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07-21-2009, 04:31 AM
Movie: A haunting in conneticut
released: 2009
non/fiction: non-fiction (supposedly)
movie rating: R
total ranking: 3.2/5

my synopsis:

A haunting in conneticut, in the begining, started off with what looked like a documentary of a woman who had under-gone some... disturbing manifestations caused by a demonic force of a posessed house; however, as the plot goes along it seems a little to dolled up to be a "true story" as the movie title claimed.
Let me start from the begining. In the begining the family is desperatly trying to find a place to relocate to due to their son's cancer treatment, after looking for a good month or so finally carmen snedecker (not aiken as the movie says) decided to move into the house due to a late night drive from the hospital to her house. There the son has disturbing nightmares of ghosts and sounds in the basement. That was just the start of the nightmare in the "house from hell".

Finally the whole Snedecker family moves into the house, unaware of it's long history as a "funeral home". There, as they continue to live in it, disturbing and more disturbing manifestations of a burned young man and other demonic looking corpses become visual and even violent and threatening to the family. The oldest son, dieing of cancer, has the worst of it all after choosing his room in the belly of the beast... The basement of the house where the mortician did his deeds of necromancy and mummification.

The son soon becomes posessed by a dark shadow plagueing the family and they seek out a reverent who is also a cancer patient who has been giving advice to their son. He tries to remove the remains of what they think the main ghost is, the medium who aided the mortician in his deeds. But, as the plot would have it, he was the only good ghost in the home and one removed the wrath of the other trapped spirits assults the family in one horrifying event after another. Finally, the son soon to die due to the wrath of the ghosts, manages to discover over at least fifty mummified corpses burried in the walls and sets the house on fire trying to save his family. He manages to succeed and he flushes out all the spirits by destroying the home, and in some mysterious way... His cancer was cured.

Finally in the credits of the movie, they calim the house has been completely demolished, rebuilt, and sold to another family who has not suffered any disturbing manifestations while inhabiting the house. They also claim truth about the son's health, and how his cancer had been cured. And in the cut scenes they show actual pictures of the house as well as several eerie ghost pictures at the end.

As creepy as the movie is... its honestly just another amityville horror deal.

A show called, "A Haunting," also reviewed the Snedecker family's story; however, the stroy in the movie "A Haunting in Conneticut" and the story, "A Haunting in Conneticut," have both completely different plots. The family in the episode and in an interview, claim they moved into a house with their daughter and three young sons. Soon after they did find tools used by a mortician. There they were supposedly sodomized and raped by demons due to a door being open due to a form of witch craft. Fianlly after several eerie and dangerous encounters the family calls upon "demonologists" Ed and Lorriane Warren, who also inspected the Amityvilel house in New york, and claimed their house was possessed by demons and advised the family to move out... Shocker.

An editor of a magazine called the, "Skeptickle Inquierer" said the land lady of the house found the story rediculous due to the fact no family before and after them had suffered from the demonic manifestations the family had encountered. It also took them two year to vacate the haunted home, so apparently the constant assults from demons wasn't enough to mak them vacate the home.

Finally a man named Garton worked with Ed and lorianne Warren and the Snedecker family in an attempt to write a novel about their experience; however, Garton said the family's story didn't mesh up and when he approaced his editor about it the editor simply said, "Their crazy, just make stuff up, but make it scary." And so Garton did.

So generally the movie had been originally based on "true events"; however, due to the manipulation of Holywood it became just another Amityville horror flick. Now I do believe ghosts are real; however, I doubt what happened to this family was as severe as it had been portrayed in the movie. Just about any story anymore can get you money, and its unclear to me wether they made this up for money... or if they honestly believed this stuff happened to them.

Generally this movie had a lot of fiction in it, just as the amityville horror did, and unfortunatly the fact from the fiction may never be realized unless people do research on it.

I think this movie was a good scare flick, definatly made me jump several times. It had a nice plot, be it true or false, and it had the happy ending. I do not suggest younger children view the movie due to disturbing images and scary moments. I thought this was a good film and I believe yall should give it a try, and remember kids...

"Do not flirt with the spirits, or else you will join them."

My rating for the movie: 4/5 stars.

07-24-2009, 08:12 PM
As creepy as the movie is... its honestly just another amityville horror deal.

I watched this the same day as Baka did oddly enough, and I think that one line sums up the movie pretty much. Based on actual events or not, it's just another Amittyville.