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05-13-2009, 05:19 PM
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For xbox and the ps2

So this is my first review, my apologies in advance if there spelling errors or inconsistenceies , i am doing my best.

So i just finished playing the ps2 game curse of darknes and thought i'd make a review out of it.

Storyline 6/10
Castlevania - Curse of darkness has interesting storyline, it isn't the deepest but offers a few small plot twists. It does get the player involved in the game and keeps a high pace through the game.

The story is about Hector, a devil forgemaster who betrayed Dracula in the war between Dracula and humans three years ago. Hector get's lured to a abandonded castle by Isaac, Isaac who also is a devil forgemaster and is set on destroying those who defeated his master Dracula 3 years ago.

Characters 8/10
The characters and their voiceacting in the game is good overall, the characters are well though through and all of them plays some part in the storyline, some more than others.

Hector: The main character, a devil forgemaster hunting isaac, another devil forgemaster.

Isaac: A devil forgemaster and loyal servant of Dracula , the voiceactor for isaac is brilliant.

Trevor Belmont: You may know trevor belmont from the early castlevania games, he has a big part in the story and got a great voiceactor.

Julia: A witch, and keeps the shop , where you can store and hatch Devil ID's aswell as buy and sell items.

Zead: A mysterius man who offers to help hector in his search for Isaac.

Saint Germain: A very mysterius man, sees himself as a traveler.

Controls 7/10
The controls are good for the bigger part, although camera angles can be annoying at times not giving you the full overview of the battle. Controlls are well placed and easy to learn, but can be unresponsive at times. Controlling your Devil I.D you got out is easy aswell, but can be hard to get them to focus on one target. Overall controlls get a good score.

Gameplay 7/10
The gameplay Curse of darkness is really great. The combat system is well worked though and gets you going. Each weaponclass has different attacks, also some individual weapons got unique attacks. There are five weaponclasses, swords, axes, spears, fist weapons and special weapons. Each of theese offer different strenght and weaknesses, for example fist weapons offer high speed at the cost of low damage. While a two handed weapon offers high damage at the cost of speed. The combat system allows you to play with your own style, but at the same time it is important to take into considertion what works best. One downside is that the combatsystem can get repetative after a time.

Alongside you eventually get a innocent devil. Theese are combat pets, some are active in the fighting som offer different benefits. Theese pets can be developed into different forms with the help of evolution shards shards. Theese combat pets also offers abilities outside of combat, for example the first devil you get is a fairy who opens locked chests. Mastering theese devils and the strenghts and weaknesses of their differnt evolutions is a must to succeed.

Also there is alot of options to do on the side of the game, if you are a perfectionist you got the option to explore a map fully, this isn't allways the easiest tho and you may have to rely on the devils. There are also other fun things to do, like try sitting in a chair and see what happens later on in the game.

New weapons aren't bought but created by what the game calls combining, combining means you have two items, materials or weapons and fuse them into one, when looking for higher level materials for the top notch stuff there is quite abit of grinding involved, which is something that brings the score down abit, same goes for grinding evolution shards to develop the devils.

Overall the gameplay is well integrated and offers a wide array of options, but it can be limited at times and some of the devil forms are stronger and more important than the other evolutions.

Music 10/10
I can only keep this short, because from start to end the music is perfected, the music at each area fits in so well and i can't complain there at all.

Replayability 5/10
The games replayability is so-so, after clearing the game the option to play as Trevor belmont is possible, and crazy mode is unlocked, i haven't attempted crazy mode as of yet but the difficulty get's increased.

So what are the results?
Storyline 6/10 - Overall good storyline but could be deeper
Characters 8/10 - Really well made characters and none of them felt like they were just fill-ins
Controlls 7/10 - Controls are well placed and easy to acess, can be unresponsive at times and camera angles are messy at times.
Gameplay 7/10 - Overall great gameplay, combat can get a tad repepative and some bosses could be harder.
Music 10/10 - Music in this game is simply awesome, personally i could just listen to the music without playing the game.
Replayability 5/10 - There are some replayability value, but not as high as i had wished it to be.

Would i recommend this game?
I would definatley recommend this game to anyone who is interested in Action rpgs, it also makes itself a very good castlevania title.

If you see something that is unclear just tell me and i will try and clarify.

05-13-2009, 08:45 PM
This game may not be perfect but it's still very enjoyable. It's worth it if you're a Castlevania fan.

05-14-2009, 12:58 AM
It's been awhile since I played this game but, it was a great title, I loved the writing it was like something straight out of a play. I would recommend this to any Castlevania fan as long as they aren't expecting it to be the quality of the 2D Castlevanias. By the way Saint Germain is the best castlevania charcter ever in my opinion D: [spoiler:azbajxux]I mean hes goes to the future to see the final battle between man kind and Dracula, How cool is that? D:[/spoiler:azbajxux]

05-14-2009, 06:50 AM
He also has a pretty awesome sense of fashion.

05-14-2009, 08:08 AM
I love saint germain, he's extremely cool indeed. Wish all games had a character like him. Also when i heard the cordova town music the first time during one of capcomm's music quizzes i just couldn't believe it was a castlevania song. It was that awesome. And when i heard it together with the area my mind was completely blown away.

Edit: Misspelled the town

05-14-2009, 09:33 AM
Other then Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance its hard to find a game where the music is less then excellent lol