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06-22-2010, 12:36 PM
:omg: Hey Peoples, My Name is Chris and I have been watching the speed gamers since their Mother Marathon, My Favorite Game series is The Legend of Zelda series, I own an N64, a Wii, an Xbox 360, a Sega Genesis, a Sega Handheld, an NES, a Gameboy Color, a Gameboy Advance, a Gamecube, a DS lite, a PC, a PS1, a PS2, an SNES, and I believe that is all of them, but just watch, right after I post this i will find another system that i forgot i had, anyway, i have literally been playing video games since i was 1 with the original Super Mario Bros for the NES, I am 19 now and my video game skills are phenomenal, I beat Super Mario Galaxy in 4 hours and i can beat Legend of Zelda: OoT in 8 hours, My top 5 Favorite Speed Gamers, in order are: 1. Toast 2. Rob 3. Chugga 4. Phil and 5. StopDropandBear, I live 20 miles from St. Louis, MO, My favorite band is Nirvana, my favorite genre is Grunge/rock, and I guess that's it... :omg: