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Well, this is the newest Fairly OddParents Movie so far, and has aired on Nickelodeon, May 1st-3rd, 2009. This was pretty much a big event, they made 3 1-hour movies to complie it into "Wishology". Which each Part continues on to the next. These three parts are known as "The Big Beginning", where the movie starts out. "The Exicting Middle Part", which tells the middle part of the movie. And finally, "The Final Ending", which concludes Wishology. These parts have aired part of "Wishology Weekend", and became a total of 3 hours; which is currently the longest Fairly OddParents Movie.


The Fairly OddParents: Wishology is the 9th The Fairly OddParents TV movie made by Nickelodeon in the United States and YTV in Canada, featuring characters from The Fairly OddParents television series. In production order, this movie is divided into 44 minute-long episodes: The Big Beginning, The Exciting Middle Part, and The Final Ending. "Wishology" is the first Fairly OddParents to be broadcast in widescreen High Definition.


Part 1: The Big Beginning
[spoiler:388807v2]The Big Beginning starts with Timmy wishing he was in his own movie trilogy (which parodies The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter) which is then interrupted by Jorgen. He is sent back home where he can't find Cosmo, Wanda or Poof and his family and friends don't remember him (which Timmy claims was just like any one of his other normal mornings). When he screams out his name, an Eliminator (Gary Sturgis) shows up and begins attacking him and chases after him. Jorgen saves him and informs him that his fairies are fine. Or maybe not, since he's turned all the fairies into gumballs and stuck them in a gumball machine in a greasy truck stop bar. A fat kid starts buying the gumballs and chomps up Binky, then almost chomps up Wanda, but Cosmo rescues her.

Meanwhile, Jorgen takes Timmy to a cave in Fairy World called the "Cave of Destiny" (which Jorgen claims is often rented out for Halloween parties, Weddings and Bar Mitzvas) where there is the prophecy remember about the ancient faries that fought the darkness and stayed in outer space as stars guarding earth. It also explains that a man with a pink hat, buck teeth and the initials TT is the chosen one who "must find the white wand in the rock sealed with a kiss", which leads Jorgen to believe that it must be Timmy. After finding Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof, Timmy gets chased by Alien Hunters (Spoofing Men in Black, voiced by Patrick Warburton). They believe that he is an Alien due to missing/none files of him.

After a battle of wits, Timmy uses the "Men In Blacks" freeze ray and freezes them. Timmy then steals an airplane and ends up in a KISS concert where he finds out that Kiss are actually fairy guardians and that the white wand is one of their guitars. The Darkness arrives and tries to swallow everyone in the concert hall before Timmy plays the White Wand and starts forcing the Darkness back with magical bursts from the guitar. The Darkness then retreats after taking all the Eliminators with it and Timmy gives everyone a chance to enjoy the concert again as it is moved to Fairyworld. Shortly after, a muscular looking man arrives, announcing himself as Turbo Thunder and takes Timmy's guitar before he acclaims that he is the one to defeat the Darkness.

Shockingly, Turbo Thunder looks exactly like the cave prophecy's depiction of Timmy even though Jorgen stupidly believed it was supposed to be Timmy. As he discovers that he is too late, everyone just goes on to enjoy the concert (with Jorgen erasing their memories of the event after it was over). Just as Timmy looks confidently at the Big Dipper constellation in the sky, he feels like it's finally over only for all of the stars in the sky to vanish again the minute he and his God Parents walked off.[/spoiler:388807v2]


Part 2: The Exciting Middle Part
[spoiler:388807v2]As this segment begins, Timmy is basking in the glow of being the Chosen One. But it turns out that he wasn't such a hero after all, when it becomes clear that the Darkness has returned. When The Darkness destroys Mark Chang's home planet, Mark contacts him to help save the planet. Timmy and Mark fight to free Dimmsdale from the Eliminators, who have disguised themselves as Timmy's closest friends and family.

After the Fairies are captured and locked up in Fairyworld's greatest prison Abracatraz, Timmy and Mark team up with Timmy's enemies, Crocker, Vicky, and Dark Laser, before traveling to find the Blue Moon to locate the second wand (using crude methods like bribing Vicky with fake cash, dullfully admitting him having fairy godparents to Crocker and posting a embarrassing movie of Dark Laser, calling him "Fart Blazer", on Too Yube (a parody of Youtube). Along the way, they make a pit stop at a bar before the Eliminators attack and capture Vicky, Crocker and Dark Laser with ease (it reveals that whatever they threw at them and ended up being sucked up by the darkness automatically gets added to their arsenal, point proven when Timmy saw them shooting hot dogs at them after he had thrown them at the darkness previously).

Turbo Thunder, the acclaimed real chosen one, shows up and tricks Timmy into revealing where the second star was before taking off for it (despite the fact Timmy and Mark stowed away on his ship before take off). Meanwhile, as the Fairies and Timmy's friends and family get to know each other, they all band together to help Timmy as he has risked his life for them in previous adventures. By dumb luck and a few surprisingly fast learned kung fu moves, Poof defeats a group of Eliminator robots before he frees everyone from their prison cell and they manage to save Timmy's enemies as they are being carted off, still frozen in ice. Together, they use Jorgen's magic to warp to the Blue Moon as Timmy is just about to get the second wand and is revealed that he IS the true chosen one.

Timmy and Mark are ambushed by the Darkness and the Eliminators, who ensure that they will keep coming back in greater numbers than before. Even with Timmy's friends and family successfully driving the Eliminators back with a combined magical attack, their friendly reunion is cut short when the Darkness appears and tries to inhale everyone. Timmy then realizes that this whole time, the Darkness wants him (as it creepily moans his name). He then climbs the rope his friends and family made, where Trixie Tang admits her love for and kisses Timmy, before willingly releases her grip on her and gets pulled into the Darkness. The Darkness leaves with Timmy while everyone is heartbroken at losing Timmy (Trixie even cried a little for Timmy's bravery, and Vicky openly exclaims that she'd never call Timmy a "twerp" again). Jorgen and the others firmly decide that since Timmy sacrificed himself to save them, it was now their turn to save him.[/spoiler:388807v2]


Part 3: The Final Ending
[spoiler:388807v2]After what has just happened from Part 2, Timmy wakes up in his bed with Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof greeting him. They explain that he's defeated the Darkness, and Jorgen makes sure no one remembers what has happended. Timmy wishes for a Normal Day this time, and its turns out not to be what he's expected. so he wished for the "Best" Day Ever. It turns out like he expects it, but even greater. But right when he was about to Kiss Trixie again some Eliminators show up to face Timmy. But things take a BIG Twish when Jorgen, Cosmo and Wanda reveal to be the Eliminators, so tell him that he's still in the Darkness! Timmy gets completely confused, and everything reveals to be Dark again. The Evil Darkness confessed that he doesnt want Timmy Eliminated, but needs him immediatley. After Timmy returns to Dimsdale, Jorgan and Cosmo and Wanda bring Timmy to the Pod where his Friends and Family are. This is where Timmy rearranges a new plan to destroy the Darkness.

Though, once they try to plan their strategy, the Main Eliminator finds Timmy's lair. Which he invads to eliminate tinny Turner. Though, Cosmo's chance to get at him doesnt go well as usual. But the MERF Agents didnt go well just as much, especially when their Escape Pod is taken by Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Poof. After the Eliminator takes all the Weapons MERF had fired to him, he is transformed into a gigantic Eliminator now known as "The Deathinator". And he takes up all of the world.

Still in the Pod, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof travel back to the Blue Star Planet to get the Second Wand and bring it back to Earth. But they are greeted by Turbo Thunder again, and he wants to really Team Up. He then teaches Timmy Turner on how the 2nd Wand is suppose to work, and that it shows the five of them the final prophecty. It reveals there's ANOTHER Wand. Which when all three of these Wands joined together, they can stop the Darkness. Plus, Turbo Thunder also confesses on how he became the Chosen One, and how the Darkness once took everyone from his Home Planet. Thus, he create revenge, and waited for their Return. But since Timmy defeated them first, he decides to Train Timmy instead to defeat the Darkness once and for all. Also being newly named as Turbo Timmy.
Timmy then takes Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Turbo back to Fairy World to save the Fairies. And when they give the Fairies their wands back, they take down the Eliminators and Fairy World is saved. Now, Timmy takes everyone back to Earth to finally save his Home Planet.

Though when Timmy and everyone returns, Timmy gets captured in no time, but all of the Fairies use their Wands to destroy all the metal and overruling over Earth. Timmy makes the Deathinator follow him off of Earth, so that The Faries can search around Earth to find the Ice Wand. While Timmy tries to fight him, he still makes the Deathinator get more weapons to use against him. But things take a backfire when he pulls out the button where he blows up the Deathinator. Then, he is greeted by a Talking Polar Bear who is the Guardian of the Ice Wand. But when he's got all three wands, he still wont fight against them. At first, the others are confused by what he says, but he actually says that he wants to add more Ice Wands on all of the Planets of the Solar System. After he activates all of the wands from each planet, it creates a Smiley Face and takes over the Darkness. And the Darkness becomes a Big Smiley Face, which Timmy has turned it into the Kindness. And a Eliminator, newly known as the Huginator, brings back his Friends and Family. And another failed attemp for Timmy to Kiss Trixie again, when Mark gets in the way once more. Also, he brings back Mark's Parents, and Turbo's Parents! And which, everyone goes to Fairy World to Party. But Jorgan informs Timmy that when this is all over, he wipes out everyone's Memory and he goes back to not being the Chosen one.

Back at the Tower with the Prophecy, Cosmo is seen drawing a Fourth Wand on the wall with the other Three Wonder. But he turns around confessing, "Just Kidding!" And this is where Wishology ends.[/spoiler:388807v2]


Mainly, all of the main characters and the recurring characters appear in Wishology. And they act the same way they do in the series. As usual, Timmy Turner has been my favorite to watch in the show. Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof have been the best that they could be.

Plus, I was very happy that all the other fairies got to be in the movies as well. Including: Jorgen, Juandisimo, The Tooth Fairy, Cupid, Binky, and more. Not that I'm quite suprised, but having Chest, AJ, Mr. & Ms. Turner, and Mark Chang in the movie was great, since they have a decent role in the movie. Having Vicky, Dark Laser, and Mr. Crocker in the movie made it a lot mroe enjoyable to watch. Since they had a very important role. Also, I was quite happy that Trixie got to be in the movie as well. Even when she confessed her secret to Timmy Turner in Part 2.

During Part 2, It was pretty cool of the Turners, Chest, AJ, and Trixie to meet Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Jorgen. Though, I thought Timmy was going to lose his faries. But I guess not.

And not to forget, the Evil Darkness that debuts in the movies were something new alright. It was still quite confusing to have the Darkness getting revenge on the world or just Timmy Turner.

Special Guests & Parody Spoofs:
Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley from hard rock band KISS are doing the episode as themselves, along with actor Patrick Warburton as the MERF members (a parody of Men in Black), and actor Brendan Fraser as Turbo Thunder, as they all have guest starred in Wishology. Patrick Warburton was hilarious to have in the movie. He's a great voice actor on many shows, and Im glad they have included him in the movie.

The movie features spoofs of hit sci-fi/fantasy film franchises, such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix and the Terminator . The movie also features a reference to Back to the Future, during the chase between Timmy Turner, Jorgen Von Strangle, and the Eliminators.

The Eliminators are a parody of Terminators with one of them in a leather jacket and sunglasses being an obvious parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in the Terminator series. Also, I needed to laugh when then made a spoof of YouTube into Too Yube. That rocked, and especially making Darth Laser embarassed.

Watching the Star Wars spoof was the best, because I knew it all so well, and each character from that scene went amazing. Timmy as a Jedi, Vicky as Princess Leia, Crocker as Chewbaca, Mark as R2-D2, and Darth Laser as...Darth Vader. And the action part of that spoof was just as good.

All of these spoofs made me want to watch the movies all over again. I enjoyed watching all of these parodies, just like the series has done since the beginning. And not to mention how great The creator and the people who make this movie work so hard. Honestly, I've never heard of such titles from what they've spoofed, but I still enjoy watching them.

From every minute of watching this movie was amazing, and so worth to watch every minute of these three hours. All the characters were amazing, and the story line went quite well. I would say it was about more than great overall, but the whole thing had to be incredibly wonderful.

The Big Beginning made a decent start of Wishology. Though, it's to get the movie started, and spice up the first showing of the trilogy. Part 2: The Exciting Middle Part actually got more interesting, and more hilarious. This is the part where you need to pay more attention to what happens. Great Spoofs, and more entertainment. Plus, the story got suspensful at the end. It makes you want to watch the next part. Part 3: The Final Ending, was the best to watch of them all. It finally concluded the big movie, and every minute close to the ending got more and more Epic. The ending turned out great, and not what I was expecting. But Im totally glad everyone is saved, and that there is no more Darkness. As usual, great movie, and great ending. I just hope that there can be a lot of love coming from the Series even more.

I give this amazing Fairly OddParents Movie a final grade of 100/100, and I think that this movie is Recommended.

Let the Love of The Fairly OddParents never be forgotten.

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Seems like a very nice review pkmnfan though I wont read it untill later this week after I watch all three parts.

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You do that, Brineboy. :)

And yeah, I've wrote so much, yall need to watch it first before you read what I thought about it. Plus, I should put the Story Plot in Spoilers so that once a few days pass by, I can take them out so others cant know what happen.

But dang, keeping a Review on yout Comp for three days was tiring. Kind of.