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12-21-2009, 07:47 PM
So, whats everyone's opinions on Assassin's creed 2? I really like the game and am well one the way to getting all the achievements, but I wondered what everyone else's thoughts were.
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12-21-2009, 10:49 PM
it was a major improvement from the first one, dont get me wrong, i loved the first one but at time i felt as if i was making myself play.

Nothing of the sort with this sequel.

I loved playing it and even though it took me about 40 hours to beat it, i was a little sad once i beat it, but then i just picked up where i left off on dragons age: origins

12-22-2009, 05:34 PM
I loved it, and i can't compare it to the first seeing as i haven't played enough of it (I started to download it but it took for ages, and i was hooked on playing and completing AC2).

I'm only 5 achievements off til i have all of them, and i think i can say it's one of my favourite games on Xbox along with Fable 2 (I would say fable series but, yet again, i haven't played the first one) and Gears of War2 (I have played the first, but not alot of it). Achievements are easy to get too!

Some bad points though. Not enough time on DaVinci's flying machine (Although controls can get confusing), levels in which you have to walk into groups of people to avoid gaurds (When you shoot the guy on the boat and when you walk into the groups of monks near the very end of the game). The level with the party in Venice, and you do CTF, collecting ribbons etc... Capture the flag was a pain (I got very worried that he would win when it was 2-0 to me and he caught up at 2-2. Turns out the more flags (out of 3) you have the closer he gets) and the race was an annoyance, seeing as it took me 4 tries (completing after i done CTF).

Seeing as i found getting the achievements is easy, i found out that there is a tricky one, 'Venetian Gladiator - Find the tomb inside Santa Maria della Visitazione'. I found the controls were quite annoying, as you learn new controls and you are timed, so it seems as if you're under pressure (even though you can retry), it took me 4-6 tries...In which i raged many a time. Apart from achievements that could take a while, like collectiong 100 feathers, that's the only achievement i found a pain that i've tried going for (Haven't tried No-hitter yet...)