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09-05-2009, 05:04 PM
Hello I'm Doomguy112 and I'm here to give some free advice and software tips, I'll keep it short and sweet.

So you want to record a video, well there aren't many free options for screen captures. But here is what I used.

Camstudio: Far fewer features than Camtasia, but it's free. Will most likely choke on recording anything resource-intensive. It is free however

Let us say you have $300 floating around, well you can buy Camtasia. It's one of the better screen captures. Then you have Webcam Max (P2U). It's nice to have for streaming a game directly over uStream. Fraps (P2U) is a decent SC but it lacks in some areas.

Let's say you have recorded your video and now you need to edit out the two hours you spent looking for that blasted health drink (you know the one, in the alley way) well they have multiple options for that which are free.

Virtualdub: This program is hard to figure out because it does so much awesome stuff. Editing without recompression, audio stream swapping, video joining and splitting, and even onscreen video capture. If there's something you need to do, chances are it can probably be done in Virtualdub.

Avidemux an alternative to Virtualdub, comes complete with a handful of free codecs built in internally, supports AviSynth (through Avsproxy) for more advanced editing than simple cropping and video filters, most codecs with it include multi-core support for encoding, and supports the output to different container types, unlike VirtualDub. Can't use external codecs, so you're limited to what it comes with.

Mediacoder is a great program for encoding video, it can handle pretty much whatever codec you throw at it can also encode audio.

Now you have your video edited and it is ready to be uploaded. Now you have multiple options for this. Youtube is the most common but the 10 minute limit can be a hassle. Viddler is a "better" option as it can support, I believe, two hours. Dailymotion is simple to use and has a 20 minute limit. Veoh is good for subtitled LPs but if the video is over 30 minutes you need their "player" to watch it.

Now just a few tips on commentary, master the art of talking about nothing if the game hits a dry spot. Do not read the lines unless it is bloody small (I'M LOOKING AT YOU DEAD RISING). Do be funny, but don't repeat jokes you've heard from the TV. Do not get angry at the game, no need for some rage here. Do answer questions. The mentioned software can be found with some Google-fu. Hope this is helpful, if not I will delete it :(