*brings in the Machoke* Okay so I want these things removed for my new Ö

Oh hey there I didnít see you there; first I want to thank you for taking your time on entering the Pokemon League. I am honored to have your presence here. I have lots of ideas this time around.

Some of the rules will be changed and eventually a Gen 5 list will go up for rules and what not. Donít worry, I agree I donít like the ban list for Gen 5 Ö there is some rules that from the poke league that I want to keep. As time moves on I will omit rules .

I bet youíre wondering, what happened to the Underground. Well letís say my Pikachu had some shocking ideas to fix it. Will it make its return? You are going to have to take to my Pikachu about that.

*Pikachu pointing left and right to the Machoke**Pikachu smiles at the reporters*

Will I still host Tournaments?
Yes, but I just ended a tournament. So I need some time to refresh myself.

About the UndergroundÖ
*Pikachu shocks the reporter* *sees another reporter come in*

How long will this season last?
3 Ė 4 months

Do you want the next gym leaders to have designated Types and to let you know what they are?
Iím thinking about that.

Are you going to ban any of the ďTriosĒ?
No and I donít want the futures gym leaders to ban them either. I understand that people have different views about them, but you have to realize that they arenít considered ubers. Please do not ban them in your gym. In the future I might have special rulings for them but for now please respect my wishes. Just donít have team full of themÖ you can only one in your team if that helps.

Elite 4?
I am thinking about that, its hard to answer that one because they would be like gym leaders , but they would have to wait longer to open up. Then I have to designate a Champion. they would have to wait too.

Trainer IDs?
Iím considering it, this way people can collect badges without having any issues. If anyone want to create Trainer IDs for everyone; Iím all for it.

Would you need help with PokeLeague?
I already have some people helping me behind the scenes.

Pokemon Contest?
I am open to this idea again. Just let me get setup with everything else first.

Any other thoughts?
I feel honored and I have a lot more ideas coming. I hope the community is ready. Because Iím bringing back the Pokeleague back up from the ground. Season 5 will have a lot of surprises.

*shocked reporter asks again* U-underground
*Pikachu walks in with a red cap* PIKA PIKA *shocks the reporter again* *sees Machoke take him out*

Have a nice day!