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The Spoony Bard
07-26-2009, 06:49 AM
The first (and likely last) of The Spoony Bard's game reviews. I choose an underrated game that most gamers either refuse to play, or have never heard of.

Feel free to criticize my review.

This is easily one of the best games I own for the Xbox 360. Most sites have very poor reviews of the game, and the only explanation I can think of is that the reviewers didn't even play through a tenth of the game's content.

One thing I would like to point out is that the full title, "Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad", is a misconception. It's considered a "perv game" by most non-players because of said title. However, only one character wears a bikini, and I myself used the Dress-Up mode to make my character wear more than that; though most of the time I was too busy looking at my enemies, compass, and map so I could beat the levels most efficiently.

Graphics: 08 / 10
The graphics are perfectly fine, with current-gen level cutscenes. The in-game graphics are the same, if not better than games such as Halo 3 and Left 4 Dead. It loses one point for random clipping, such as clothing on one of the bosses, and one point for overly unrealistic breast physics.

Sound: 07 / 10
The music gets a bit repetitive, but not by much. Also, the voiceovers were not changed from their original japanese audio, giving the game a more authentic touch. Nothing extraordinary, but the audio in this game is not terrible.

Controls: 08 / 10
The controls are easy to adapt to. There aren't any moments where you'll need to know how to do something, but have no clue how to do it. It won't be too bland though, unless you'd rather zoom through the game without attempting special combos, or completing the full "Cool Combo".

Story: 03 / 10
As the game progresses, it is clear that a storyline is present, but it is barely touched upon; and when it is touched upon, the details are left extremely vague.

Honestly though, anyone playing this game can't have been interested in the story... Right?

Gameplay: 8.5 / 10
Single player and Multiplayer have been merged, in a sense. If you play solo, you select two characters and you can actively switch between them as you wish (with the exception of particular levels in story-mode). In multiplayer, one person selects a character, and the second person selects another character.
The game flows smoothly without any abrupt spikes in difficulty. The different difficulty levels are easy to determine from each other, so it is not all the same.

In multiplayer, the screen is cut in an awkward side-to-side position, making it slightly difficult to see as much as you would expect in most splitscreen games. There is also no option for playing over Xbox Live, being the second downside.


Replay value, longevity: 09 / 10
Onechanbara is easily replayed, and doesn't feel too repetitive even if you're playing the same level. The game itself can be used as an excellent stress reducer, if played on lower difficulties.

Having five difficulty levels can provide a steadily-increasing challenge for even the best players. (I had trouble on VIOLENT, the fourth difficulty. It barely helped prepare me with BERSERK, the fifth/final difficulty.) Knowing what to expect only provides the slightest edge in the more difficult gameplay. There are also modes like Survival that allow you to test your abilities without recovery between levels, and Free Play in which you can play as any of your characters on any level you've already completed.

The game also has DLC containing extra costumes, and playable versions of three bosses, letting you experiment with what it would be like as Reiko, Misery and Himiko.

The "Quest" system can have you playing for hours in attempts to complete them. The quests each have three levels that reward you with unlockable content, and on completing the third level of each quest, you get an achievement. Some quests might not even be completed upon finishing the game, requiring extra playthroughs; but not without extra entertainment.

The Spoony Bard's Overall rating: 09 / 10