've tried to make my own background and I'm limited to file size. I don't have photoshop. If you guys could send me your creations that would be awesome. Also, when submitting your creations, send them to my email: orlandoerie@aol.com and send me a message here saying that you have submitted something. Also the last and final requirement is that you put your username somewhere in the background where it stands out but don't make it the center of attention so to speak. Have fun guys and send me them as soon as possible. Or anything you wanna create. Just be creative.

Thanks for your time: corlando1992

P.S. you may also post a thumbnail of your pic here as well.