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07-28-2009, 12:13 AM
After watching this unique 1993 movie, I have decided to write a review about it. Yes, a lot of people did not like this movie one bit, especially Nintendo Power. But personally, you just need to give it a try. Y'all can tackle me with how much I talk about it, but it ain't gonna help. This is my review, and I shall express my thoughts of this movie. I'd honestly like to complie a lot more in my review, but it'd be awfully too big. So enjoy it.

Super Mario Bros. Movie

Plot Synopsis: (You can either read my version or the longer version, which I cutted down)
So personally, what you are seeing: Daisy was a desendant from the Dinosaurs millions of years ago. So she would be part of a Royal family back in the Dinosaur age. King Koopa (Bowser) apparently got rid of Daisy's mom at the beginning of what this movie shows. Yup, as usual, that's what I would expect from Bowser, but not that evil.

In the present day, Daisy and a few others are being threatned from this area of construction they are working on by a bunch of guys from the goverment. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi's truck collapses due to the engine overheating, so they stop and refresh the engine. While Mario is off into the Drugstore to get Water for the engine. While doing so, Luigi sees Daisy at the pay phone, to get help at the construction site. Luigi helps her out by sparing her some change for the phone. After that, they find some love between each other and throughout the whole move onwards. Mario comes back and gets the water to cool the engine. Once it refunctioned, they offer Daisy a ride back to the site, and which she agrees. Luigi also ask if they can go on a date that night, which Daisy said yes. So both Luigi and Daisy, and Mario and Daniella (Mario's girlfriend), go out to a resturant. While there, they talk about the Meteor that had to do with the Dinosaurs. Daisy explains abit about the Meteorite she has around her neck, and about her parents.

Also, Iggy and Spike are still spying on Daisy to get get for Meteorite for Koopa. They go after Daniella by mistake after Mario and Luigi drop her off at her apartment. So, they still move onto capture her.

The reason Koopa needs Daisy is only because of her Meteorite necklace. And which, he will be able to merge both his (Dinohattan) and the real world.

The film begins at the future site of Brooklyn, sixty-five million years ago (from 1993). In an animated segment, viewers see that dinosaurs, such as a brachiosaurus and triceratops, dominated Earth due to their large size. Long before humans existed, small mammals, such as one resembling a skunk, coexisted with the dinosaurs and life was good. However, when a giant meteorite crashed into Earth, many dinosaurs were destroyed and the remaining banished to the parallel dimension created by the meteor's impact. There, the evolution of the dinosaurs continued and they became, according to the narration, "intelligent, vicious, aggressive beings" just like humans. The narration begs the question, "What if they found a way back?"

Twenty years before present day (1973 using 1993 as the present), a young woman hurriedly runs down an unidentified Brooklyn street to the steps of the St. Theresa's cathedral, carrying a bundle covered in a red blanket. There, she places her bundle down, revealing an egg-shaped protective case. Placing a blue rock shard into an opening on the case, she lovingly strokes the case, pounds on the door repeatedly, and flees. A nun opened the door, saw the case, and took it into the cathedral with her. The young lady continues to run down the Brooklyn streets, narrowly dodging honking drivers. She then climbed down into an open manhole. Back at the church, the nuns observe the case as it opens, revealing a large egg.

The young lady continues to run down a long sewer tunnel, frequently looking back. As she backs into another tunnel, she runs into a tall, sinister man, who asks her where the rock is. She jumps away from him and exclaims, "Koopa!" As the tunnel begins to collapse around the young woman, Koopa blocks the exit, leaving her to be crushed as she screams. Back at the Cathedral, the egg hatched to reveal an evidently human baby girl.

In present day (1993), Mario Mario and Luigi Mario were at their home and business, Mario Brothers Plumbing Services. Luigi lay on the couch, eating snacks and watching a television program, Our Miraculous World, in which the host introduced the concept of other dimensions, alternate worlds separated by time and space which somehow remained continuous with Earth's dimension. As the show continued, Mario picked up the phone and began speaking with the River Front Café regarding a broken dishwasher. As the brothers prepared to leave for the job, he and Luigi discussed the television show. Luigi was enthusiastic while Mario gruffly proclaimed that the only miracle he knew of was that they were still eating while they were going broke. Mario then complained that Luigi was spending money on the New York Post, a newspaper Mario believed to be full of fiction. Luigi protested that it had the article on the missing Brooklyn girls, but Mario cited an article about a scientist who turned his brain into cheese. Luigi confidently responded that, "Anything is possible, Mario, you just gotta believe!" Belittlingly, Mario retorted that he did believe: he believed their rent was three months overdue.

Meanwhile, a newscaster discussed the closing of one of New York's largest construction projects, located near the Brooklyn Bridge, as New York University students continued to excavate dinosaur bones in the area. Head construction contractor Anthony Scapelli arrived in a black limousine, waving to the construction workers protesting the dig as he emerged. Noticing his arrival, a blonde, female student named Daisy approached him and insisted that they will continue as long as their quarterly lasted. Unshaken, Scapelli threatened Daisy, reminding her of the young women who had gone missing all over town. With a face of disbelief, Daisy left, declaring her intention to contact the university.

One night, Mario, Luigi, Daisy, and Mario's girlfriend, Daniella went to an Italian restaurant together. Daisy and Daniella discussed the dig: Scapelli's digging team had found iridium, meaning that a meteorite had struck at that location.
Findings suggested that the meteorite could have been the same one that destroyed the dinosaurs. The conversation shifted to the meteorite shard Daisy wore around her neck. She revealed that she never took it off for sentimental reasons: having been abandoned as a child and left at St. Thereas's on Fulton Street, the rock was her only remembrance from when she was found.


What caught me is that this movie gave some sceentime of Daisy more than Mario or Luigi. Not ever Peach appeared in the movie, though I suppose Daniella, Mario's Girlfriend, is kind of like Peach. But she was more of a recurring character in this movie.

Yoshi... at first, made me a bit scared from seeing a screen shot of him. Yeah, they made him a regular Dinosaur, but was also cute at the same time. Despite how he looked, he was a great character in the movie. I also gave myself a laugh when Yoshi used his tounge to save Daisy from Lena. I got peeved, during that same scene, she stabbed Yoshi with that needle or something to use on Daisy. But thank goodness in the following scene, Yoshi was ok after Daisy removed it.


Also, some famous enemies you see in this movie appear as well. Like, the Goombas, Toad, the Bomb-Ombs and Bullet Bills have a role. I didn't know who were the Goombas till later, and they were like the guards of Koopa's tower/building. They looked kind of wierd, but also funny at the same time. It was just the elevator scene that looked hilarious with like 9 of them just dancing to the music. Toad, I didn't see too much of him. But I remember he looked pretty small, and I think a lizard. Not too sure, so I should go back and look at that.

Ok, I didn't see this coming, but two of the antagonist are potraying Wario and Waluigi. Though it's hard to tell which is which. But in this movie, they are named: Iggy ans Spike. What the do in the movie is basically kidnap any lady that would have the Meteorite shard. Thus, they were in success to capture Daisy at some points, but they were fooled to get the Meteorite.

As for Koopa, he was evil as ever like I stated, and had that mood any villain would have. His hairstyle looked pretty devilish, so that convinced me a bit. Not much of a scary guy at first, but he's so out of control. His second in command, Lena, was more creepier in this movie. She seems more wild than Koopa at some point.

Now, for Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. Mario was a pretty lovable guy, and he's always there to help Luigi and others out when something awry. He seems to be the boss around, and which he makes Luigi do most of the stuff in their coorperation. Luigi was kind of like my favorite in this movie, because he's so confident with everything, inorder to help out Daisy and get her back. So, this seemed like Luigi saving Daisy more than Mario saving Peach. Overall, these were some great characters, and I don't have a big problem with them.


Location and Setting:
There were like a lot of elements and effects frankly fits the movie quite nicely. Just some effects that grossed me out were like the fungus and all the mind popping face lifts by Koopa sometimes. Also, seeing many creatures in this movie looks undoubtfully unique. Both creeey and interesting at the same time. What caught me is that there were many elements from the games that were named as locations throughout the movie. That was a nice add-in.

Brooklyn- This city of the movie is just like how you would see it in our world. Of course, it's located in the state of New York. Brooklyn is also the city where the Mario Bros. live. There were many elements that showed how the city looks like in general from 1993. It had that old and classic look a bit, but it's almost a bit like we see it today. Overall, this is the only location on Earth that takes place in the main story. And has a connection to Dinohattan, but they are unmerged for some time.

Dinohattan- Running around a giant meteorite whose edges glowed blue, Luigi and Mario chased after Daisy and her kidnappers, who claimed to be taking her back to where she belonged. As the brothers left the cage through a metallic door, they entered a crowded, noisy, fungus-covered street in Dinohattan. Pushing through the crowds, they stop dead in their tracks and look around, taking in their strange surroundings. In horror, they jump up and look around, observing the oddly dressed people around them. A woman pushing her egg along in a stroller fought off a man who obsessed over it, calling the egg her baby. Huddled behind a building support, Mario and Luigi determine that they are not in Brooklyn anymore. No one takes action when man riding a bicycle crashes into a guardrail and flips onto the street below and a hidden, monstrous Goomba growls at the brothers from the shadows.


Critical Reaction:
Ok, I do understand that there was a lot of bad critical reception back in 1993 when this movie was released. I would imagine it's because of how the movie doesn't relate to the games' plot at all. And this is what I have to say to that "Who Cares?" When I first watched this movie, I gave it a shot and imagined it not to be like the movies. It made the movie look good, and Im glad they didn't make it like the games. Just picture it like any other movie, and it's fine. I personally made this movie one of my favs to watch. It's a really old movie, and of course it's not gonna have 'amazing' graphics. Though, what they did use was pretty good.

I don't blame Nintendo Power for giving it a comment I would expect. Back in their May 2006 issue, they quoted "Yes, it happened. Let us speak no more of it". It brings me tears to see that there is a lot of people who just don't want to discuss the movie and have a good time with it.

Also brought tears when the actor "Bob Hoskins" (the actor of Mario) quoted this was one of his worse movies to act in. I dont like it when actors don't like their movies. It seems they wasted their time for nothing, or just don't see the positives of the movie.

Though, what was a bit more happy is that the man himself, Shigeru Miyamoto, made a comment that he enjoyed the movie. His only con about it is that it was true to the games. And which is contrast to all other critics.


So basically, this is a really good movie to my heart. Yes, there are many opinons that are good too, but mostly are bad. That, I hardly like at all. The most irratating opinions are just the ones I don't like a lot. If you want to see this movie, and have good comments about it, and/or have some minor bad things about it, that's fine. But if you're just gonna trash it, there's no way I'd want to hear those.

What I like the most about this movie, is that it has that classic look in old movies, and all they did what truly dedicated. I just wish all of the cast members enjoyed doing it. They pulled it off, and it seemed like a lot of hard work.

Super Mario Bros. are one of my favorite video gaming franchises, and the movie is included as well. Seeing these guys in video games to the silverscreen is overwhelming, but their popularity is so strong they make the apperances to the public outstanding.

Thank you again for reading my review for The Super Mario Bros. Movies. I thouroghly enjoyed it, and Im sure some of yall might as well. Let the world know Mario and Luigi are a bunch of great plumbers who have been successful for years, and they continue to do so.


I give this movie a final grade of 9/10

07-28-2009, 12:36 AM
Oh wow, I totally forgot about this movie! I remember I used to love watching it. I remember there was a part where Mario and a bunch of the kidnapped girls were riding on a mattress down some giant pipe, and I always wanted to do that. And I loved when everyone freaked over the bomb-omb in the street. xD

Excellent review, though! I didn't really know that it had a lot of bad reviews. I thought that it was well made, especially considering how old it is. But this review brought back a lot of memories, and now I kind of want to go out and find a copy of this to rewatch it.

07-28-2009, 06:55 AM
Haha I used to love this movie when I was smaller.

Very nice review.

07-28-2009, 07:01 AM
Very nice review Pkmnfan, looks interesting to watch. If I find it, I'll get it. :)

07-28-2009, 07:38 AM
I remember there was a part where Mario and a bunch of the kidnapped girls were riding on a mattress down some giant pipe, and I always wanted to do that.

Oh yeah, I remember that part of the movie. I thought that looked fun as well. XD

And thanks for the comments guys. :) I'm thinking about getting it on DVD once more.

07-28-2009, 04:05 PM
I loved this movie BECAUSE it was so cheesy. Goombas were giant monsters, King Koopa was a humanoid dino-descendant, Luigi was Mario's adopted son pretty much, Princess Toadstool was nowhere to be seen, Big Bertha was a very large woman instead of a fish, there was only one toad from what I've seen, the king of the Mushroom Kingdom got turned into a giant pile of fungus, And the best part was that Bob-ombs walked on walls and ceilings.

For a videogame movie adaptation, I thought it was pretty good.

07-28-2009, 07:23 PM
Wow, first positive review of this movie ever I think! xD Great review! =]

07-29-2009, 02:19 AM
Good review, amazingly, I've never seen this movie from beginning to end, just small bits and pieces.

07-29-2009, 08:13 AM
The pictures and scenes you described seem so awesome, I just HAVE to see this hahaha ^^

Edit: Currently Watching.
First Impression :
Holy ****, this is great XD
Luigi is great man. Wow, this movie is just full of cheese haha ^^

07-29-2009, 08:30 AM
I tried watching this movie again a few weeks ago and simply couldn't finish it. I normally have a hard time watching older movies I liked as a kid, but can usually suffer through them for the nostalgia they bring - this one unfortunately brings back no good memories.

I'll always prefer the awesome Mario Cartoon, not to mention the Super Mario Bros Super Show, which was great in all its cheesiness!

07-29-2009, 09:10 AM
I have to admit, I enjoy this movie. It is not the best movie ever, and I don't think I would rate it as high as you pkmnfan, but it is enjoyable to me.

Nice review. :)

07-29-2009, 10:59 PM
I really enjoyed the Super Mario Bros. Movie. I probably would have rated what you rated. I thought the best part was the
[spoiler:3h5s9m9v]I thought the best part was the fungus parts of the movie.[/spoiler:3h5s9m9v]

I don't think I could do any better myself pkmnfan, Perfect review in my opinion.

07-29-2009, 11:54 PM
My dad watched this with me when I was little. I loved it then. I'm gonna have to watch it again, though, to see what I'd think of it now...

07-30-2009, 03:19 PM
My dad watched this with me when I was little. I loved it then. I'm gonna have to watch it again, though, to see what I'd think of it now...

I think that is an awesome idea there whitemage.

07-30-2009, 03:24 PM
Saw this only once when i was a kid but i thought it was good.

07-30-2009, 05:30 PM
I think the only person that would be proud of this abomination of a film is Ed Wood. I'm a connoisseur of bad/b/camp/cheese movies but this movie is simply put, awful. The plot is convoluted, the characters are completely underdeveloped and come on gents, those "goombas" are atrocious. I'd rather watch the crappy cartoon. My 2 cents.


08-02-2009, 11:46 AM
This movie is soooo flawed!!! Ill make one note. During the car chase he used breaks to evade the cops, but after they fly out the end of a unfinished tunnel luigi yells "HIT THE BRAKES". Mario says " THERE ARE NONE". Grrrrr :/ Im not gunna rant. I remember watching this when i was you and i thought "This is mario?". Recently watching it again my thoughts were that Its Doomed To Fail.