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07-25-2009, 10:09 AM
game: Devil May Cry (DMC)
system: PS2
DoR: October 27, 2001
Genre: Action/RPG
developer: Capcom
Mode: Single player
rating: ESRB M for mature: Violence, adult language, adult situations
trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlfHI4YNWwk
consumer rating: 8/10, 4/5

my synopsis:
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this game, so I'll just do it over the review. Devil may cry was developed by capcom and came out before Resident Evil 4 was released. This has caused a rumor that Devil may Cry spawned from a mess up in Resident evil 4 and that they decided to removed the whole section and used it to create this game, they even say theres easter eggs of things from Resident Evil 4 in the castle to proove this theory though I've never seen them.

Devil May cry was released to NA on October 27th, 2001. Its graphics are a excellent for that time era when it came out, though not really well advertised it is a good game. Excellent if you'r emature enough to handle it. I would not suggest anyone under the age of thirteen play it though.

Devil May cry starts off with the main protagonist Dante relaxing in his shop Devil May cry, shortly answering a call a woman named Trish crashes through his roof and attacks him. After he manages to survive her brutal attack she asks him to come to an island to find and kill the demonic god-like figure named Mundus. Dante accepts, ignoring the fact she looks eerily like his deceased mother who was killed due to an ambush by demons *if you read the graphic novel*. After that opening sequence you open gates on the island and from there you are on your own. You have the whole pathway and main room to practice shooting, using your sword, and how to run, walk...and jump off of things to get around.

As the story thickens in Devil May cry so does the sort of attatchment to the game some people get. The game has puzzles similar to Resident Evil, thus also aiding in the speculation Devil may cry spawned froma screw up, and it has the reckless abandon that most RPGs have. An example is ulimited ammo, oh yes! Well as you proceed through the castle you'll see some grotesque and disturbing manifestations of demons including the marrionettes and nightmare a blobish boss, attack of the blob oh noes, and even some loyal demons like the Gryffin and nelo angelo.

You find multiple empowered weapons, which you do in all the game, and these include the ifrit fists, another sword, and Dante's own father's sword... plus his sword rebellion. You also have Ebony and Ivory the dual guns Dante weilds *which imho ar eht ebest in the game*, a shotgun, and another gun that shoots a sort of plasma out of it to hit the enemies in one devastating blast. Each weapon has their strengths and weaknesses and alter Dante's demon form adding elemental and physical oddities to him which can amke him stronger or weaker to his enemies.

During some parts of the game you'll come across documents or diaries of people who had once lived in the castle, they talk about how the people noticed the weird changes in the inhabitants and how things changed as time went on. Oddly enough you'd think in Resident Evil 4 they'd also include those things since in every Resident evil, including an infamous scene in Resident Evil 1, there is always a document or research paper or diary containing the testimony of a terrified person witnessing horrific mutations whether it be others... or even themselves. This is also probably one of the things that make people speculate the Devil May Mistake that formed from resident Evil 4; however, it may have just been coincidental.

Over all in the end the ending actually does leave you satisfied and appreciative of the game. It has an epic boss fight and a very heart warming ending for such a gothic-sense game of demons and tragedies. You'll eventually come to love the game and its sequals/prequals *can't guanrantee love for DMC2 though >.>* and you'll probably end up playing the game again and again since it honestly never gets old.

My final rating for the game is a 9/10. I think capcom did well when they created this game and I think it deserves more credit than it is given, though it is a very popular game series.

07-25-2009, 12:44 PM
I wasn't a big fan of Devil May Cry series in general but I bought the 5th anniversary collection so i just went with it and beat the other games, the first one is probably my least favorite but it was still a pretty decent game~
Good review ( '-')b I'll probably eventually get IV, just caus i have 1-3 already.

07-25-2009, 01:27 PM
Great review! I love all of the games except DMC 2. I just could never get into that one.

07-25-2009, 03:43 PM
Great review! I love all of the games except DMC 2. I just could never get into that one.
lol oddly enough Devil May Cry 2 is probably my favorite : < lol Minus the girl with red hair, i hated her.