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05-11-2009, 11:11 AM
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Yet another convention has been and gone, this time itís Anime Central. Last year was really a train wreck of a convention, so I didnít have very high hopes for this yearís model. I was very surprised to see things were handled far better this year than last. So letís take a look at the con.

First of all, registration. Acen was rather infamously known as Linecon 2008, with wait times spanning between 6 to 12 hours for at-con registration. This year, though, I didnít see much of a line at all, and what was there was moving along at a pretty good clip. Whatever bugs were impeding progress last year got worked out of the system, and hopefully we wonít have such a horrendous situation ever again.

Next up is the IRT staff. Last year, I know there were an incredibly large number of complaints on them, for generally being douchebags. I donít know what exactly changed, but I didnít see nor hear of nearly as many problems with the security force this year. I know of a few stories, but they arenít nearly on the same scope and scale. In fact, I saw them interacting quite a bit with the congoers, managing the lines and events with good humor. So they also get a passing mark from me this year.

Now for the Panel Programming. This schedule was stacked so hard this year, panels were running in pretty much every room for the entire convention on a wide variety of subject matter, so I canít think of anyone who would really be displeased. Since I do panels myself, I do have some interaction with the staff. The new head of panels this year was an incredibly nice guy, very easy to work with. My group talked with him for about an hour after Whose Line and really wants to see him keep the position for next year. The rest of the staff werenít really that obtrusive, so no complaints from me.

A few other odds and ends to talk about. I went to the concert on Friday night, m.o.v.e. put on a fantastic performance for everyone and they had a great time with us. Cosplay Chess ran about as well as I could have expected, Iíve got some ideas to continue to improve the experience so weíll be talking about those as a group. I heard a few complaints about the rave, mostly that it was insipidly hot in there at all times; I never actually made it in there myself though, because the line was outside of the building pretty much all night long.

The Dealerís Room and Artistís Alley places were setup very well. Iím not entirely sure, but it definitely felt like Artistís Alley was even more expansive than the previous year, which I was happy to see. The Dealerís Room had just about everything in it you could have wanted, even CDs which is what I usually complain about being missing. Since Iím such a sucker for Soul Eater, I picked up a Maka charm. I donít pay much attention to the car show in the area, but we did have a breakdancing meetup and had a lot of great people show up. Those videos will be up on my Youtube in the near future.

I spent a large portion of my time meeting up with people and generally hanging out. Of course, at such a large convention, itís very difficult to find everyone. But, I actually managed to see everyone I intended to see, and even a few people I didnít even know were going to be there. The majority of this time I spent with Air and BaiAiLi, two close friends of mine I donít get to see very often.

Overall, I had a great time at the convention this year, and Iím looking forward to returning next year already. Acenís really picked the ball back up this year, and I hope they keep improving.

Convention Score: 8/10 Geass