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06-04-2009, 03:12 PM


The story in this game is fairly hit and miss. An organization called Cipher is planning to rule the world by turning pokemon into shadow pokemon, heartless fighting machines. You join up with a peculiar young girl who can see the dark aura surrounding shadow pokemon. She can be very annoying, think that she is your girlfriend, and can be very inconvenient when trying to walk back in tight spaces. Along the way you are encouraged to take down the organization, purify pokemon, and of course battle a few trainers along the way.

The game kind of explains the story in short bursts when facing Admins, and in the beginning. Between these boss fights, there is little to no story revealed, leaving you confused as to what to do next. There is one particular part where you are supposed to go to a police station, which isn't even labeled, and receive the chief's P-star-DA number, to know when he captures an admin's crew. However, the game does not tell you to do so. When you confront the crew, you get the key to unlock the next level in the game; of course you can't do so if you didn't know that he had caught them. Unless you get lucky and walk in their thinking that it was a shop and get it, you will be stuck for quite some time. There are many instances like this. Also, your character worked for team snaggem apparently, another set of bad guys, but this isn't really explained or detailed in the game. Do to the many plot holes and lack of explanations, the story is definitely a weak point in this game:


The overall graphics are average for the game's time. Overworlds look nice, characters look pretty good, and I like how the character looks pretty cool in this game. Pokemon can either look nice and detailed, or pretty lackluster. It is pretty clear how some pokemon had more effort put into when the models for them were created. Also, pokemon's eyes look drawn on. The shadows of pokemon have a very bad tendency to be ridiculously pixalated. I can handle a little bit, but there is no excuse for how bad it can be. Overall the graphics are average, but maybe a bit sub par.


Pokemon battles I usually love... usually. However, I don't know why they aren't as fun in this game. It is of course turnbased, you choose a move, and then your opponent does, but it isn't really fun in this game. It get's ridiculously repetitive in this game. I really can't say why I like it in the handhelds, but not this game. It's pretty much alot of small things. The battle animations cut away from the pokemon using the move to the opponent getting hit with no contact at all, the attack animations aren't quite satisfactory... alot of really really small things prevent it from having the same appeal.


The music isn't bad. However, the pokemon battle music is the same for almost every battle. It gets very annoying. I wouldn't mind the fact that it was so overused if it was better, but the fact that it all sounds so... unlikable prevents it from being the kind of repetitive game music that makes it a joy to hum along to.
Attack sounds sound fairly realistic, but aren't great.
Pokemon crys come straight from the gba games, which feel out of place in the game.
Misc. sound effects like doors opening and stuff are pretty nice.
Overall average sound effects.


Many shadow pokemon that you get in the game are pretty useless. The good ones don't come til the end, and by the end I mean like nearly final boss end, and by that point your team is too far to add too. You can catch the three dogs in this game, which are good, but the final Raikou is level 40 near the end of the game by the point yours are around 50. At least you can trade over ho-oh, the dogs, the jhoto starters, and some other not so useless pokemon to your gen. 3 pokemon games.
Mirror B's dancing is ridiculously creepy... I really feel like even though he is in for comedy, it is just too weird to feel safe with.

Final score

This game is... average... unfortunately. Worth a weekend rushed playthough, but not a buy. I bought it purely because my friend was playing it and he wanted me to also, and I may play it again, but definitely not for a few years. It is more or less made playable by the the obtainable ho-oh after beating the hundred trainer, and very repetitive, mt. battle, and lengthy and annoying process of purifying every single pokemon in the game

Note: This was my first review!