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08-02-2009, 03:48 PM
My fifth review
BobberyFan98's New Play Control! Pikmin Review
Storyline: The game starts out showing you that captian olimar (the games protagnist), has decided to go on an vacation thru the cosmos. While traveling, his ship is hit by a meteor, and he is sent plumeting to an unkown planet. When he wakes up, he finds that his ship has crashed and 30 of his ship's pieces have been scattered around the planet, and he also only has a month before his life support in his spacesuit fails. While he is looking around, he finds the pirculiar creatures known as pikmin, who seem to follow him after he plucks them as if hes thier master. So he uses his pikmin to his advantage by making them move things, carrying things, and killing other creatures around the planet that threaten him and the pikmin. So now he must find all his ship parts before his life support fails.....

Gameplay: Now the gameplay is this, you have the impact site (the tutorial level), the forest of hope (a forest level where you discover yellow pikmin), the forest navel (a cavernous level where you discover blue pikmin), The distant spring (a spring area where you have the optional boss the smoky progg), and the final trial (the final area with the final boss emperor bulblax). There are 3 types of pikmin: Red pikmin (which can withstand fire), Yellow pikmin (which can be thrown the highest and can hold bomb rocks), and blue pikmin (which can withstand water). The pikmin have 3 stages of evolution: leaf, bud, and flower. Leaf is the weakest stage, bud is right in the middle, and flower is the most powerful. You have 2 options of evolving them: keep them planted in the ground, or use nectar which comes from the grass that the pikmin can pluck. You also (which is very important), only have 30 days to complete the game, and 15 minutes in each day (15 x 30, do the math). I hope i didn't miss anything, but if i did, be sure to inform me and ill edit it. Now onto the graphics.

Graphics: Now i will say this, this game looks ALOT like the gc version, so sadly, all i have to say is that the graphics are detailed, but i suggest just reading a review of the original if you really want to know about the graphics.

Controls: The controls work well, but i really just need to tell you the controls:
A button: throw pikmin/pluck pikmin/hit enemys
B button: whistle
Down on the d-pad: point pikmin in direction
Up on the d-pad: switch from normal view to top down view
Left and right on the d-pad: zoom in and zoom out
Z button: postion camera behind olimar
C button: dismiss pikmin
Control stick:..........if you don't know what this does, your an idiot.

Story: 7.5/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 8.5/10
Controls: 10/10

Final Verdict: a great real-time strategy game, and if your a newcomer to the series and a wii owner, definetly buy this game.