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10-04-2009, 07:48 PM

Rocky V was released in 1990 and was for a long time thought to be the last in the series. For this movie, Sylvester Stallone reunited with John G. Avildsen, the director of the first movie. Avildsen would go on to take over as director of this movie, while Stallone would again write and star in it. Rocky V has long been conisdered the worst in the series, and it has made the least at the box office, grossing just over $40 million.

Story - Rocky V starts off with Rocky in the training room after the fight with Drago. His hands are shaking, and he can't make them stop. Duke goes to get Adrian, but when she arrives, Rocky continually calls her "Mick", the name of his former trainer. Adrian calls him down, and they all return home to America. When they step off the plane, they are greeted by a marching band (strangely playing "Gonna Fly Now"), and Rocky's son Robert. At a press conference after the return Rocky announces that he is retiring, but George Washington Duke, a boxing promoter, tries to persuade Rocky to fight one more time. Rocky decides not to fight, and they return home in Philadelphia. Soon after, they find out that Paulie has lost all of their money due to bad business deals. Now dead broke, Rocky is forced to sell the mansion to pay off his debts. The only thing Rocky is allowed to keep is Mickey's gym, which was given to him in Mickey's will. They are forced to move into a house back in the slums, where Rocky decides that he has to take the fight to earn money. After a physical exam, Rocky finds out that he has suffered brain damage from his last fight with Ivan Drago, and is told not to fight anymore in order to avoid any further damage. Rocky decides to re-open the old gym and train fighters their to make money. He employs Duke, while Adrian gets her job back at the pet store, Paulie goes back to the meat packing plant, and his son has to go to a public school in a bad neighborhood. One day, Rocky is visited in the gym by a guy named Tommy Gunn, an up-and-coming fighter who wishes to train with him. Rocky begins to train him and even lets Tommy stay in his house. Tommy starts climbing his way up the ranks with Rocky by his side, and eventually starts asking Rocky for a title shot, and Rocky keeps telling him "soon". George Washington Duke soon gets to Tommy and convinces him that he will get a title shot if he drops Rocky. Tommy agrees, and leaves Rocky one night when George Washington Duke drops by the Rocky household. Rocky tries to convince Tommy otherwise, but Tommy drives off, leaving Rocky for good. As he watches Tommy, his head starts pounding and he sees flashbacks of the fight with Drago. Adrian comes to him to comfort him, but Rocky has reached his limit and lets his frustrations out. He tells Adrian that he felt like a loser since they haad to move back to the old neighborhood, and when Tommy he felt like he was winning too. She calms him down, and together they go back inside. Later on, Tommy wins the title, but is told that he would never be considered the true champion since he didn't beat Rocky. This makes Tommy furious, and he confronts Rocky in a bar. He challenges Rocky to a fight, but Rocky declines. After Tommy punches Paulie, Rocky agrees to the fight saying to Tommy "You knocked him down, why don't you try knockin' me down now". George Washington Duke replies saying "Tommy Gunn only fights in the ring", and Rocky tells him "My ring's outside". Rocky and Tommy go outside and the street fight begins. Surrounded by people and camera men that Tommy brought along, Rocky starts out strong. His family see the fight being shown on TV, and they rush down to the bar. However, Tommy eventually gains the upperhand and manages to knock Rocky down. While Rocky is down, he sees a vision of Mickey who says "I didn't hear no bell" and "Get up, you son of a *****, cuz Mickey loves ya!" Rocky gets up, and tells Tommy that it's not over yet. Rocky, while being cheered on by his friends and family, come back and knocks out Tommy. He goes after George Washington Duke, but is told "Touch me and i'll sue". Rocky punches him anyway, and asks him "Sue me for what?". The movie ends with Rocky and his son running up the stairs of the Art Museum, and as they go inside the museum, a montage of pictures from the series plays over the credits.

Cast - For the fifth time, Rocky Balboa is portrayed by Sylvester Stallone. This time, Rocky loses all his money and is diagnosed with brain damage, effectively ending his boxing career. He is forced to move back to his old neighborhood, and opens Mickey's gym back up. He takes Tommy Gunn under his wing, and leads Tommy up the ranks. While training Tommy, the two grow close, and his relationship with his son suffers. Rocky and his son eventually grow distant but later make up. All is well until Tommy shows up one night looking for a fight. In front of a crowd of people, Rocky beats Tommy in a street fight, and goes back to living his life. Tommy Gunn is played by real life boxer Tommy Morrison. Tommy Gunn is an arrogant up-and-comer in the boxing world, who asks Rocky to be his trainer. When he shows his ungrateful side and leaves Rocky for a chance at the title, he finds out that he will never get the respect he seeks until he beats Rocky. Talia Shire appears for the fifth and final time as Adrian, Rocky's loving wife. She, like always, wants Rocky to retire, and this time gets her wish. She goes back to the pet store when they lose their money, and comforts Rocky in his time of need. Burt Young once again plays Paulie, Rocky's brother in law. Due to his bad decisions, he blows all of Rocky's money. He goes back to his job at the meat packing plant, and is skeptical when Rocky starts training Tommy. When Tommy challenges Rocky to a fight at the bar, Paulie stands up for Rocky and tells Tommy off. Robert Balboa, Rocky's son, is played by Stallone's real life son Sage. In the time between the fight with Drago and Rocky's return home (which is only about a week), Robert has miraculously aged 5 years and is now a teenager. When he is enrolled in the public high school in Rocky's old neighborhood, he is picked on by the school bully and gets beaten up. He starts taking boxing lessons, and eventually comes back and beats up the bully, and they later become friends. When Rocky is in the fight with Tommy, Robert is there supporting him and cheering him on. George Washington Duke is played by Richard Gant. He is a famous boxing promoter who constantly tries to get Rocky to fight again.

Soundtrack - After being replaced by Vince DiCola in Rocky IV, Bill Conti is back as composer in Rocky V. However, the soundtrack is not an original movie score, but instead a collection of music from and inspired by the film. It features mostly rap. The theme song of the series, "Gonna Fly Now", is heard during the scene when Rocky returns from Russia, and also breifly during the street fight when Rocky gets up from being knocked down.

My Rating - 8/10

Rocky V returns Rocky to his roots of a down on his luck boxer living in the slums of Philadelphia. It is considered by most to be the worst in the series, but I don't think it's as bad as they make it seem. The street fight at the end is my favorite fight in the entire series, because it's just so awesome. The montage played over the end credits was a fitting way to end the series, which was what this movie was at the time of release. The series would however be revived and ended for real 16 years later. Again, thanks for reading, and I hope you all enjoyed.