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06-16-2009, 09:19 AM
Yeah, I figured some of all were expecting me to write a review of this game. Because I've been playing it for about a week since I got it back from my grandparent's house. Well, it's happened, and here I go! Make sure yall comment if yall read. You guys know I love it when I get comments about my stuff. Critizism is happily allowed, so I can also work better on my reviews in the future.

Snowboard Kids 2
Snowboard Kids 2 is a snowboard racing game for the Nintendo 64 and the sequel to Snowboard Kids and Snowboard Kids Plus. It features the original characters from Snowboard Kids, though omits the newers characters from Plus. But SBK2 brings in four new characters playable, including the new girl, Wendy, and three characters not part of a human species: Damian, Coach and Mr. Dog. All three characters apear can appear in Snow Town from Story Mode.

Story Plot:
From the beginning of the Story, Damian comes from the underworld to make his debut. He notices from his side the new girl in Town, Wendy Lane, is showing off a new item called the Rocket Boost to the Snowboard Kids, whom all seem impressed. Damian takes out a bomb to throw at the kids, though his throwing was weak and made himself get blown up to unconsiousness. The kids all use a Rocket Boost and pass Damian without even noticing him. After you win the first race in "Snowhill Mountain", the kids pass by Damian once more, and regains consiousness once more. So then, he schemes to pull a prank on the kids for making his first plan fail.



The cutscenes from this game were very amusing to enjoy. It just has to do with Damian trying to pull a prank on the kids from what happened in the first cutscene. Afterwards, his plans fail histerically. There are three areas that have three cutscenes. Because those three have a boss challenge that's especially required. One of which introduces it, and the next one shows the boss being defeated.

It was also nice to see all of the courses' cutscenes with seasons detailed and communication go well. But it was a little odd to see the kids going into Space,entering a Haunted House, or even racing in a high freezing temerature land (Ice Land).

But the cutscenes are not always about Damian. Some of them show some happiness, saddness, anger, a little love, shock, and numerous other emotions. Very colorful to be exact. I like the parts where Slash and Jam make Linda inredibly frustrated. Poor guys, they need to relize they shouldn't make girls angry.


In SBK2, there are a total of 9 characters to play as, but 6 are playable from the start. We got "Slash Kamei, Nancy Neil, Jam Kuehnemund, Linda Maltinie, Tommy Parsy, Wendy Lane, Damian, Coach, and Mr.Dog".

To be honest, my favorite character is taken to be Linda Maltinie. Why? I love her personality by just being snobbish, angry, cute, and funny. Plus, she's the rich girl with loads of money. And she's got a Mansion the size of 100 Wailords. Despite not having good turning and trick, she's pretty good for speed and balance.

Other characters that are pretty cool are Slash, Nancy, and Wendy. Slash would be the first character I recommend using for the first time. He's got great trick, balance and speed. His character isn't my all time favorite, just being the mean guy to poor Linda.


Nancy on the other hand is the cutest, and seems to be the kindest of all. Eh, her Speed is really not the best, but so's Wendy's and Mr.Dogs', but she's got wonderful Turning and Trick. I think you'll like her if you understand she's very friendly. Wendy isn't one of my favorites because she's the new girl. I like her use to inventing many things, like a Shrink Ray or a UFO. Everyone seems to like her, and so would I. She even creates the first boss!

Though, there are two characters Im not so good with playing: Jam and Tommy. Jam is ok to play sometimes, but I don't like his personality more than Slash. Tommy's very difficult for me to play as sometimes. A bit more skilled gamers than me could do well with playing Tommy. Jam's almost got a similar personality as Slash, but Jams got amazing trick and turn. Speed a tiny bit bad for him. Tommy may have great speed, but his trick and turn aren't the best at all. Same goes with Mr.Dog, he's got the same states as Tommy.

Coach is the best character to play, if you want a good racer with excellent Trick and Turning. He's got a lack of good speed, but he'll promise a lot of good balance. He doesn't have a role in the story plot, like Mr.Dog (he only takes care of the boards in the shop and paint them in the paint story), but he does take a role in the Side Races by teaching Trick.

As Damian seems to be the main antagonist, he's overall the funniest and most clumpsy. He shows a lot of hatred towards losing and failing, who wouldn't, but he reveals to be in love with Nancy a lot. After you beat him as the final boss, she tries to calm him down from his crying. That's what I want a girl to do to me if I ever feel sad like Damian. In fact, Damian is the best out of all the balace characters, and his turning is phenomenal. His trick lacks interest from me, but a pretty good character to play. So I guess I recommend him.

There are a total of three bosses in the game: A Robotic Snowman made by the whiz Wendy! A friend that creates the first boss! Since the girls' old snowman was blasted by the boys before the race in "Jingle Town". All you do is just first bombs and pans at it before the finish line. The second boss is for the Jungle course. A big and orange Dinosaur walks in and scars the kids' rare butterfly. This boss is different to beat, race to the finish before the Dinosaur does. Once you manage to beat the Dinosaur, it flees and all of the rare butterflies come back, especially the yellow one Nancy and the others looked for.

The final boss takes place after Ice Land. Damian gets one more shot to take down the kids, (or do you think it's the last time?), and he stomps in as a Damian Machine. It's just like the Snowman Bot, fire bombs at it until it crashes to the ground. And yes, sometimes these bosses are very difficult to beat. They mainly fire with random items (such as bombs, parachutes, twisters, etc). Yes, it makes me very mad when that happens, but now I can't say they're too easy.



In this game, all of the courses in the game have excellent music for the backgound. Some music is just basic, but is still great to listen to. Some music parts I like are for "Turtle Island, Linda's Castle, and Haunted House". There isn't music for every individual course, but it still fits them well. (Snowy Mountain and Wendy's House share the same music).

But the greatest music piece in the whole game is the ending credits. I can't get enough of it; even just watching the pictures go by and see the characters walking below on the screen, which go in a patten of clothing (Winter/Basic, Summer, Space, Halloween). And the ending picture looks incredible, I just want to find a good quality picture of it on the internet. Sad me, because there's no luck finding one. It's ok though, the creators made this game so jolly to listen through the whole game with awesome music.


Almost all of the items come back from the first game. But there is a new item added to the game. Just like the last game, the items are seperated into two categories: Attack (Red) and Defense (Blue). I favor the Blue items the most, because I would be able to catch up than the Red ones.

My favorite Red item is the Snowman, because it's the only one where I wouldn't get that mad if Im hit with one. I'd use the quote "What goes around, comes around". Because your rivals can either block the items and backfire, or you'd get hit if your right behind them (by which I mean if you attack with Ice or Bombs).

My favorite blue item is the Pans because they are able to attack all three characters where ever they are. It just saddens me they dont hit a rival if they're busy getting out of a falling area or invisible. It's not that I hate the Rocket Boost, but it's just ashame they only last for about 3 seconds. I would prefer the fans more, because they last longer and get some good distance.



What I expected from this game was that there would be courses that didn't have a winter theme...I was quite right. If they didn't, then this might not be an enjoyable game to play. Courses like "Turtle Island, Wendy's House, Linda's Castle, Jungle Forest, Starlight Highway, and Haunted House" seem to be very logical places for snowboarding. Yeah, I am so kidding. But I like they fact they got creative for Wendy's House, and how I got to know Linda more by racing in her house. Wow, she's so concided. Starlight Highway was extremely fun to race in. Like I was in the solar system itself. But it's really not my favorite of all time. Haunted House is the same, but I love the music in it. Very creepy and low beat.



This was definitely a super fun game to play, and I enjoyed every single second playing it. All the characters were amazing in the game, and got great character development. The courses are all fun to play, and have great music to match. The storyline is amusing to enjoy, and wonderful to watch. I mean, I really dont want to skip any cutscenes at all, even if I've seen them about ten times.

If your looking for a good game to play on the Nintendo 64, I recommend playing this game. If your either a snowboarder or just a gamer, it's a great game for the enjoyment and entertainment.

I give this game a final grade of 9.9/10.

06-16-2009, 11:00 AM
It's a good review, but instead of spliting your review up into sections have it all as one big review. (Still use paragraphs though) It flows better that way. I mean, have you ever seen a review in a magazine that's split up into different headings? You can still keep your review the same, just remove the headings. Apart from that, it was great :)

06-16-2009, 11:05 AM
Thanks DeaP. And yeah, I might be getting tired of the spliting as well, so Ill go ahead and work around that. Thanks again!

06-16-2009, 12:26 PM
I loved this game for the 64, Multiplayer was really fun. Essentailly its a 100% downhill mario kart, but its fun and i reallly liked all the courses. I think some parts drag on a little bit in your review, but you defintly hit all the major points of the game. Good game and good review~! You should review the DS one if you have D: lol I always wanted to try that one~.

06-16-2009, 12:31 PM
Oh I'm getting that game soon, but I haven't played it at all. I know it did poorly, but that's for me to judge. Thanks again for reading Oculin. :)

06-16-2009, 12:42 PM
Oh I'm getting that game soon, but I haven't played it at all. I know it did poorly, but that's for me to judge. Thanks again for reading Oculin. :)
Yeah i tend to be alot more forgiving in my reviews as long as i have fun with it. I can over look alot of stuff before it completly breaks a game for me. I can tell from reading your reviews taht fun factor is defintly the #1 score modifier for you, i think thats good :D

06-16-2009, 05:52 PM
Haha, and I saw this review and was wondering "where are the headings?" I see a lot more online reviews have it into categories, but if it's not in categories, putting all aspects together. Other than that, I enjoyed the review, I read through the whole thing and I have a definite understanding of it now :).

06-16-2009, 05:58 PM
I see you've removed the headings but kept the scores. Maybe just put all the scores and headings at the bottom. That was my idea. Sorta like:

[Review Here]
Gameplay : 9
Items : 10
Overall : 9.9/10

Or whatever, I may be wrong, 'tis just my opinion! =)

06-16-2009, 05:59 PM
Thanks fred. But now...Im seeing that I've been brainwashed by DeaP about the headings. I've done them for all my reviews, and...they're mine. :P Plus, why should I care if the magazines dont do them. Ill go ahead and bring them back.

edit: And thanks again DeaP. I'll take it under consideration during my next review. But for now, Ill just go the way I normally do.

06-16-2009, 06:01 PM
EDIT : After reading your post, sorry if I hurt your feelings. I was just giving my opinion. Everyone to their own, eh?

06-16-2009, 06:04 PM
*evil eyes pkmnfan* Darn you!

06-16-2009, 06:05 PM
Nah, it's ok DeaP. And you really didn't hurt my feelings, I just though I was doing something wrong. :P But no hard feelings here.

06-16-2009, 06:08 PM
Okay, that's good. I just didn't want to be seen as this mean critic :lol: Maybe I was just nit-picking too much. It's your style. I'll leave it. =]

06-17-2009, 02:01 AM
Good review, I personally like the way you do it Pkmnfan. Splitting up the game into categories, I see that on websites. When I finally do my first review I've thought about doing it the same way. :)
I can't help but think of Diddy Kong Racing when I look at that character select screen shot. :D

06-17-2009, 04:18 AM
I was thinking the same thing, and was thinking I may do a review for that game in the future.

06-17-2009, 11:19 AM
HA! I remember that game... *sigh* good times.

06-18-2009, 07:03 PM
I actually kind of liked what I saw on that game. I thought it was fun to watch, and I would want to play that game. Sounds like a good game review 1stpkmnfan.

06-24-2009, 07:07 AM
That franchise was huge part of my childhood. Those were the days. I heard it came out on the DS but I think it was Japan Only *sigh*

06-24-2009, 08:40 AM
That franchise was huge part of my childhood. Those were the days. I heard it came out on the DS but I think it was Japan Only *sigh*
Nah its out here just it didn't perfom well. I dont know about europe though.