View Full Version : Hi everybody

06-19-2010, 11:48 AM
I have been watching many of the marathons and donated for the majority of them. The marathons have all been awesomely executed and a lot of fun to watch.

I finally decided to join this community, it appears really friendly and nice. I probably be mostly reading, but I'll try to throw in a comment from time to time.

Guess I should try to get myself an avatar btw.

06-19-2010, 12:14 PM
well we're glad to have you here in the community! I think I saw you post in another topic somewhere...

06-19-2010, 12:22 PM
Thank you for making me feel really welcome. Makes me rather sure I didn't misjudge the friendliness of this community, which is super awesome.

I only posted in the "Donated to the 2010 Mario Marathon!" thread so far. Got to be there you've seen me post :)