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01-18-2010, 09:33 AM
This is a review of the game God of war 2 for the ps2.

The game sets foot in ancient greece, in the dark side of greece mythology. Kratos powers as a god get's stripped by zeus and looses his immortality, the struggle for revenge againsZeus begins...

God of war 2 is a game filled with alot of action and holds alot of story aswell. I will review the game from theese aspects: Gameplay, controls, music and replayability.

The gameplay in god of war 2 is brilliant, there's alot of option to choose from when it comes to different weapons and magic and you gain new abilities as you progress. The battles are immense and get's you engaged in them so well. There is alot of variance when it comes to attacks and combos and they are well executed gameplaywise. When it comes to bosses the boss battles are very well made and none is like the other. The battles immerses you and get the blood pumping. They are challening but beatable. The puzzle side of the game is interesting also, some of the puzzles are more obvius than others but the balance is fairly good. Overall this game recieves a 9/10 gameplay wise.

The controlls in this game recieve a overall good score having good controlls with well defined actions to the buttons. The buttonplacement for the different abilities and combo attacks are good. One complaint that i do have on them is that they can be to sensitive or not react at all, this was especially painful during some of the harder areas and climbing sections. Due to the controlls being to responsive or unresponsive at times i give them 6/10.

Music in this game is great and all the music get you immerses in the game, the quality of it is great aswell. To keep it short music 10/10

The replayability of this game is high , meaning there is four different playable modes. easy, normal, god and titan mode. There's also alot of secrets to be found in the game. So it definatly allows to play several times over. 10/10 replayability.

So overall this is a great game and i enjoyed it alot, if you're a fan of combat oriented games God of War 2 is a excelent choice mixing stunning graphics, with great combat and puzzle gameplay. To top that off the music is brilliant. The only downside is that the controls aren't the most fluent all the time.

The overall score of this game is a 8/10 with the controls bringing it down a notch.

I hope you enjoyed the review and sorry about possible spelling errors.