Well hello everyone! How's it going?

Last summer, some friends and I hosted the 72 Hour SNES Fest, and a ton of TSG Community members helped us out by gaming, commentating, chatting, watching, and donating to the great Make-A-Wish Foundation. After the marathon ended, it seemed like there was some pretty overwhelming support from our viewers for another marathon in the summer of 2012. We talked about it a bit back then, but now I'm ready to officially announce the N64 Galore Benefitting Make-A-Wish!

Now it seems like there's still a good ways away from the marathon, considering it isn't until the summer, but I felt personally it was a good time to get some planning going as I approach my 1 year anniversary with TSG.

One big thing that I'd like to stress for the N64 Galore is community involvement. Back during the SNES Fest, we had some great turnout from this Community not just in gaming or commentating but in viewership and donating. I think that this year we can be even more successful than last year! In that first marathon, we raised over $600 for that great charity, and I know that we can surpass that this time!

Dates: May 31 - June 4


Gaming Schedule
[spoiler:8y3f6qlm]ALL TIMES CST

Thursday, May 31

5pm-8:30pm: Jet Force Gemini (Jeffrey - In-House)
8:30pm-9pm: Super Mario 64 16-star run (AlanEdgeHead)
9pm-12am: Pokemon Stadium Race (Nickyv917 AND Pictocheat) - Both streams

Friday, June 1

12am-3am: Legacy of Darkness (Iron Punkle)
3am-6am: Paper Mario (HarvestMoon87)
6am-9am: Pokemon Snap (Jasef - In-House)
9am-12pm: Mario Kart 64 (MattThePatrat)
12pm-3pm: Bomberman 64 (Jagger)
3pm-6pm: Sin & Punishment Part 1 (Blaumagier)/Rayman 2 Part 1 (Marche100)
6pm-9pm: Star Fox 64 (Robert - In-House)/Banjo-Tooie Part 1 (diddyknux)
Incentive: $250 total by 6pm; Dragon Kazooie
9pm-12am: Conker’s Bad Fur Day Part 1(Nickyv917)/Banjo-Tooie Part 2 (diddyknux)
Incentive: $300 total by 9pm; Canary Mary

Saturday, June 2

12am-3am: Goldeneye (jakepeter)
3am-6am: Resident Evil 2 – Claire A (Mplay213)
6am-9am: Superman 64 (Mplay213) *backup*
9am-12pm: Ocarina of Time Race (Jasef, Sonic62, MegaKidIcarus)
Incentive: $200 raised from the start of the race until the first of the racers defeats Twinrova OR $500 raised
total; all three racers will do the Gerudo Training Ground

12pm-3pm: Ocarina of Time Race (Jasef, Sonic62, MegaKidIcarus)
3pm-6pm: Donkey Kong 64 (Diddyknux)/Crusin' USA (Pictocheat)
6pm-9pm: Ocarina of Time Race (Jasef, Sonic62, MegaKidIcarus)/Sin & Punishment Part 2 (Blaumagier)
9pm-12am: Kirby 64 (jefferlope)/Conker’s Bad Fur Day Part 2 (Nickyv917)
Incentive: $550 reached by the start of this shift; Kirby 64 100%

Sunday, June 3

12am-3am: Super Smash Bros. (Pokemaniac51)
3am-6am: Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Jeffersonfury & HarvestMoon87) & Clayfighter 64 (Jeffersonfury)
6am-9am: WWF No Mercy (Sonic62)
9am-12pm: Majora’s Mask Part 1 (diddyknux)/Snowboard Kids 1 & 2 (the1stpkmnfan)
12pm-3pm: Majora’s Mask Part 2 (diddyknux)
3pm-6pm: Majora’s Mask Part 3 (diddyknux)/Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (Alex)
6pm-9pm: Super Mario 64 Part 1 (Nickyv917)/Harvest Moon 64 Part 1 (Blaumagier)
Incentive: Donate $5 to name one of the animals in Harvest Moon (dog, horse, cows/sheep, chickens)
9pm-12am: Multiplayer Block (Jasef, Jeffrey, Robert, Alex – In-House)/ Harvest Moon 64 Part 2 (Blaumagier)

Monday, June 4

12am-3am: Resident Evil 2 – Leon B (Mplay213)
3am-6am: Earthworm Jim 64 (Jeffersonfury)
6am-9am: Legacy of Darkness (Iron Punkle)
9am-12pm: Pokemon Stadium 2 (the1stpkmnfan)
12pm-3pm: Space Station Silicon Valley (Robert In-House)/ Diddy Kong Racing (Blaumagier)
Incentive: $900 by the start of this shift for Adventure 2 in DKR
3pm-6pm: Super Mario 64 Part 2 (Nickyv917)/Rayman 2 Part 2 (Marche100)
6pm-9pm: Mario Party 2 and In-House Gaming (Jasef, Robert, Alex, Jeffrey – In-House)/Harvest Moon 64 Part 3 (Blaumagier)
9pm-10pm: Prize Drawing and Super Party (In-House)[/spoiler:8y3f6qlm]

Commentary Schedule
[spoiler:8y3f6qlm]ALL TIMES CST
Thursday, May 31

5pm-9pm (Special Extended Shift): In-House
9pm-12am: the1stpkmnfan

Friday, June 1

12am-3am: Dellyflo613 (backup)
3am-6am: Jefferlope
6am-9am: xoddweaselx
9am-12pm: Crysagee
12pm-3pm: In-House
3pm-6pm: theberserked
6pm-9pm: In-House
9pm-12am: minicardz2

Saturday, June 2

12am-3am: Pokemaniac51
3am-6am: newbrowny
6am-9am: ReadingSteiner
9am-12pm: In-House
12pm-3pm: Jefferlope
3pm-6pm: Daskichan
6pm-9pm: In-House
9pm-12am: Dellyflo613

Sunday, June 3

12am-3am: newbrowny
3am-6am: theberserked
6am-9am: xoddweaselx
9am-12pm: minicardz2
12pm-3pm: Pokemaniac51
3pm-6pm: In-House
6pm-9pm: Jefferlope
9pm-12am: In-House

Monday, June 4

12am-3am: Dellyflo613
3am-6am: Iron Punkle
6am-9am: jdtwins
9am-12pm: ctizz36
12pm-3pm: In-House
3pm-6pm: Crysagee
6pm-9pm: In-House
9pm-10pm: In-House[/spoiler:8y3f6qlm]

Chat OPs
- Mayday
- Muzy72
- Crysagee
- nickyv917
- Daskichan
- AlanEdgeHead
- Heufneutje
- pkGamerB
- Iron Punkle
- theberserked
- marche100[/spoiler:8y3f6qlm]