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06-19-2010, 03:23 PM
Hey, everyone.

I've been here since Pokémon '08, but I never joined the forums. I probably should have, right?

Anyway, Mario '10 draws to a close and now I'll have my shiny TSG forums account. It was an incredible marathon, and I could have gotten to see the end, but I missed it on my own fault... disappointing, but can I really be sad about that? $57,000 raised, so many memories (Phil's Mario 64 run, Alan's Mario 64 runs though I only caught the second one, ghost peppers, raves, Oscar's jumping jacks, Tyler getting drop kicked by Chase, the Fangamer video, Tight Pants / Body Rolls, and at least the first take of The Final Countdown, who knew that song could be so emotional?), and a Pipe Vault shirt, how can I say I've missed out?

Well done, TSG, love you guys. I'll be sticking around, and perhaps watching a marathon or two when the series lines up with my interest. Maybe I'll even pick up a new series or two just so I can join in.

Here's to more awesome marathons, my time here, and the three gigabytes of bandwidth your Mario marathon left me with. :3

06-19-2010, 03:26 PM
Try and watch all the marathons, because you ending up broadening your horizons and wanting to play more and more types of games. :D Welcome to TSG forums! ^_^