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First Blood was released in 1982, the same year as Rocky III. It is based on a novel, also called "First Blood". It stars Sylvester Stallone, who also wrote the screenplay. Before Stallone was cast, other big name actors were considered for the titular role of John Rambo, such as Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, etc. This movie would go on to be Stallone's first hit movie not named "Rocky", and is often credited with saving his career. Made on a budget of $14 million, the film went on to gross over $47 million in the US, and $125 worldwide.

Story - The movie starts off with John Rambo, a Vietnam vet, going to see one of his friends from the war. When he makes it to the town, he is informed that his friend died of cancer years ago. This upsets him, and he leaves the town. He is next seen crossing a bridge to a small town, where he is spotted by the local sheriff Will Teasle. Upon learning of Rambo's time in Vietnam, he promptly escorts Rambo out of the town. Angry, Rambo starts walking across the bridge again, and this time is arrested. At the jail, he is beaten due to not listening to the other officers. He begins to flashback to his days as a POW, and when one officer, Galt, goes to shave him with a an open blade razor, Rambo loses it and takes out the officers. He steals a motorcycle and escapes to the nearby mountain area. Teasle and his deputies give chase, and they are told to bring him back alive. When Galt, piloting a helicopter, sees Rambo, he disregards orders and shoots at Rambo. The shots miss, and Rambo throws a big rock at the helicopter in self defense. The rock causes Galt to lose control of the helicopter, and he falls to his death. Teasle, having not seen Galt shoot first, vows revenge. Rambo makes his way to a forest type area where he uses his military skills to set up traps that eventually capture many of those after him. Here he confronts Teasle, and threatens him, saying "I'll give you a war you won't believe". The National Guard is called in and they corner Rambo in a mine shaft. It is around this time that Colonel Sam Trautman, Rambo's former commanding officer, arrives on the scene. He tells Teasle exactly what he's up against, and warns him to stop this now. Teasle refuses, and against his orders, the National Guard shoot into the mine shaft with a rocket launcher, blowing the place up. Rambo manages to escape into a tunnel which is filled with rats, which again makes him flashback to his war days. Rambo eventually hijacks a passing army truck carrying an M60 machine gun, and drives off towards the town. He crashes the truck into a gas station in the town, and sets up a roadblock by igniting the spilled gasoline with his lighter. Rambo blows up a few more places to keep Teasle guessing, and then makes his way into the police station. Teasle, who is on the roof of the station, sees Rambo through a window and shoots at him. He misses, and Rambo shoots back and hits Teasle, causing him to fall through the window. when Rambo goes in for the kill, Trautman steps in and tells Rambo that he can't possibly get out alive. Rambo, knowing that he is surrounded, goes off about everything that's happened to him since he returned from the war and the way everyone treated him while he was trying to adapt to civilian life. He eventually breaks down, and after an emotional monologue, he turns himself in.

Cast - Fresh off of Rocky III, Sylvester Stallone was cast as Vietnam vet John Rambo. A Green Beret in the war, Rambo has a hard time adjusting to civilization after returning. He is the last of his unit, and this greatly upsets his and is one of the main driving forces behind his actions in the movie. He is treated badly by almost everyone due to his being in the war, and is called things such as "baby-killer" by those who protested the war. He was only looking for a place to eat when he was picked up by the sheriff, but he wasn't even allowed that. Brian Dennehy plays Will Teasle, the sheriff of the town Rambo tries to enter. He is seemingly one of the people who protested Vietnam based on teh way he treats Rambo, although I don't really think it was ever firmly established. He wants revenge on Rambo for killing one of his men, but has no idea what he is up against. He is too hard-headed to give up even when confronted by Rambo himself and threatened to stop hunting him. Richard Crenna plays Colonel Trautman, Rambo's former commanding officer during the war. He taught Rambo everything he knows, and is the only one who knows what Rambo is truely capable of. He tries to reason with Rambo at various points during the movie, but to no effect. He eventually does get to Rambo, but is so battle hardened by his military experience that he doesn't know how to comfort Rambo when he breaks down.

Kill Count - The main thing the Rambo movies are known for is how violent they are. Most of the movies have a very, very high number of deaths. First Blood however, is more about the psychological portrayal of Rambo after he returns home than it is about going on a killing spree. In fact, only 1 person dies during over the course of the movie, and that was not intentional.

My Rating - 8/10

First Blood is probably my favorite action movie. It kept me on the edge of my seat (figuratively) for the entire time. I thought it was a very realistic, if a little over the top, portrayal of the struggles Vietnam soldiers faced when the returned to America. It is usually considered the best movie in the series, and for good reason. The next 2 movies were more pure-action, whereas this one was more action-drama. I haven't seen much of the second, and even less of the third, so I won't review either of those until I watch them all the way through, which means my next review will be of "Rambo", from 2008. One last thing I'd like to address though, is that I feel i might be spoiling these movies for a lot of people. With the Rocky movies, I figured that most people had already seen them, or wouldn't read the review if they hadn't. If you guys think I should keep the spoilers to a minimun, definitely let me know so I can fix this in my next review. On that note, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed!

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I have yet to see this movie, but I love reading your reviews. And I say that if people haven't seen these movies, they should, even after you give away the spoilers. It entices me to watch it more, since these are classics.

10-12-2009, 06:22 PM
You sure like to do Sylvester Stallone movies. :lol: But still, it's a good review. I never fully saw any of the Rambos (except for Son of Rambo, but that's not really part of the series) but this makes me want to see them even more. :D

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You sure like to do Sylvester Stallone movies. :lol: But still, it's a good review. I never fully saw any of the Rambos (except for Son of Rambo, but that's not really part of the series) but this makes me want to see them even more. :D

Lol yeah well Stallone is my favorite actor. But don't worry, soon i'll be done with Stallone movies and move on to somebody else.

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Great review! I don't think I've ever actually seen the whole movie, probably should some day.

10-23-2009, 12:33 PM
4words i love rambo the movie