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06-20-2009, 09:29 PM

Platforms:Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation, Sega Dreamcast
My Rating:6.5 or 7.0/10
Comments: Compared to Tony Hawk 3 & 4, I don't really like this game. Even as an individual, I don't like this game that much.

Last month I had a yard sale, I put this game up for sale and no one bought it. I decided to give the game a another chance. So 2 weekends later, I decided to pop this sucker in my N64. And my god, was I BORED. (PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS BASED OFF THE FIRST 3-4 LEVELS IN THE GAME. I GOT SO BORED, I STOPPED PLAYING)

Story: This game doesn't really have a story. You pick a well-known skater, and try to rise through the ranks to become a skilled skater. Nothing special.

Music: I want to start off with the Music and Graphics because these are the least important part of the game. The music is very bland and boring. The Tony Hawk franchise is known to have licensed music as their soundtracks. However, I didn't recognize anything. This game was made in the late 90s, so was I, so I might not recognize it. But still, there aren't many tracks in the game anyway, and it gets very irritating.

Graphics: The visuals are absolute GARBAGE. The textures are OK, but the game is dark, and run down. (Similar to about 1/10 of the Xbox 360's library!) There is near no color, just gray, black, brown, and barley any blue for the sky. Unlike later Tony Hawk games, the locations are lifeless. No people to watch you, no pedestrians, nothing.

Gameplay: In almost every stage, you need to try and accomplish as many tasks as you can in under two minutes. There are five missions in almost every level. Usually about the same thing.

Rack Up a good score
Rack Up a better score
Accomplish a special task in the level
Collect the S-K-A-T-E letters
Find the secret tape

Unless you know this game absolutely front to back, you won't get all of these done in just 2 minutes. If you activate multiple tricks, you can start a "Special" meter. It acts similar to a multiplayer in a Sh'mup. (Shoot-Em Up). To unlock more metals you need to accomplish multiple missions.

Before you start a level, you can customize your board. With the exception of what board you choose and your handle settings, it is almost pointless.

The controls is a different story. Unlike the later games, this game does NOT use the A button to accelerate. You heard me right, NOT the A button. Instead it is Down-C. If you hold it, you go faster, when you let go, you jump. When approaching a rail, edge of a half-pipe, or whatever, press Up-C to activate you trick. Use the control stick to turn, and use the L & R buttons for camera. he controls work, but it is so strange. It was hard to get used to. As a matter of fact, when I played this again, when I pressed the A button I thought my controller broke.

2-Player: There is a 2-Player mode, because I didn't have anyone to play with, chances are it is similar to the newer games. Rack up the most points, King of the Hill, do the most tricks on different surfaces. Whatever.

Overall: This game isn't extremely bad, but it is an abomination compared to Tony Hawk 3-4. This game is bad alone. If your going to get a Tony Hawk game, get Tony Hawk 3 or 4. They are MUCH better.

06-20-2009, 11:28 PM
I don't own it so i can't say but i remember playing the demo to death when i first found this game. It was fun but yes defintely inferior to its later entries but hey, its the first game in the series. Id buy it if i was at the garage sell if it was cheap enough D: lol.