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06-13-2009, 10:23 PM
Well I have recently played this game so I decided to do a review of it.
Here we go!

Lunar Legend is a remake of a popular sega CD game called Lunar Silver Star Story. It was also made for the Playstation 1 aswell. Lunar Silver Star Story is not the only game in the series though they was a sequal that came out for the Playstation 1 called Lunar Eternal Blue and also was another game for the DS called Lunar Dragon Song. But they are not the only games in the series there are many more out there and another on the way.

Lunar follows the story of Alex a kid who dreams to be like his hero Dyne a former dragon master. The game starts out with Alex and his childhood friends Luna and Ramus. One day in their town of Burg a wizard from Vane a magical city apears and wants to be taken to the White Dragon Shrine to become the next Dragon Master. Alex and his friends then get volunteered to take him to the shrine.
It will also include many plot twists throughout the game that will throw you for a loop.

Each of the characters in the game play an important role in the story. Alex as one has his dreams of becoming a dragon master. Ramus has dreams of owning his own store someday. Nash the wizard from vane also would like to become a dragon master. The other characters have their own agenda to but I will not give away too much of the story. The characters also have completely different personallities and are each humorous in their own way.

The gameplay for this is quite simplistic. While traveling from city to city it would take you to a giant overworld map where you just chose your destination and you automatically go there. But if you wish to go to one town to another but there is say a forest between them you would go through that forest. The battles keep it simple and fun.
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_PaKcBAbBUG0/RdjDx2DkMiI/AAAAAAAAAA0/Xuy_MvHA6Fs/s320/LunarLegend.jpg While in battle you have 4 choices at the top of the screen, going from left to right they are Automatic where the game fights the battle for you. Tactic where the game will do as you preset in the menu outside of battle. Manual where you give each character a specific comand. Run where you escape from the battle.

The graphics of the the game are very nice for the gameboy advance. In certain scenes it will show you a picture like it would be from an anime
http://i.neoseeker.com/p/Games/Gameboy_Advance/Role-Playing/Fantasy/lunar_legend_profilelarge.jpg these pictures are from the other versions of the game where it would actually show a scene and have voice acting but such things were not in this version.

The music in this is very good but may not be the most memorable as such songs from other games out there. Though when you are playing it they will certainly be in your head. The game does not feature voice acting but does include your typical grunts and such.

Overall the game is not very difficult but some of the bosses will be a bit tuff. The main battles though that are not bosses are quite easy but can be lengthy if you wish to just move fast through the game or just don't want to pick each of the comands you would be fine with just doing the automatic setting it will do you just fine for most if not all battles. The length of the game is maybe about average. I recently beat the game in 18 hours without much grinding and didn't do any of the optional stuff in the game. ALso even though this is a remake it has a lot of stuff taken out since the other versions and includes just about the main things containing to the story. The other versions are a bit harder and much longer.

Overall this is a great game and a very good RPG to play and I suggest it for all who can find it. If you can not find it there is a new version of this game coming out for the PSP sometime within the next year. That game should follow the originals more closely then this.

Overall: 8/10
Buy/Rent/Forget about: Definatly buy it shouldn't be to expensive now a days to find used.

06-14-2009, 04:25 PM
This is an alright port of the game but if you want to play Lunar, go for the PSX version.