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Ascension de Pokemon: A story of Action, Adventure, Love, and Drama!

Fancy title for something that probably won't be so fancy haha. But yes, another Pokemon Fanfic . As much as I didn't want want to do one because there's been an uproar of them recently, I think I am going to do one. I've been scribbling down ideas for it (I thought about scanning in the page but it's a mess and is no point) because I've really been wanting to do one. And as you can tell, I have a lot of creative juices flowing as I do Art, Writing, Song writing, Instrument playing, and even a bit of poetry. But I don't feel I am amazing at any of them because I dip my hand into each, so I'm more of a Jack of All Trades.

ANYWHO! If you want to be a part of this story, fill out the info below. If I don't get too much interest from this, I will start making the characters myself .

Info needed:

Type (Trainer, Coordinator, etc):
Relationship with main character and/or other characters:
Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning:

And this is what I'll need specifically:

[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Main Characters:
Justin : Trainer/Coordinator : Justinp
Olivia : Female Coordinator : Justinp
Drew : Male Trainer : DrewStern
Rachel : Female Breeder : Justinp

Occasional Companions:
Amy : Trainer : Buizelbro
Christopher : Trainer : Buizelbro
Seymour : Trainer : ConnorTheCastform
(Name) : Trainer/Coordinator :

Rival Trainers:
Kyle : Trainer : Deadbrain
Sally : Trainer : Deadbrain
Nina : Trainer : ConnorTheCastform
Kyleen : Trainer : ConnorTheCastform

Rival Coordinators:
Raphie : Coordinator : Spuggy
Vendetta Von Raur : Coordinator : Toadstoolnews
Connor : Coordinator : ConnorTheCastform
Star : Coordinator : Someone90

Villains (Team Dusk, uses Dark and Ghost Pokemon):
Ansem : Male Leader : DarkMaster

Villains (Team Bliss, uses Electric Pokemon):
Alexis : Leader : Justinp

Gym Leaders:
Sgt. Surge : Gym Leader : DrewStern
Cadyn : Gym Leader : ConnorTheCastform
Paul : Gym Leader : Deadbrain
Crystal Stone : Gym Leader : Toadstoolnews
Lilly : Gym Leader : DrewStern
(Name) : Gym Leader :
(Name) : Gym Leader :
(Name) : Gym Leader :[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

As you can tell, I have some ideas for specific characters already. Mattering on how much attention this gets, I may add more slots for characters.

I will be doing artwork (mainly of the main characters) at the beginning of each chapter. Maybe it'll show who is primarily in the chapter. I will also try to do chapters from other character's PoV.

Hope you enjoy!

Characters Made:

Justin by Justinp:
[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Justin
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Hometown: New Bark Town
Starters: Will be a surprise
Type (Trainer, Coordinator, etc): Trainer and Coordinator
Relationship with main character and/or other characters: Main
Experience: Starting at the beginning of the story
Appearance: 5'10, average build, short-cut brown hair, hazel eyes. Blue shirt, Jeans, Cap, Gloves.
Personality: Shy at first. Very like-able character. More of a giver than a receiver.
Goal: All-Around Master
Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning: Secret![/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Kyle and Sally by Deadbrain

[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Kyle and Sally

Gender: M and F

Age: 17 and 18

Hometown: Floaroma Town

Starters: Seviper and Zangoose

Type:Trainer/breeder and Trainer/coordinator

Relationship with main character and/or other characters: Rivals

Experience: little-none for both.

Appearance: Kyle: 5ft 7, green jeans and a green shirt, brwon shoes and green hair. Sally: 5ft 8, black under-shirt, pink button-up and short sleeve jacket. blue blouse, brown shoes.

Personality: Kyle: easily excited, fun-loving, and compulsive. Sally: Optimistic, clever and trusting.

Goals: Kyle: To have fun. Sally: to have fun.

Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning: Kyle: Alakazam and Roserade Sally: Wartortle and Eevee[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Ansem by DarkMaster

[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Leader Ansem

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Hometown (any region): Reseort Area

Starter Pokemon Spiritomb
Type of Trainer: Villian
Relationship with main character Villian
Time as Trainer High Skill Level
Appearence: He has spiked black hair with dark eyes. He has the perfect nose and shiny teeth. He has a very good tan even though he wears a black cloak to hide his idenity such as every other member. When he rarely removes his cloak he normally wears a black vest wit black jeans.
Personality: Very hostile except to the commanders of his organization.
Dream: To bring cover the world in darkness[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Drew by DrewStern
[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Drew
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hometown: Vermillion
Starters: Glaceon
Type (Trainer, Coordinator, etc): Trainer
Relationship with main character and/or other characters: Companion
Experience: Some
Appearance: Drew is 5' 9'', has black hair and blue eyes. He wears a flannle shirt with cacky shorts and tennis shoes. He has an athletic build.
Personality: Drew's main goal is to train his Pokemon to be strictly stronger. He is lovable and nice but seems to enjoy drama and conflict between others.
Goal: To conquer the Pokemon League.
Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning: Scizor

Olivia by Justinp
[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Olivia
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hometown: New Bark Town
Starters: Will be a surprise
Type (Trainer, Coordinator, etc): Coordinator
Relationship with main character and/or other characters: Main (Friend)
Experience: Starting at the beginning of the story
Appearance: 5'6, thin, short dark green hair, green eyes. Pink shirt, Jeans, Gloves
Personality: Very Quiet, Hopeless Romantic.
Goal: Top Coordinator
Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning: Secret![/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Raphie by Spuggy

[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Raphie
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hometown: Frodomar City
Starters : Pichu (never in pokeball) and Chikorita
Type (Trainer, Coordinator, etc): Trainer/Coordinator(Pretty much like Nando in the DP serie)
Relationship with main character and/or other characters: Friendly Rival?
Experience: 1 1/2 year

Appearance: 5'3, Blonde/Auburn Hair, Blue eyes. As for the clothes, rather simple, a green and yellow hairpin, a dark green shirt with yellow stripes on the side, the shorts shes wearing are pretty similar to the shirt and last but not least, shes wearing black running shoes. with green stripes on them.

Personality: Raphie is a cheerful girl that never backs down from anything. She also cares alot for other people and for pokemons as well. She also hates being alone for an extended period of time, luckly, she has her Pichu to help a little. When it comes to pokemon, Raph is shining. She already has a ''to-catch'' list of pokemon she wants and will do anything to get them. She believes that a pokemon can beat any other pokemon with style and determination. As for her battle style, she tends to use moves that will make her Pichu shine more than to damage the opponent. she is however extremely careless and forgetful, always misplacing things.
Goal: To conquer the league and to find new pokemons in unexplored corners of the world
Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning : Eevee, Skitty, Roselia[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Rachel by Justinp

[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Rachel
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hometown: Cinnabar Island Pre-Destruction
Starters: Magby
Type (Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder, etc): Breeder
Relationship with main character and/or other characters: Main (Friend)
Experience: Year
Appearance: 5'8, thin, long red hair, red eyes, Red shirt, Jeans
Personality: Outgoing
Goal: Greatest Breeder
Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning: Charmander, Vulpix, Ponyta[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Alexis by Justinp

[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Alexis
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Hometown: Unknown
Starters: Magnezone
Type (Trainer, Coordinator, Breeder, etc): Villian
Relationship with main character and/or other characters: Villian
Experience: Very experienced
Appearance: 6'0, average build, long yellow hair, bright eyes, all white outfit
Personality: Loud, Evil
Goal: Controlling the world
Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning: Other eletrics[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Vendetta Von Raur by Toadstoolnews

[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Vendetta Von Raur (Raur pronounced like rawr)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Hometown (any region): Neon Town (It's a real place in the anima somewhere between the Kanto Safari Zone and Cinnabar Island the town that never sleeps)
Now living in Hearthome City and Fantina's understudy

Starters: Sableye Named Topaz

Type: Coordinator (trying developing a new type of battling called Artistic battling)

Relationship with main character and/or other characters: Rival

Experience: a student under Fantine for about a year.

Appearence: 6"1, Dark red hair shoulder length, deep blue eyes, doesn't smile often, Spring/Summer wear: black sundress, Fall/Winter: Black sweater, hoodies with cut-off sleeves, jeans, has pokeflute necklace (it really works!)

Personality: A bit cold, can be fun, loves to play the organ, an artistic genius, very clever, takes loses as a learning experience, doesn't hatch eggs, she may be an artistic genius but she can't draw worth crap, she has arachnophobia(?) (fear of people who fear spiders), wants to become a league trainer, at first she hated Fantina but now they have a great student teacher relationship, she has the pokeflute for emergencies, her smile is one of the most beautiful smiles you'll ever see if you can get her to, loves karaoke even if she can't sing, hates criminals of all kinds, secretly has an officer Jenny action figure.

Goal: To have an artistic battling league.

Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning:
Growlithe -> Arcanine (named Jenny)
Clamperl -> Huntail (named pirate)
Baltoy -> Claydol (named 8 eyes)
Combee -> Vespiquen (named Queen)
Unown (? form hidden power dragon named Huh?)
Eevee -> Espeon (wanted an umbreon named light black)[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Sgt. Surge by DrewStern

[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Sgt. surge (Lt. Surge's Son)
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Gym Location: Vermillion or an Army Camp Somewhere
Gym Pokemon: Electrive
Appearance: Sgt. Surge where's Lt. Surge's HGSS uniform. He is 6' 1'' and is pretty much a younger more built version of Lt. Surge.
Personality: Lt. Surge is an abusive, tough trainer who has much battling power. He has a disrespectful personality and likes to get "physical" even outside of battling.[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Gym leader: Cadyn by ConnorTheCastform

Gym typeragon
Gym location:BLackThorn City.
Gym pokemon: Dragonair x2 , gyrados x2 and kingdra
Apparance: A short build. Tall with brown hair. wears tight black pants and a blue long sleeved shirt. He also wears and black cape on occasion
Personailty: Cocky. Smug. Treats challangers like dirt untill he looses to them.[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Connor & Nina by ConnorTheCastform

Gender: Male&Female
Hometown: Mahogany(Nina)&Goldenrod(Connor)
PokemonConnor) Castform,Vileplume gyrados. He later gets a Arcanine espeon and umbreon
Pokemon(Nina) Jynx,Bellosom,starmie. she later gets a jolteon dragonite and noctowl.
PersonailtysConnor) kind helpful and is a workaholic
(Nina) Sweet charming and a slick talker.[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Gym Leader: Paul by DeadBrain
[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Paul

Gender: M

Age: 27

Gym Location: Ecruteak City

Gym Pokemon (between 2-6): 6 rotoms. 1 fan rotom, 1 fridge rotom, 1 wash rotom, 1 mower rotom, 1 microwave rotom and 1 normal rotom. =D

Appearance: 5ft 6. wears a dark brown hood the entire time, and is never actually seen out of it. when he does take the hood off, he has light gray hair with purple eyes.

Personality: a respectful person. he has no parents or other family members who are alive, but is usually very cheerful and happy.[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Star by someone90
[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Star
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Hometown: Floaroma town
Starters: A Vibrava (later evolves into a Flygon)
Type: Coordinator
Relationship with main character and/or other characters: Friendly rival
Experience: A year
Appearance: She's about 5 feet tall and has light-colored skin. She has a white shirt and bright green jacket that gives her a very cheerful appearance. She also wears a miniskirt that's short, but not as much as Dawn's.
Personality: She's very cheerful and optimistic, not willing to give up contests until the end. She always follows her goal and, when she sets her mind to something, she doesn't give up until it follows through. She loves Pokemon a lot, although she tends to spoil them occasionally.
Goal: Her dream for her childhood is to be able to explore all the regions and meet many kinds of new Pokemon, as well as people. Ultimately, she wants to open up a Pokemon therapy center, where tired or restless Pokemon can come to relax and have a great time.
Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning: A Shuckle and Leafeon[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Crystal Stone by Toadstoolnews
[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Crystal Stone
Gender: F
Age: 14
Gym Location: Olivine City
Gym Pokemon (between 2-6):
Matagross (Steven Stone's)
Steelix (Jasmine's)
Mawile (Her's)
Amphy (8 AM - 3 PM only)

Appearance: Light brown hair with hints of blue, light brown eyes, head band with orange bow, dress like Jasmine's, mini purple jacket, flip-flops.

Personality:fun loving, can be a bit timid like her mother, normaly overconfident.

Notes: Mother Jasmine, Father Steven Stone, she not the real gym leader she's taking over for her mother while there on there 2nd Honeymoon.[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Amy Whitticker by Buizelbro
[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Amy Whitticker
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Hometown: Jubilife City (Later moved to sandgem)
Starters: Polywag
Type: Trainer/Coordinator (You can choose, i dont mind :P)
Relationship with main character and/or other characters: Companion, Friendly Rival (occasionally leaves the group but comes back every so often) Again, you can decide what she is
Experience: Mediocre. Amy is naturally talented but a bit ditzy, sometimes losing battles or messing up something by trying to do finishing blows and other overly-fancy techniques during battles. Her father was a coordinator, she gets that from him
Appearance: Amy is about 5"3 with straight blonde hair, Short Jean shorts, and a Dark blue flannel shirt. She wears blue skate shoes, and has a small backpack that oddly enough seems to carry any object, no matter how large. Her hair is long and straight and hangs down over her left eye down to her upper chest. Whenever she laughs, is talking to someone she likes (more than a friend), or is shy, she'll smile and push her hair away from her face. She has electric blue eyes and wears makeup (but not too much), which brings out her eyes even more.
Personality: Amy is a very friendly, yet sort of socially awkward girl. It takes her some getting used to, but when she finally gets to know someone well enough to be considered a friend, she acts extremely uppity and happy around them. Around strangers, however, she tends to zone out, act awkward, or stumble over words. An unfortunate occurrence that seems to happen when around strangers is that she for some reason starts to drool when she talks, and it lands on the person shes talking to. (she tries to avoid it as a rule :P). The only time when talking to strangers that she doesnt mess up her words is when helping or comforting someone. She cares deeply for all people and pokemon and will go to any length to help someone with the smallest deed. She is slightly flirty, but is very flirty around guys she likes. she is very adventurous yet slightly ditzy, and always touches things out of curiosity. She screws things up unintentionally quite often but doesnt tend to get too upset. She usually makes up for her errors quite quickly and well, often giving back more than she destroyed. Despite all this she still feels like a part of her is missing, and strives to find it. How she'll do it, even she doesnt know. She is also a sucker for musicians. Shes a complete audiophile and loves music with all her heart
Goal: Conquer contests/gyms and start a charity that gives poverty stricken kids a basic education and tools in order to be a pokemon trainer/coordinator
Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning: Pichu, Wailmer (you choose the rest)[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Christopher by Buizelbro
[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Christopher Layward
Gender: male
Age: 18
Hometown: Cherrygrove
Starters: Marril, Roselia
Type : Trainer
Relationship with main character and/or other characters: Old Friend of Main Character
Experience: heavy experience. Mikey has already traveled through Sinnoh, collecting all 8 badges and decided to start over in Jhoto, leaving all his pokemon in a day care and catching 6 new ones.
Appearance: Chris is very tall, about 6"2. He has suave Blonde hair swept across his head (similar to Klavier Gavin from Ace Attorney) and wears a silver locket. He never reveals what the locket holds or shows to anyone but often looks at it longingly. His eyes are Green. He wears blue shirt that is somewhat tight against his body and protects him from all weather conditions, hot or cold. He also wears Grey baggy jeans and sneakers.
Personality: Christopher is a very friendly person, and extremely friendly to strangers. Yet, He is somewhat cocky. He often tilts his head and smiles when talking to someone, and leans over due to his height. A bad habit of his is saying "yeah?" at the end of each sentance, turning it into a question. Chris comes off as arrogant and cocky and some people judge him based on this. However, if you get to know him well enough you'll find that he really doesnt want to come off that way. He cares deeply for all living things and would take a bullet for a complete stranger without hesitation. He values all others over himself. Despite this, he will go for broke on his goals at any cost. If he wants to win a gym battle, he will train with no end to win. If he wants to become champion or win a tournament, he Will go to any lengths to win while keeping it fair. Chris is especially good with younger children, and they all seem to love him. He was a friend of Justin's when they were younger, but at age 14 he moved from cherrygrove to sunnyshore city. Justin has not seen him since. Chris is also dedicated to helping others and will gladly take an apprentice. Despite his incredible talent at battling that he aknowlages, he will not consider himself better than someone due to it. He respects all his oponents, human and pokemon.
Goal: to become the most renowned pokemon master in the world, while helping his friends succeed in their goals
Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning: aron, tyrouge, Tauros, Phanpy[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Lilly by DrewStern
[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Name: Lilly
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Gym Location: Violet City
Gym Pokemon (between 2-3): Umbreon
Appearance: Lilly is 5'9 has long black hair (to her waist) and a scar on her left cheek. She wears waist high boots over black tights and for a top wears a pink tang-top with Japenese writing on it. She has red eyes and a tattoo of a dragon on her arm.
Personality: Lilly is a rough, ruffles gym leader who rarely loses to beginners. She is a swordplay experts but is limited to Pokemon on the field. She only talks to her Pokemon and can only be seen in battle. Her other life is a mystery.
(This character is a play on the dark god Lilith)[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Seymour by ConnorTheCastform
Gender: male
Hometown: littleroot town(Hoenn)
Type (Trainer, Coordinator, etc): Trainer
Relationship with main character and/or other characters: On his travels from the diffrent regions he meets up with the gang and decides to see if they want to travel together.
Experience:5 years

Appearance:A tall gangly boy with ice blue hair. He usally wears a simple black sweatshirt with ice blue jeans. but he sometimes takes the sweat shirt off and reaveals that he wears a white T-shirt underneath.

Personality:Calm and collected. He is quite smart and always thinks of the diffrent options in a situation. He it seems. never gets angry or sad. and yet never gets excited or happy.,
Goal: To become a gymleader
Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning:Metagross,gumpig,xatu.[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]

Kyleena by ConnorTheCastform
Hometown: Pastoria city.
Starters: Star raptor,steelix.
Type (Trainer, Coordinator, etc): trainer.
Relationship with main character and/or other characters: She happens upon the gang and duels with each of them. then leaves. but the always seem to run into her again..
Experience:2 years

Appearance: a short girl with flamming red hair. She wears a White short shirl showing her naval. And a skity thats goes down to her knees at the front. but all the way down to the ground at the back. Its red and white.

Personality: Mysterious. No one knows what to expect from her.But that in now way makes her mean. she is quite kind.
Goal: To become an eleite four member
Other Pokemon obtained later, if not at the beginning: Spirtiomb,venasaur,blazekin,empoleon.[/spoiler:2ngxe5k6]



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[spoiler:2ngxe5k6]Top row is the Character and the Left Column is how many times they beat them.