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08-18-2009, 03:21 PM
A few of y'all we're expecting me to do this review. And you all expected correctly. I wanted to do this kind of review a lot as well, so I'm gonna tell yall how unqiue this game was for the last few weeks. It's definitely a game that's got pros and cons, but I feel like there's more cons that are noticable. We'll here it goes.

SBK: Snowboard Kids
SBK: Snowboard Kids is the 4th game in the Snowboard Kids series. It was released November 22, 2005 in the US by Atlus and in-glove (apparently Racdym did not become partners with Atlus anymore). There's some benefits on this game's release and also a lot of negative impacts that rose when this game came out. And though the name is the same as the other games, the characters are teenagers in this installment.

To be honest, I honestly don't see much of a huge story in this game. But the character explinations, when you begin a World Championship Class, shows the story being made. There's 6 individual character stories, as soon as you play them in the World championship selection. Their explinations are anime related, and lack a lot of cartoon styles in which I miss a lot.

There's a lot of rivalry between Slash and Brad (after Slash lost to him in the previous tournament), and which shows some competition between these two alone. Nancy has suddently started to act like Linda, since Nancy got rid of her kindness. Tommy is becoming the evil one, and is actually falling for Nancy, especially trying to get her to notice him. (sound familiar? Teenage boys/girls?) I really have no comment for Jam (same for Slash). He's not that much of an interesting character to me, as it seems he hasn't changed at all. His only reason he's in the tournament is to show how cool he is. (Wow...)

And for Koyuki, I consider her a decent new character. Though, I would believe she's like Sinobin and Kaede. But I believe she's got no knowledge of being like them.


The controls are mostly the same like the last games. But the tricks they include are a bit detailed, much as naming them everytime you make a trick in big air. Most noticable, they got rid of the coin count bar, and just added in a Points cound. So you buy stuff in the shop depending how much points you got total.


Now there's the Boss Battles. One thing I don't like about this selection, is that there's only one type of boss: a robot that skies all the way down to the finish line. So you have to attack it 4 times to defeat it. And what's worse is that there's like 4 places in the track you can hit him. What irriates me is that if you're a little off angle to fire a Snowball at him (yeah, that's the only item you gain a few times, in a Boss Battle, by gaining points to earn one everytime. Which means no Item Boxes appear at all), you miss. And I've repeated several times to beat him. Another feature to Boss Battles, is that you need a required points amount to move on to the next selection in the World Championships.

I have yet to finish most of the game. But apparently, once you beat all Classes (C, B, and A) you beat the game. I, so far, completed classes C and B. Class A is what I'm currently going through.


As I've stated in the Story selection, the characters have changed a lot, due to being deformed from cute, big nose, style-esque to anime-esuqe. Not a lot of the characters are the same as they were from the old games. And a lot of them don't appear in this game. But, only 4 of them return (Slash Kamei, Nancy Neil, Jam Kuehnemund, Tommy Parsy) and 4 of them are new (Brad Maltinie, Koyuki Tanaka, Max (Coach), and Jack Frost/Black Frost (the Atlus mascot))

Truth to be told, Slash and Jam are like the only two characters who haven't changed a bit in the games. But their apperances were just changed a bit. So it's great to have these guys back in this game.

Nancy's attitude completely changes as she becomes nasty towards others and looks down on them. She believes she is better and enters the contest in the game to prove that she is the best.

Like Nancy, Tommy turns over his kindhearted attitude in favor of bullying. He meets Nancy at a picnic and falls in love with her. His purpose for competing in the World Tour Challenge is to win Nancy over

Brad Maltinie, as one of the new characters, enters the tournament in order to change Nancy's views of others and make her treat people nicely. So he follows her to the tournament to accomplish that goal (because his sister Linda and Nancy are close friends and doesn't want Nancy to end up being like his sister). While entering the tournament he meets an old rival, Slash Kamei, who he beat in a previous tournament. His older sister is Linda Maltinie.


Koyuki is a ninja and is with a clan. She saw a snowboard competition while in Japan and quickly took it upon herself to learn. She heard of the World Tour Challenge and decided to enter, her superiors gave her the OK and she joined the tournament determined to win and prove herself a great snowboarder.

Max and Jack (Black) Frost are the secret characters you can unlock in this game. But, they are two characters who don't have much of a big role anyway. They just enter for fun, as their description says for their gameplay.


A lot of the items that are from SBK: 1, +, and 2 have been discontinued. But a few of them we're replaced and changed into something that fits SBK: Snowboard Kids. For example, a lot of the new items include a Ice Wall. Where it'll stop you if you end up getting hit by it. There are a few items that are minor, but they're very un-noticale. In which, I would hardly even remember their name. But, I'm very glad that the invisible item is back in this game. Of coarse, it is a lot different though, since you only appear transparent, and not completly invisible.


Especially, all the characters have a character only item to fire others to (like Mario Kart-Double Dash!!). Slash has lightning orbs, Brad has Fire balls, Nancy has Icicles, and Koyuki has Surikens. Personally, they're quite ok, but they hardly related to the past games. Something new like this kind of get's used to,
but highly annoying when other opponets use it constantly.


One style that's related to + and 2 was the clothing. You were able to change the clothing of each of the characters. That's something beneficial to look at. And I'm sure you're able to buy more cloting in the Shop, but all I know is that Boards are sold in the shop. But hey, that's something decent this game brought back.


The racing tracks in SBK: Snowboard Kids hardly impress me at all. They're all basically just snow tracks, and a lot of unapealing background and features. All of the courses are names of the countries the snowboard kids compete in (like France, England, etc.) Though, some parts that appear on the courses fit the theme in general. As I see those two-story buses from England, and such. That's not a bad feature. But anyway, no big deal about how the tracks look. Really, just mediocre.


It's very notable that "Linda Maltinie", the character responsible for starting the competitions in the previous Snowboard Kids games, is absent. And it's clear that she has been replaced by her younger brother "Brad Maltinie". And more importantly, Shinobin and all the playable characters who have debuted "Snowboard Kids Plus" and "Snowboard Kids 2" are also absent.

The characters' super deformed, Yoshi's Island-esque, and large-nosed style have all been discontinued. In this game the characters take on an appearance that is much more standard anime-esque. Some of the characters have gone down with drastic personality changes, the two most noticeable being "Nancy Neil" and "Tommy Parsy". Both were mild-mannered, and especially kind to everyone, but now have become mean-spirited and even borderline antagonistic.

And as it seems, I bet a lot of harcore SBK players were disapointed in how the game turned out. Hardly any cartoon entertainment to be spotted. But, I'm quite glad they didn't get rid of the cartoon like characters as secret characters. Probably another big note to remember for this games.


Now that we have come to an end for this review, I just want yall to know that SBK: Snowboard Kids is a horrible game overall, it's still nice to have this game in the series. Though, it's been about 6 years between "Snowboard Kids 2" and "SBK: Snowboard Kids" released, I don't know what the creators were thinking in production of this game. This is definitely one of the games I would not recommend playing, if you're just getting into the series. Unless you still feel like trying it out DS style. But if you want to give this game a try, then I say go for it. It's not up to me at all, as it's your desicion.

But I've read at a few places that Atlus would not give up on Snowboard Kids in general. But it's really been awhile, so I doubt anything in SBK would come out very soon. I'm not giving up on the series just yet, I have som hope. But I don't know where Atlus is going with this at all. Just know I love this series so much.

Thanks for reading my review of SBK: Snowboard Kids

I give this game a final grade of 6.5/10

08-18-2009, 05:12 PM
Another good review PKMN! =D
Well done! =D

08-19-2009, 01:01 PM
Oh man, the story / characters made me rage lol D: I always used Nancy in the other games, and now she is Linda...with blonde hair. I must admit though, the Ice wall item sounds pretty cool. Good review, I still don't know if ill ever pick it up. If it ever saw it cheap enough, I might lol. Sounds like "SBK:Terrible story edition plus crappy items"

08-19-2009, 01:36 PM
Yeah, Im thinking the reason Atlus cutted Linda Maltinie from this game is because she would've been 18. And we all know 18 is the first year of being an ADULT. Which wouldn't fit in being a Snowboard "KID"s game.

But yeah, that's the biggest point I don't like about the game.

Thanks again for reading guys.

08-19-2009, 01:40 PM
urk...*eye twitch*
pkmn, stop making me want to buy these games! *rages*

08-20-2009, 08:29 AM
Surprised you didn't like it much, good job.

08-20-2009, 09:50 AM
Yeah, this is the only game I dont like more than the other three. But believe me I do like the game, just not as much as I thought. It's still a decent DS game. :)