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Part 1: The Station

1. The Chambers

He was in chamber number one, he could tell because of the bright yellow “1” written on the door. The chamber was fairly small, from end to end it contained a bed, which took up most of the space.

From what he could see, chambers two and three were bigger, but there were also more people in it. Chamber two had three people, while Chamber three had two. Chamber four was the same size as his, but there was no one in there.

He tried communicating with the people in the other chambers, but found it impossible. The chambers must have been sound proof, only allowing communication with someone in your own chamber. He did, however, notice a intercom near the ceiling of the chamber, which meant there could be possible communication with someone else.

Even if he could communicate, he didn’t know what he would say. Asking for help would be useless, it looked as if they were trapped too, and telling them his name was out of the question, he didn’t even remember his name anymore.

The intercom crackled a bit before a voice spoke out. It sounded young and full of energy, they were using their real voice.
“Glad to see you’re up,” the intercom voice said. The boy in the chamber didn’t respond. “I bet you would like a name now, wouldn’t you? Well lucky for you I have this handy machine here that randomly generates codenames.” Sounds of a machine powering on could be heard through the intercom, followed by a loud beep signifying the machine has generated a codename. “Ah, that’s perfect, from now on, you will be known as Cursemark”

* * *

“So none of you remember your name?” a boy in Chamber two said to his chamber mates. The other boy quietly said no while the girl shook her head. “Do any of you know how you got here?” The same response as last time. “Well,” he gave a big sigh. “Looks like we’re stuck here with no information at all.”

The girl was looking out of her chamber into the other ones. She looked in chamber one and saw the boy in there looking up towards the intercom, almost like someone was talking to him from it. Over in chamber three was a girl pacing around the chamber and a boy passed out on the floor. They were all passed out a little while ago.

She looked into chamber four and saw it was empty. “He still isn’t back yet,” she said in a low voice, barely audible for her two chamber mates.
“What did you say?” the talkative boy said. The girl didn’t turn around and simply ignored him. Before he could do anything about this, the intercom in their chamber clicked on and an old, raspy voice spoke.

“All right, time to give you all names,” it was a girl speaking, she sounded very bored. “Mr. Talkative, you first.” Machine sounds heard in the background. “Alright, Mr. Talkative is now Zeji. That other boy in there will be known as Justin, and the girl is now Silver Angel. Have a nice day.”

“What just happened?” Zeji questioned himself. Justin and Silver Angel looked just as confused, but didn’t say anything.

* * *

The girl in chamber three paced back and forth around the boy passed out on the floor. There was no way to tell time here, but he was like that since she woke up, and that felt like it was an hour ago, although when the most you can do is pace around, five minutes could feel like an hour.

After a little while the boy started to wake up. “Finally!” she said, helping the boy to his feet.
“Where are we?” the boy asked. “And who are you?”
“I don’t know where we are,” she said hurriedly. “And I don’t know who I am.”
“You don’t know who you are? Are you stupid or something?”
Normally she would be offended, but this was a special case. “Can you tell me who you are?”
The boy tried as hard as he could to remember, but found it impossible. “No, I can’t.”
“’Are you stupid or something?’” the girl said mockingly with a big smile. “Now that the introductions are out of the way, I’ll show you around.”

“That right there is the bed,” the girl said pointing to the lone mattress laying in the middle of the room. “I woke up there while you were sleeping on the ground. I was a nice person and moved you on the bed after I got up. By the way, you should think about dieting.”
The boy looked down at his stomach. “Hey, I’m not fat!”
“Never said you were. Now over there, and there, and there,” she said pointing to the three other chambers surrounding theirs. “Those are where the other people are being held. Don’t bother trying to talk to them, they can’t hear you, I would know from experience, in fact I’m surprised I didn’t wake you up.
“And that’s about it. This place is pretty boring, really. Mind if I ask you a question?”
“Go ahead, but if I can’t remember my own name I don’t know what else I forgot,” the boy told her.
“Do you believe in fate?” Before the boy could answer, the intercom in chamber three crackled, and a voice spoke.

“I see that lazy boy is finally up,” the voice said in a joking way. It was unmistakably a girl, and from the sound of it, she was very attractive. “I’ve been ordered to use this machine here to generate codenames for you, but I might want to skip it for the boy, I’ve got my own name in mind for you.”
“Naomi, that’s the third time this month, you’re going to get punished if the boss find out,” a make voice said from the intercom.
“Alright, fine, I’ll use the machine.” A pause as she turned to speak to the chamber again. “Ladies first, you are a gentleman, aren’t you?” The sounds of a machine powering on could be heard through the intercom. “Alright, missy. Looks like your name is Akiko, and looks like your name is Boo. I guess I can live with that. Well, it’s time for me to go now, see you Boo.”

“Boo,” he said to himself, looking a little sad.
“Hey, cheer up, I like the name!” Akiko said to him.
“I like to too, it’s just,” he looked up towards the intercom. “I don’t like her liking it.”

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